:: Openness ::

Are you familiar with some 80's hit songs and those hitmakers?

I'm fond of 80's and 90's music and quite amused with some bands/singers. With their weird hair do's and strange dance moves.
Boy George and the Culture Club, now there's that band that had really caught my attention. Actually, kapag naririnig ko yung pangalang yun, si Boy George lang naaalala ko. Hehe. Female-looking face and moving like a conservative-but-pacute girl.
Have you noticed that people from those days had long hair, blondes were mostly sikat. And I'm not just talking about the women. Pati yung mga lalake. They put on make-up too.
One rock band has been famous for their exaggerated looks, KISS.
There's Queen too. Buti na nga lang eh sumikat sila. Well, during those days you could actually sell anything to the public anyway. And those transitions weren't the talk of the town. It's their music, the content and the melody.

Sad to say, nobody thinks like that now. Everytime a band, or a person becomes famous or is being featured on TV, one of the main questions that come to mind is their sexuality.
They've also made categories para ma-identify ang ganitong ugali and impression apart from others.
When one talks about something they've been hiding all these years, the listener then thinks, "Wala na bang iba? Don't you have anything juicier?"
That's what people do today, pinipiga ka hanggang sa wala ka nang masabing bagay to satisfy their curiosity.
Can't people feel safe in opening up without being ridiculed?
Maybe it's insecurity, no?

Karma Chameleon, it's a fun song. Listen to it. Daming papasok sa isip mo while singing along to that catchy tune. To think that he's gay but his music, the lyrics. He's not talking in third person. He's not referring to himself as a woman or whatever. Now why can't people talk like that or think like that. And why can't others just accept the fact that people like me are totally different but are at the same time just the same. Hmm, who knows, I might become the next president. And I'll see to it I 'll change the whole perception of homosexuals. (come to think of it, why homo eh pwede namang hetero)

I'm currently listening to old songs. From Frank Sinatra to Boy George and the Culture Club.


:: Irreplaceable ::

I've searched the web and we have a winner!
This here's a version of Beyonce's Irreplaceable.
So Sick of Neyo had one too, as well as Eamon's F*** it right.
At least this one's a bit catchy. Cool


I've been having fun upgrading the level of my character in Tantra.


Another very disappointing thing from ABS-CBN, making the viewers wait for a gazillion hours just to feature 1/4 of the PBB housemates. Really! I'm just amazed at their marketing skills that they're still able to catch other viewers' attention and promote the show.
Three skinny girls, the one who's mestiza and had that scary looking doll with her is kinda pretty. Hmm, or maybe it's because she's maputi.
Then, you have three guys. The big german guy looks stupid but adorable. With that piercing beside his lip and that weird hair cut. It's funny and kinda frustrating to see him interacting with the other housemates.
There's Ezekiel, that Australian "hottie". Pero he looks dorky.
And that other guy. He's not that eye catching, though he looks kinda gay to me. Hehe.
I've only caught a glimpse of the show while surfing through channels.
Although the hand cuffing of the housemates had a meaning behind it, it's still so lame.
As I've noticed, the IN thing now are FIL-AMS. And FIL-HILs, translation, Filipinong Hilaw. Haha.

To us, pure blooded Filipinos, KUDOS. Let our spirits be unshaken by this degrading of our race. ^_^

To Pam, we've only been together for 4 months pa lang. :P

--Edited again--

As what I've expected, that big stupid-looking guy on PBB understands English and Tagalog perfectly well. Hay naku! What a pakulo! Toink


:: This is it ::

Today's our final defense on our thesis. Whew, and I'm second on the list. Syet.

May all be well.


What seemed like hours of waiting only took minutes of standing there in front of three panelists and our administrator. Not much that big of a deal really. I just stood there and read my presentation. After that, the panelists stated the corrections and other stuff. Then voila, I'm out of that room with just a snap of a finger.

The food? Well, yung sa foundation day namin, yung manok ang nakalutang sa mantika. This time it's porkchop marinated in oil. And the pansit (whatchamacallit) tasted so maalat/pait. Nakaka-dry. Tapos isang Zest-o juice lang. My ghulay, parang umattend ako ng lamay. I know I should be thankful at may pinakain sila. Pero DAPAT LANG. To think each of us paid 100 pesos only to be fed with that kind of meal. Mas okay pang kumain sa eat-all-you-can or dun sa unlimited rice restos, at least the food ain't that icky. Hahay.

