:: Happy Halloween ::

It's Halloween and my header's all ready for Christmas. Hehe.

It's our Pre-Finals, I already took 3 of my subjects and I still have two more. Wish me luck.
(I don't really need it)
(hoy ang yabang mo!)
(eh totoo naman noh! mangongopya lang silang lahat sakin sa web programming)
(At talagang sinabi mo pa! wooo! me-mental block-out ka sana)

I'm going to take the exams a bit earlier because me and my family are going to the cemetery. Rather than being stuck in traffic tomorrow, we'll go there tonight so we won't be eating dust and inhaling smogs! Woooo.


Wondering why I don't have a post for yesterday? Err, I thought it would be nice if I just waited for people to comment first on my very long entry rather than just posting everyday where I don't get a lot of comments. But I figured, I'd get all restless about not being able to post anything for this certain day. So here I am, posting another entry here. Wishing it would actually make some sense. ^_^


Mine's gonna be on, .....SIKRETO PARA BIBO.
Last night, we went out (after playing DotA of course). Everyone was at the Autoshop, it was another typical night out where I'd end up going home early due to BOREDOM. But I did enjoy the surprise prepared by my classmates for our friend, Giovanne. They had this cake and all, and had this guy he has a cruch on to join in. As he blew the candles at the struck of 12am, careful not to rain on us (he's a lisp), I sat across him and greeted a cheery Happy Birthday. Seeing him so happy made me realize that I never had a bitrhday like this where my friends would prepare something like that. It was half my fault since I really don't want anything mushy done for me. Pero ako naman yung tipong would do just about anything just to make my friend's day special. Hayy, I'd really like it if I see unexpected people greeting me on my birthday. Haayy, FAT CHANCE!.

I won't be preparing any handa for my friends. I'd rather spend my money on other stuff. Pero I'd still spend my day with them. Teka, pano nga ba yun if starting of classes is ON my birthday! Waah! My friends said that I'm going to really treat them for dinner and stuff. I told them, di ako papasok sa araw na yun. Sabi naman nila na pupuntahan raw nila ako sa bahay. Sabi ko naman, HAHAHA wala ako sa bahay! aalis ako! hahahah! Traydor raw ako. hehe. just an expression.

19, oh 19. I'm coming!



:: OMG ::

Huwaw, I'm really surprised as in SUUUUPPPPPERRRIIIIZZZEDDDD! (ay, mali spelling.) Never thought I'd be nominated in Mr. Talksmart's polls, woooo. Wala lang. I just want to gush about it since it's something really new to me. ^_^

Vote for me here, if you find anything really that interesting in my blog and if I do deserve it. It's all in your hands. ^_^
Click here and find the poll area.


Anyway, I went to church earlier. Ok, I must admit (blushes) that God is not the only reason why I go to this particular church. There's this certain someone who's a part of the choir. Err, yun lang. Bitin noh? hehe
Actually I just want to point out things that has struck me. Have you ever noticed people aren't as conservative as before. People at church are wearing skirts and really revealing clothes. Yung iba naman nakikipagharutan sa kasama nila. And some are just there para magpa-cute when in fact HINDI naman sila cute. Yung buhok, kung anu-anong klase ang pagpapatayo na ginagawa. May shades pa. They're treating the Church as if it's a mall or something. This disgusts me. And I admit that I don't turn off my cellphone while there's a mass though I switch it to silent mode. What irritates me is that at the middle of the mass or during a solemn part of the mass, may biglang tutunog. And di lang yung tipong Nokia tune na naka-level 1 ha, level 5 na parang cordless phone ang dating ng tunog. Yung iba naman, nokia na ascending or basta yun, na super lakas naman.


