:: Thank You note ::

This is a Thank You post to all those who happens to pass through here. For those who finds enough time to just read whatever it is I blab about and for those who were consistent in commenting on my posts. A big hug, and a gazillion (if there ever was) thank yous!.. ^_^

Just recently, I received an email from my Tita. My ever childhood nightmare. As a kid, I was so afraid of her. Forget the boogeymans, forget the ghouls and ghosts. She was far more the worst experience ever. Although I must admit that this was because I've been one bad kid before. She had had fights with my other uncle and with my mom because of me. She was the spanking-type to implement discipline. I've suffered roughly before, but being the quiet kid I never said anything since it was part my fault anyway. Bruises and wounds, that's what I got. It was discipline. As a kid, it was torture.
But we got along well now. Remember from my orevious post, about me taking care of my tita at the hospital? It's her. I often tell myself that because of those things she did to me before she's paying for it now. I thought that if anyone messed with me, they'd end up like her. But then, I realized that it was a really mean thing to say and that I've come to know the bubbky-weird tita I never knew. I was a bit surprised to know that she has a Friendster account (and yes, she added me).
And because of all this crashed internet connection thing, I blogged at Friendster. The 2 posts before this were what I wrote at Friendster. And within a couple of days after posting them, I checked my mails and i was really surprised (as in to the max), that she emailed me. The subject was "Galing mo darl". I was a bit hesitant to read the email since it kinda gave that mocking impression on me. I thought that maybe I did something wrong and she will yet again reprimand me. But I still read it, imagine my amazement to what she wrote..

"Hi Darl.Read ur blog at friendster, and gosh was I surprisedto know ur talent in writing! Very good!!! Do continue exploring the horizon, and right you are, be a better you!I did try posting a comment at friendster but the connection isnt that good and so I just emailed u tolet u know that I am so proud of u.....do hope this wont get to ur head ha! A swollen head wont get u nowhere, always maintain a low profile. As it is you've come along way and Im so glad at your progress.Just bear in mind that being in good in whatever u do is coupled with spiritual backup, dont forget that! Do good always, listen to your mom and to everyone who wants u to be a fine young lady. And dont forget Darl that even when I do go occasionally get mad at u, uknow that I will always love u. Remember that! U may think that u are always the butt of my anger but u know its for your own good. K? Till the next email....

Tita Guapa (Hehehe)"

I literally shouted, being in a room with my friends, with utter amazement and gladness. It's little things like this that makes me feel a whole lot better. Knowing that at least I've been doing something right. Happy shalalala!

So in conclusion, love is a physical thing. Hehe. So expect a lot of beating from me, just so you'll know how I feel for you. Hehe. ^_^



tina said...

waaaa yesyes show! naka comment na diod! sa wakas... wooo!

Anyway... mao diay ni haaaa katong imo tagoo2x sa skulllll naa ra man diay sa blog.

Ka sweet sa imo tita. But she's right. Everybody needs a good spanking now and then.

Thank youuu sad.

-pAm- said...

pareho kayong sweet!


that's really fun to read.:P

Bam the Great said...

Haha! Remember mo yung blog ko bout Emily of New Moon? Hehe. Narerelate ko yung Aunt Elizabeth ni Emily sa lola ko. Strict at mahilig mamalo. Hehe. Parang tita mo gud. hehe.

Bitaw, I'm so proud of you too. I'm so glad about what had happened. ^^

Whatever may happen, you must not forget that there isn't a moment that no one loves you. ^^

Camille said...

huwaw. ang sweet! haha. may kabaitan din palang taglay yung tita mo. at mahal ka niya. :)

Mana said...

Aww, that's a very touching message from her. ^^ Guess her way of showing affection is just through beating, noh? XD Hahaha! But still, at least now you know. ^^

I always say that I like showing my love by beatings too~ XD Jk~

cruise said...

haha. meron akong uncle grabe rin mamalo, i almost curse him, pero nung ngaka edad na ako eh syiempre di na siya pwede gawin yun, at nalaman ko na kaya pala niya ako pinalo ay para i discipline nung bata pa ako :)

utakGAGO said...

good thing, walang namamalo saken. since bunso hehe. :D tsaka mabait akong bata noon.


lol. iba na nga lang ngayon.


erika said...

aww, its so nice to hear that you and your tita are in good terms now.

abidubi said...

yeah.. now babantayan ko uli siya.. she'll have her eye be operated.. due to diabetes..