I'll have to pass another copy on Tuesday. Later, at around 6pm I'll be attending a debut. My friend's sister's debut. Hehe.

That's about it. Oh, belated happy monthsary pala samin. hehe


:: Push the Button ::

The title doesn't actually have anything to do with this entry, I just happened to see this sticker caption in the next computer. ^_^

I believe most of you have heard Nina's latest and most requested hit, Someday. Right?

The chorus goes like this:

"Someday, someone's gonna love me.."

And here's our version:
"Someday, somehow anyway..."
"Someday, down the road.."

It's kinda corny at first and won't make sense but once you sing it over and over, I bet you you'd laugh.
Anyway, our final defense is on Saturday. Hope I make it through with flying rainbow colors hehe. ^_^
Oh, I've noticed that I'm being too much of a pilosopa. This realization has just come to me while talking to my ex over the phone. Then I figured, I've been hanging out too much with the guys and you know how things are with guys. Mahilig mag-asaran. Dagdagan pa na one of them is gay, like Giovanne. Being with them just makes all my sides hurt. My jaws numb through all the halakhak. And with them did we come with those renditions of songs. Someday by Nina is just one of them. ^_^
During one of our party hunts, I made a stupid mistake. May sawsaw kasi sa party namin, and when this happens the experience points becomes lesser, and to think it's divided in our party. One of my friends told me to use my Chaya skill, which blocks any opponent's movements. And I didn't hear him when he said that di na lang raw at pabayaan na lang namin yung sawsaw na yun. So ayun, switched on my Player Kill mode and forgot to switch it off. I eventually killed that Deva sawsaw. So there you have it, I've become a killer and now I have to wait till my Karma goes away. For the meantime, I'm just selling some of the items I've used and happened to earn during my hunting spree.

You can see my latest predicament. I'm the one with the name Avydootz. The box thing there. ^_^ waiting for someone to buy some of my items.


:: Boink ::

It's been a while since I last updated and visited some blogs, so here I am. :)
I've been busy, but not with some school works. I've been too caught up with upgrading my character's level in Tantra.
It's fun, but oh how costly.

Anyway, February 14 was a day filled with unplanned events.

I went to the cafe to play for a while, then went to this bar&billiards place where I got to meet new friends.
I didn't know that they were drinking and so napasubo ako. Good thing I stopped before I dropped. :P
I went back to the cafe to just be with the tropa. Unknowing na paalis na pala sila to eat and tamang tama magsisirado yung kaibigan namin ng maaga.
We all walked to the nearest barbeque place. Unfortunately, andaming tao. So we ended up walking to another spot.
My ghulay, every restaurant was booked. Meron ngang isa, we got a table ready, only to find out that naubusan na sila ng pork ang whatchamacallits. Next, eh this new grill restaurant.
And let me tell you, it's definitely not worth eating at this place. It says on their menu that they serve unlimited rice. Pero napag-alaman naming naubusan raw sila ng rice. Thinking that we might as well just wait para makapagsaing uli sila. Pero nung dumating yung order, parang, yung pork barbeque's worth only 3 pesos at our place tapos dun eh parang kalahati lang. We waited for damn too long.
First, for them to attend to us and second for the order.
Ayun, nag-walk out kaming lahat. The place was really unorganized. Hayy.
I'm thinking of becoming a food critic someday. :P I'll ban every food place here in Davao with bad service and crappy food.

We walked, AGAIN, to another spot. Buti naman at nakakain kami dun. Then we met up with some of our friends and talked for a bit. After eating, we agreed to go to MTS (Matina Town Square) to just chill and hang out. With Kath, Renel, Giovanne, Sir Eno, Cedrick and Pearl.

