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This earthquake that happened in Taiwan had disrupted all possible internet connection here in the Philippines. How unfortunate for us bloggers to not use Blogger services due to this natural cause. Reports said that several Undersea Cables were cut. The earthquake struck Taiwan at 10:26pm on Tuesday - exactly the second anniversary of the deadly Asian tsunami, there were even warnings by seismologists that giant waves will hit the . This fortunately didn’t happen.

So basically, I had come to a decision that I'll be blogging here in Friendster for a while until all connections are well and restored. Sheesh. Friendster's like so fast in loading, it really amazed me. Huwwaaattt!!!

Anyway, what a way to start a brand new year! I've noticed that almost everyone at home had the flu. (Unfortunately, I caught it too) Hey! It rhymes. Hehe.

Last year, I was checking on my friend's phone, and I wondered why there weren't any messages in her inbox. To which she said that it was to sort of a way para salubungin ang bagong taon. So, away with the old messages and in with the new. Starting January 2007. I've also deleted every message left in my inbox. And as this new year had begun, a lot of thank you and sorry messages had been passed to everyone. It really is funny how we only realize to start thanking and apologizing to everyone just as the year ends.
But there was this message that struck me the most, amidst all the messages I've received this year. I'd keep it. It was from Beiah, a dear friend of mine. ^_^ Biyah!! Hehe.
Her messages goes:

Darl, magdrama lang ko kadali ha (Darl, magdrama muna ako ha) :)

I want you to know that I'm very thankful having you around. You always help me, rescue me and inspire me in times when I badly need someone to mend my aching heart. There were times that I disappointed you and I'm sorry for that. I hope what we had in the past year will grow lovelier not only this year but forever. I VALUE YOU a lot and I just don't wanna lose one true friend like you. :)

Happy Boinky year. :) _beiah_

Why post it? Because, I want myself to reflect on the things I've done the past year. I've gotten myself involved in a lot of things. Dragged by my friends here and there. Just so I can accompany them or help them in doing something. Though I sometimes complain on why they always ask me to do things, it's not because I'm the only one they can push around. It's a matter of thinking how they treasure you and regard you as someone who can be depended on. Someone responsible, though I've never been really that responsible. It's nice to know that someone thanks you for the things, even the smallest ones, that you've done or do for them.
This year, I have no other resolution but to be a better me. Since I don't want to be stuck on following a list of what nots and other stuff, I'd rather just keep in mind that I should do better, if not the best, make it be for what's better. Life is full of surprises, and as how I see it, I've grown (not physically) but spiritually and mentally throughout the past years. This year will be a bit more fruitful. The mind is a very powerful thing, and so I'm setting it to a more positive outlook and strong grasp in everything that'll come my way.

Life is what you make it.

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