Another thing that I noticed is that whenever you find a seat and you pass through the aisle, people stare at you. Pakiramdam ko nasa runway ako and I'm being criticized by what I wear and my walk (or how I look). Hmm, maybe they think that I'm too UNcool to be wearing simple clothes. SEE?! Even at Church di mo matatakasan ang mapanghusgang mga mata ng mga taong walang ibang ginawa kundi umupo at magsulat sa invisible paper nila ang mga kumento nila sa mga ibang taong naroon. Respect should be in order, as well as decency!
"Deliver us from evil, amen"

Ha! Here we go!
Ok, so the trip to Tagum was amazing. I mean, just being with them surely took a load off some heavy matters. It was just an hour drive, we talked on the way, ate and laughed at funny things. Of course, di maiiwasan ang paguusap namin about sa mga DotA games namin. And you know what, pagdating namin dun, after we ate lunch and everything we looked for an internet cafe para lang tsen tsenenen! maglaro ng DotA! Hehe, we had 2 hours to kill anyway so we thought we might as well play right?
(sus! palusot ka pa, addict ka lang talaga sa DotA).
>(huh? hindi ah!)
(hmm, aminin!!)
>(ahh. ehh, o sige panalo ka na!)

The wedding was nice, but suprisingly the mass ended too soon. Or maybe dahil sa mga kakulitan namin we didn't notice that patapos na pala yung mass. Akalain mo yun, habang ongoing ang mass picture ng picture ang mga sira (ok, isa na ako dun).
The pictures? err, tingnan nyo na lang dito --> Lilyahoo.

At the reception, we came a bit late pero just in time to see a spine-tingling presentation by the staff of the hotel. May steps, halatang pinaghandaan ng isang taon. You can see most of them still counting and all of them were a bunch of old crew. They did that twice as they served each table with cakes and champagne (na parang soda lang). All in all, I give them 5 out of 10 for their creativity. Haha!

Then there were the usual releasing of the doves, slicing of the cake, the garter thingy, the bouquet and the balloon with candies in it. Well, the MC said that all the kids gather in front to get ready. She even said, "Ok, pati na rin yung mga isip bata." Then they all looked at me. Tama ba yun? Hayy. Deadma na lang. ^_^

After that we all went home to DAVAO! It's really different when you're in your hometown. You have this feeling of being so secure.
Hinatid na yung iba, the boys and me headed straight for our friend's cafe and dun naglaro nanaman ng Dota.
(Kita mo! Adik ka talaga!)
>(Humirit ka pa talaga!)

2 games then yun tapos na. Nag-yaya yung may-ari na mag-inuman daw dun sa kanila. Ayun, nakisabay lang ako. Nakipag kwentuhan na lang ako sa kanila. About our games, our school, people we know and everything else. Then, this cousin of our friend would butt in, kung magsalita kasi parang ibang language di ko maintindihan. Naiirita ako. It's like I want to slap him and say "Hoy! Pakamatay ka nga!" Then again, I kinda think na nakakaawa pa naman siya tingnan so yun bigla akong natauhan. (wait, wait tao na talaga ako dati pah!)
Nagpatawag na lang ako ng taxi then went home agad. I panicked for about 10 minutes after realizing that I left my iPod and other cellphone at his house. Waah. Bukas ko pa makukuha. Talk about being sttuuuppiiidd.

Gym nanaman bukas! wee. I'm excited, I finally found a replacement for my old sneakers. Nagsasalita na kasi yung dati kong sapatos kaya yun. Hehe. Ohhh, my mom's interested in going with me to the gym. Natatawa ako kasi na-excite din siya sa paghanap ng get-up niya para pag nag-gym na siya. Haha.
Umm, my friend Beatold me that we'd get a karate session too. I couldn't say no to that coz I'm really interested. Wee! Hiiiyaaah!! Whaapaak!

Mr. Talksmart! Thank you for nominating me!