From there, we went to this liblib na bar. :P Me, Kath, Renel and Cedrick were the only ones who felt like going to any bar at that time. Giovanne still wanted to play Tantra, I don't know about Pearl and Sir Eno.
Anyway, there were a lot of homos out on that night and at that place.
Kath couldn't stop herself from looking at them and laughing. Eh kung makatingin halata talaga kaya ayun, nagtatawanan na lang rin kami. It was a bar/karaoke place kaya ok sa trip ni Renel. Konti lang naman yung nainom namin dun, still it was better than being in a place where there are a lot of people tapos ang sikip sikip pa.
We went home at around 3 in the morning.
I can't say I had fun that day. It was a so-so ocassion. :P

Damn PARDS (the restaurant we went to with super bad service). I wish they'd burn down that place.



:: Part 2 ::

"Often, I choose to pretend I'm happy so I don't have to explain myself to people who'll never understand."

I hate arguing, I hate talking endlessly about something when I know that I can never make them understand. It's like teaching a cow how to bark. That hard. I don't like talking to people who are fixated and are narrow-minded. I hate wasting my time on people who doesn't have an inkling on what I'm talking about.

I don't like it when people tends to butt in and talks about another different thing. I'd rather write things down where no one can actually interrupt me. I guess, no matter how I try to improve myself on talking, I'll always be the listener type of person. Better that than nothing at all.

Another thing I hate about myself is that when I begin to get my point straight, I tend to talk in circles. Therefore, confusing myself and my reader or the one I'm talking to.

I've gotten used to procrastinating. I cram most of the time. Whenever there's a work that's supposed to be done, I tend to work on it the day or 2 days before the deadline.


:: My Inner Daily Ramblings ::

I can be really annoying if I want to. I tend to too much of a critic. I mock those who are out of style, super jologs, goofy looking and are down right stupid. I know, I'm not someone has that much of a fashion sense, nor am I good looking and owning a super high IQ.

Every little thing I notice that has some bad impression I quickly comment on.
Self-confessed meanie.
I know there are those who are much worse than me when it comes to judging people. The thing is, once I sense this negative aura from someone, that impression stays and so I conclude on that person's behavior and personality as a whole. Funny, but this sort of things keeps me away from people na walang magagawang mabuti sa akin.

Sometimes, when people reach out to me I often look irritated. That's because I could be either doing something that I'm actually focusing on or I'm just not in the mood to talk. I scream, so loud, I shout! But only in my head. I find myself staring at the person or just looking at what I'm doing, but in my mind, I'm already screaming like mad. I start saying words that are contain explicit contents. I start talking about of how many times that person has become so annoying to me. Ganun.

If only my glares were daggers, then you would then be long dead.

I tend to cram. When people ask me to do something, I ask first when would be it's deadline. And just before that day would I then work on it. And if I can't comply with the task, I'd make up stupid excuses or just tell the whole truth.

I don't like it when people take the friendship we have for granted. Like, I have this e-loading business and they'd ask me to reload their accounts and persist that they'd pay the next day. When I know for a fact, iilagan nila ako. Just so they can't pay or just keep on saying "oo na. mamaya." As if they're the ones na maiipit. Galit pa kung makapagsalita. Ayoko ng ganun.

Like, last night, Vanessa kept calling at home looking for me. Of course late na ako umuuwi so if people would want to reach me, text na lang. Then I was sleeping ever so soundly kaninang umaga, only to be awakened by a phone call. Magpapa-load raw siya. Of course, the third paragraph happens but I simply told her wala pa akong pang-load. And as I tried to go back to sleep, wala na. Di na uli ako makatulog.

I'm selfish when it comes to food. I don't share. Pero malakas akong manghingi. Tulad rin sa pangongopya, malakas akong mangopya pero kapag ako hiningan mo ng sagot wala kang makukuha sakin kapag di pa ako tapos sa pagsagot sa paper ko. You better let me finish or else magsusuplada ako. Rawr.

The reason why I wrote this is because I have a segment here about my inner daily ramblings. The people mentioned there have read everything I wrote about them and some of the people we know. Tinakot nila ako, saying they would exact their revenge by posting about me on their blogs too.
*when in fact I know they're too lazy to do that and some has already accepted those truths*
They told me that I should also write those negative things about me. So here it is. I wanted to explain to them that if one tries to tell something negative about oneself, one would find it hard to comment furthermore. Because at the back of that person's mind is a force trying to stop oneself from actually telling it all.
But hey, I'm trying hard here. And I'll update as soon as I contemplate more on things. ^_^