:: Friendster addicts ::

I just opened my friendster and a few people gave me invites. I don't want to sound or seem so rude but I don't know them. And as always, I'd ask who they are and if we've met or something. The annoying part there is that I'd get no reply. Sheesh! tama ba yun?! I don't want to add just ANYONE on my friends list you know. And I've been deleting people I don't know in my list. Anyway, I browsed through some profiles there and you know what's irritating? Profiles na maraming ka-echusan. The links aren't where they're supposed to be. Sa about me field naman eh andaming graphics, nagha-hang tuloy yung whole page. Ang gulo talaga. These people are certified friendster addicts. It just goes to show what type of personality they have. Magulo. For those who has profiles which fitted my description, well, you know nah. Basta, naiirita ako sa mga ganun. Yung iba rin, kung hindi sa profile eh sa bulletin naman ang mangungulit. Post ng post. Flood ng flood ng kahit ano. Tuloy yung mga importanteng posts dun eh di na makita. It's like a person would post 100 entries there, be it survey, magpapa-add daw sila, nanghihingi ng regalo, senseless chain letters. Hayy! And mga friendster messages raw galing sa may-ari ng friendster. Sheesh. Mga taong walang magawa sa buhay. Please, do me a favor and just die.


Slept during Software Engineering class. The reporter, Renel, was super boring. I turned my player on and listened to Panic! At The Disco tracks. Is this the proper behavior to show in school? Since I'm not learning anything actually, then YES. Like I said before, this ain't a school. Parang tambayan lang, although you come here regularly and someone would just babble in front of youu for an hour or two.

Still, as I tried to sleep, my mind kept wandering off elsewhere. Made me feel uneasy. Tina was in front of me, looking at this paper, mumbling something. Hayy, too many scheduled trips in my calendar.

I'm nearing 19. The thought of it made me realize I've outgrown myself *not physically*. I look back at myself 2 years ago. Fresh meat, unsure of what path to take. I've realized that I have done seen and been through so much within this 2 years. It's fun oto be a musicia, an IT geek and be athletic at the same time. What I aim to be.

And so you've noticed that I clearly want to drown myself with being involved in a lot of things. Yes, I am avoiding matters of the heart. I refuse to be tormented with feelings that will make me unable to focus on more important things. I refuse to be affected with petty emotions. I have a goal and I intend to reach that. Mushy stuff ain't my priority.

This is just how thungs are supposed to be.

Still... this I tell you, I may be a loner, but I'm never alone.


I will be going to Tagum in a hort while and attend a wedding of June's sister. Well, honestly, I'm just there for the food. hehe. But it's a nice experience to be in a different place in Mindanao other than just here in Davao or Digos. Road trip with the college batchmates!. Woo can't wait, this will surely be interesting.


I took this from Tina's blog.

yummy cream-O



:: caution ::

I have this fear of posting anything poetic. A paranoia so to speak. Coz you know how it is here in the blogosphere, too many robberies happening. So I've really made sure that who so ever plans to steal anything from here won't get anything that's worth something. Plagiarism really ticks me off. You do something important and before you could even blink you see your "work of art" being published in a blog somewhere. It's a bit flattering for people to find it so interesting that they steal it but the LINE has been broken. RESPECT has been neglected.
This is the sole reason why I refrain from posting anything that's substantial. ^_^

to be updated later. lunch break :)


:: Replies ::

I can't seem to open my comment box, sheesh, dito na lang ako magrereply para sa comment nyo dun sa previous post ko.. ^_^

6. Didn't even shed a tear when her dad died. Huwat?!?! Grabe naman yun! Ilang taon ka ba nung mamatay yung dad mo? 8. Goes to school na nakapambahay lang. Woah. Hindi ko ata kaya yun. Kasi pagsinabi kong pambahay, pambahay talaga. Hehe! ^-^

Umm, matapos grumaduate ng Grade 6 po. May 18. Yung kuya ko lang yung umiyak ewan ko ba kung bat di rin ako nakisali sa pag iyak eh, I just drove my dad's golf cart dun sa cementeryo, ako kasi pinamamaneho nya pag naggo-golf sya.
Yeah, nakapambahay, baggy shirt, shorts and slippers.

Principessa Sita:
Ako hindi ako adik sa DotA, sa GTA ako adik e, hahaha :D Mahilig din ako mangolekta ng autrograph nung elementary hanggang 2nd year ako. Teka, tagged pala ako? Bukas na ako magsasagot, bukas birthday ko na, yipee! Kakamiss ka Ate Avy!

Waaaahhh Happeee Boitdei!! san ang handaan?.. makikikain ako at ginugutom nanaman ako.

hello,. uy nag we weights ka..cool.. maganda yan,. ako nga walang ntime.. kung meron lang sana,. gusto ko din,. hehe..!! uy ano yung Dota?! haha.. ako din nung highschool nahilig sa slumbook..!! link kita ha..TC~~

salamat sa pagdaan. ^_^ link din po kta ^_^
Kasali kasi sa routine nung trainer na ipagbuhat kami ng ganun kya un. Pwede naman na sa bahay ka lang sa curl ups and echus nga lang. Yun ginagawa ko eh ehehhe. ^_^ Oo super grabe halos ebri week ako nangobgolekta, hehe. ^_^ Yung DotA (Defense of the Ancient) nga po pala eh PC game, Warcraft Frozen Throne. Enjoy po laruin lalo na pag marami kayo.. ^_^

hihihi.. salamat sa pagtag! hehehe.. :) nxt post ko sasagutn yn!! hehehe.. :) pwmiz!!

Walang problema.. hehe.. ^_^


A note on the bulletin board read:
Signed: GOD

I didn't play DotA today, why? I don't know, maybe because mabibitin lang ako kasi I have this business appointment thing with my friend at 7pm. So pretty much sayang lang yung pamasahe and effort. Oh well. Hmm, I'm hungry and I want to eat a really heavy meal. Yun tipong isang bundok na yung kanin and everything. Meat, I need meat! hehe. Buti na lang tamad ako and I won't end up actually eating like a pig. (watch my diet, watch my diet).

Ok, I'm pissed off at Rachel Digimon este Digamon! A school mate. I shouldn't be mentioning her name here at baka isipin ninyo at niya na importante siyang tao to have been featured here. No, she isn't pero she ticked me off kanina eh. Coming into our room, bothering my friends who were busy doing their exams. Nakakairita yung ganun. Ganito kasi yun:
Rachel: Hoy Bordz, pwede ka ba makausap sandali?
Red: Di pwede, may ginagawa pa siya.
Rachel: Eh ba't ikaw sumasagot, siya pa pinapagawa mo sa quiz mo.
Me: *butts it* Exam, hindi quiz.
Rachel: Sus, mangoreksyon pa.

At that moment things really heated off for me. To the point I stood up and wanted to bash her head in the monitor. I wanted to shout at her "CAUSE YOU"RE STUPID!". But I kept my composure and continued with what I was doing. *Debugging a program*.
How does this Rachel girl look like? A vulture. Matangkad, malaking ilong, a really shiny forehead and skinny. I would've appreciated her if she had this personality I'd like pero wala eh, zero personality, brains? uhh, 3%? ok ok 5%. This is an official entry to MY INNER DAILY RAMBLINGS. Congratulations!



:: I'm it 2 ::

I was tagged by Deanne. Wee, this is the second time I've been tagged. Hehe.
List down 9 weird things about yourself and tag another nine, hmm, easy enough. Hehe ^_^

1. Has wild taste for hairstyles.

2. Adik sa DotA (who isn't?).

3. Loves to manipulate people.

4. Prefers to be alone most of the time.

5. Absorbs everything hurtful said to her, watches TV and it all goes away.

6. Didn't even shed a tear when her dad died.

7. Cried when she saw Eugene (from Ghost Fighter) die, cheered when Eugene rose again and had intense power. (Yeah, an anime fan here).

8. Goes to school na nakapambahay lang.

9. Adik sa pagkolekta at pagpasign ng mga autograph books sa mga high school classmates pati scrapbooks pero kokonti lang ang laman.

Here are the chosen 9 (how I wish 7 na lang, favorite number eh hehe):
Super Lola Xy

whew, nahirapan ako sa pagsagot nun ah! wala akong maisip na weird, hehe.


Another dose of one of the many messages in my cp, this one's from Karla.


Pulubi: Palimos po ng cake.

Ale: Bah, sosyal ka! namamalimos ka lang gusto mo pa ng cake, eto pandesal!

Pulubi: Di po pwede eh, kasi.. birthday ko ngaun! ^_^

bwehehehe ^_^..


hayy, up until now wala akong maisip na pwedeng topic sa article ko. waaahhh.

masakit pa braso ko, nasobrahan yata sa weights. pero at least mejo lumiliit na tummy ko. hihi. ^_^

let me clear this out first, I AM NOT VAIN. I just happen to want what's best for my body. ^_^



:: A special day ::

Me and my high school (rather gradeschool) friends gathered again, at my house. And the thing we always do at my house is eat mangoes. Be it ripe or not. I feel so lucky that up until now we still have contact with each other. Our batch is certainly different. Just being with them makes the time spent so worthwhile. Reunion? not really, since we almost meet up like once a month or so. It's just that this year, we sort of went out just once. But knowing that we constantly text each other, makes it easier for me to sleep at night knowing that they're safe. ^_^
I treasure them of course, we've been through a lot together. ^_^


Camille and Nina are gonna join me tomorrow morning at the gym. They commented on my new look. Pumayat raw ako. For me, not really. And they certainly noticed my biceps. *hehe*


more to come


:: Random ::

I'm not really a fan of the band Hale, but their new song "Waltz" caught my attention. Hayy, sapul kasi eh. Hehe


I browsed through my phone and looked for messages to delete, then I noticed Tina's message.
"Snappy answers from 2 foreigners:
Q: Where you from?
A: The Philippines.
Q: Where is that?
A: In Asia.
Q: Is that near Turkey?
A: You are talking about Asia Minor.
Q: A minor?
A: That's a chord.
Q: Accord?
A: That's a Japanese car.
Q: So, the Philippines is near Japan?
A: Exactly."
I still have it since September 8, amuses me. Hehe


Ohh, went to the gym earlier, around 6 AM. Hayy, I went by myself. And as usual, puro matatanda nandoon. May sarili akong mundo dun. Hurray for me, for making it through an hour of feeling this awkardness among "adults". I happen to really look like a kid pa naman, they might be thinking "Who's kid is this? I think she's lost." Ok, I exagerrated but hey, I can't help feeling that way. Still, congratulate me, I'm lifting 2 pounds now. (Tama ba?) Basta 2 na ako. Hehe. I can feel the change. My tummy's getting smaller, or maybe because I just took a dump kanina (oops, pasensya nah.) Hehe. I went home after that, slept for like 30 minutes, woke up and got dressed. Off to school.


i'll be posting more in a while. class muna *brb*


:: Welcome to the Black Parade ::

I've long admired both My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. I simply adore the new song of MCR. Welcome to the Black Parade, the lyrics, the tune and everything else fits so well together.
i like this part though:

"And on we carry through the fears
Ooh oh ohhhh
Disappointed faces of your peers
Ooh oh ohhhh
Take a look at me cause
I could not care at all
Do or die
You'll never make me
Cause the world, will never take my heart
You can try, you'll never break me
Want it all, I'm gonna play this part
Wont explain or say i'm sorry I'm not ashamed,
I'm gonna show my scar
You're the chair, for all the broken
Listen here, because it's only..
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero
Just a boy, who's meant to sing this song
Just a man,
I'm not a hero
I -- don't -- care
Carry on
We'll carry on
Though your dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on "

I'll definitely carry on. The song just speaks for what I am as a whole. \m/. And when I die, I'll have this song be played as they carry my coffin to the grave by the side where my father lies.

Another quote from Toni:
"Wag po natin salubungin ang mga bumababa, hindi po natin sila kamag-anak!" -MRT operator.

funny.. hehehe.. ^_^


At some point in our lives, we get hurt so bad that we want to stop this pain, unfortunately we do it in a not-so-healthy way. A coward, who doesn't deal with the problem vis-a-vis. Just plans to end things right here and now, not facing the pain that has caused us to hurt in such a way we can't even bear it. But there's always hope, remember that we've been given a life that most people would want to have. We hurt and get broken, but we can find ways to heal and be whole again. Understand that what we have right now is so precious, that no one could ever take away. We must cherish everything and everyone. Because once we leave this place, we won't ever have the chance to rearrange our mistakes. We may come up too strong for this world and once we get hurt we tend to not deal with it. Why not just end the problem, and not our lives, right? (left). We all go through this. We all make mistakes, even refer to ourselves as failures, but hey, why not learn from it then live on. We only have so little time to spend and a lot to give back to those who has made us feel that living life is soooo great. And keep your soul strong, it's the only thing that goes with you when you're gone.. status, money and fame won't.Life is great, live it.

(ayan, halo-halo na pinagsasabi ko, but still I make sense naman diba?)


:: blah blah blah ::

Last night, we played DotA (Warcraft: Frozen Throne). And it was so fun, sino ba naman ang hindi mage-enjoy if you had 3 consecutive wins at naka mega kill ka na and happened to kill your friends' heroes. For a novice like me, HELL I COULDN"T BE ANY HAPPIER! Kaya yun ang saya, even though the game was All Random/No Powerups (-arnp). And I didn't like my hero at first kasi nga panget, hehe. Pero I managed to kill some heroes and buy the items I wanted so everything was great. ^_^

I used:
Viper (i prefer jakiro than this pero ok naman siya di na kailangan mag cooldown yung first skill)
Treant Protector (ewan, parang tower ng sentinel, tatago lang sa mga puno, magbibigay ng living armor tsaka ikukulong yung mga kalaban sa Overgrowth niya)
Demon Witch (isa sa mga ginagamit ko kapag ap)

I went home so happy. 14 kills 10 deaths. hehe not bad right?


I was ranting about all that kharma thing right? and I'm not gonna take back what I said. And if you're reading this.
Aylabyu. Salamat kasi napapasaya mo ako.


No hard feelings for the people I'm bashing here, like I said in my first post about "MY INNER DAILY RAMBLINGS":
No one will be spared.

Interesting quote:

Mas maganda maging mayabang kesa maging mayaman, kasi ang yaman nauubos, ang yabang nadadagdagan.
got this message ngayon lang from Maritoni, a fellow Teentalker.


And for those who happens to drop by my blog, thank you. *bow*


:: My Inner Daily Ramblings 3 Slash Updates ::

The infamous column of my blog.

Let's continue with Sir Marion. On the outside he looks like Santa Clause (without the white hair and beard). He's quite the philosopher too. Although he hasn't really applied the things he teaches us on his own life. It's as if he knows a lot and yet we can't see that in his actions and his lifestyle. And talk about raining on your parade, class to be exact. As of now, nobody sits up front of the room. If you haven't taken a shower yet then be my guest. Sit there if you please, bring along your soap and scrub too. Coz when he begins his lecture, no doubt it'll rain spits too. So right now, everyone's sitting at the back, even the brainy ones has used their senses to move a notch from the first row. This teacher also tends to think ahead, so much that his ready-made answers won't match the questions students throw at him. Hayy, too much knowledge? I don't think so. And the fact that he ASSUMES we already know so much about his subject, particularly in the programming part. He seems to rub it in our faces that we're clueless about the codes by using reverse psychology. And if you look at it really closely, parang reverse-reverse-reverse psychology. Grabe noh? He's also the reason why I was so disappointed (and frustrated) with the badminton match in our so-called Intramurals. Who would in their right mind hold a badminton match in a basketball court where it's near the sea and freakin windy?! And still tries to make us feel guilty about not participating and stuff. To think he was our PE teacher. He should know better. Don't you think?

Next, JV. My ka-BRO sa school. Haha. She's the type who assures her money and effort's worth. Come to think of it, she shouldn't have studied here if she was looking for that. All she does is complain, nag, complain, nag, complain, complain and complain about our school. I'm not gonna disagree with her rants but heck if she complains about the system so much why won't she just participate in sticking it to the man (err woman, namely Maam Riza). I've mentioned here about that letter we handed out to Maam Riza with most of the sudents' signature on it. And you will notice there that no JV LAZARO has signed on the paper. For the reason that her father doesn't want her to be involved in such things. Sheesh. No comment na lang. She tends to talk behind people's backs too. Judging them and stuff, nanlalait pa(like sobra), whether it's BO/hygiene, the way a person dresses and mannerisms. Most of them I find a bit funny and so I agree but I think, no, believe that she's going too far with her comments. She bullies other students too. Good points about her? umm, varsity and uhh.. un varsity player. *bow*

Then there's Jonalyn, ang bigatin ng ICST. hehe. We've been classmates, neighbors and friends for 18 years *I'm still 18*. Sometimes I find her dull. I mean, you tell a joke and her face goes blank. Making me explain what I've just said. She's lazy too. I mean, she wants to be fit or just lose a few pounds and yet she won't exert so much an effort as to go to the gym and sweat it out. She prefers to be at home. Reading her sappy pocket books. Will that make her physically fit? I don't think so. And she's really dangerous when she drinks. She'd slap you silly if you try to tease her or even make a funny remark. One time, after our JS PROM, we headed for the beach. Everyone drank, next thing I know, she was running after the guys. And boy, it wasn't a very pretty site. Bugbog sirado silang lahat. Except for some who managed to climb up the trees and other cottages. And in trying to make a point, insisting she's right, is so annoying. Makes me want to throw a chair at her. *bow*



We all know that both sexes cheats right? But what's the difference. Well, for guys, they don't have much estrogen to feel the guilt and be eaten by their conscience to even think about cheating their partners. As for the girls, I don't know some of 'em are just hard cold bitches, no wonder they ended up like one, as that old saying goes, "Behind every bitch is a guy who made her that way." I have only one word for people like this, KHARMA! It'll get you, and I hope it get's you real bad. I don't like it whenever my ego's offended. Provokes something inside me that makes me wanna, scream makes wanna shout makes me lose my cool.. makes me wanna lose my head (kanta yun). But it fits just fine, fortunately this past few months I haven't thrown my temper at anyone just yet. And if I did, kawawa yung makakatanggap nun. And I mean REALLY kawawa.


I really don't like the freshmen. You give them one hello, then they'd jump on you. Expecting to just be ok with all the slapping and stuff. They should be careful with what they say coz I might throw 'em off the balcony. Yeah, even if I am this small I can still manage to do BIG things (hehe).


I started going to the gym last Monday. It was fun. I can feel my biceps getting harder. I'm working on my abs too since I have all this bil-bil. And I'll go back next Monday with my friend June. ^_^ It's decided, I'm gonna be totally fit by November. Oh, speaking of November, I'LL GLADLY ACCEPT ACCESSORIES OR THINGS I CAN USE, DON'T GIVE ME ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH PHOTO ALBUMS OR FRAMES. (thank you.. hehe)



Just ended. Next up, prefinals, finals and that departmental test thingy. Why am I gushing about exams here. Hmm, maybe because I happened to ace some tests *just a while ago*. And I won't deny the fact that a few devils *este* angels were at my side to help me in a certain subject. Hehe. Thanks June for the kodigs in Dry Cell illustration.
What I'm most proud of is my achievement in or Web programming subject. I did all the codes by myself *as usual*. Good thing this classmate of mine, Jesel, gave me the heads up about what else to add on the form. Though I had to do it all over again from scratch, still it was no sweat at all, since I know all of the codes anyway. *hehe*

Realization for this day:
I may swear most of the time I write up codes, but the reward is sooooo overwhelming!

Tip for those who are near my unit:
Don't interrupt me or ask me for help while I'm still on the verge of answering my own exam, you'd irritate me and I'll just shout at you or worse not talk to you for like, days. Not a very pretty sight, noh? Ask me AFTER I'm done with my codes, because it's the only thing I'm proud of making as well as formulas for that stupid and redundant Elective 3.

Oh btw, remember that entry I posted here about Start of a revolution? Well, our administrator gathered ALL who SIGNED the petition letter thingy in her itsy bitsy room. Sort of clarified things. Turns out, as I've suspected that the other staff *teachers* were at fault(namely Sir Marion and Sir Mhel*klepto*). They didn't prepare and organize things properly.

The scene:
Me, june, pearl and that joshua guy sat on the couch, Giovanne, Franco and 4 students stood in front of her. Two teachers, Sir MJ and Sir Marion were beside the couch. Then some students and two teachers were by the door. And the admin? Well, it was a pretty funny sight. She acted like she was a victim of a gang rape case. Haha.
And everyone's grilling her. Good thing though that she didn't blow her head off, proof that we had really pissed her off. Hehe.

REALLY! I'm not gonna recommend my school to anyone. I'm not even sure if it is a school or whatever.

Anyway, matters of the heart? Uhmm, should I not comment? Ok ok, ahhh, ehhh, ihhh, ohh, uhh..
Kidding, I'm deeply disappointed with myself. I've given too much attention to someone and it has caused me to act in such a crazy way *wait kanta yun ah!*. What I mean is, because of that, I ignored the signs that something was totally wrong. Soooo, in short medyo affected ako sa nangyari. And this achievement in my exam lifted my spirits up, up and away so I'm happy!*hehe* And like I say, kharma comes around, real BAD! So, bahala na si papa Jesus sa kanya. Hehe. ^_^

As soon as my sun load expires, I'll be switching back to my smart. wee ^_^

I killed three heroes! Quite overwhelming too, since I happened to kill Giovanne*haha! sinundan ko talaga hanggang tower*, the cousins Miles and Bordz. What I used? RAZOR. Wee. For this game, only three but the people using the heroes are beyond mediocre so it's an OK match for me. ^_^

I miss my friend Ay-ay. We haven't hung out for a while. Oh well. water. hehe.

Tina! Where are the "SALAWIKAIN"?? excited na ako. ^_^



:: SURVEY ::

Hayy, walang magawa, well actually I'm doing my aunt's documents. Puro singit ko muna toh, hehe. Survey from friendster, galing sa mga taong walang ibang magawa kundi sumagot ng kung anu-anong survey. :)

< -------------------- >

1.Saan ka madalas umupo pag may klase?
Depende, kung may exam/quiz dun sa harap kasama ang mga matatalino. Kung discussion, nasa isang sulok, nagsasoundtrip or may katext.

2.Do you have class tomorrow?
Wala, sunday eh.

3.Pinaka-kadiring nahawakan mo?

4.Nakatulog ka na ba sa klase?

5.Nasasarapan ka ba sa Melon?

6. Pag di tumibok ang puso?
eh di patay..

7. Bakit mo to naisipang sagutan to?

8. Nasubukan mo na bang tulugan ang nagtuturo mong teacher?

9. aLin mas gusto mo, Boracay o Baguio?
Uhh, boracay, di pa kasi ako nakakapunta dun eh.. =P

10. Sino Crush mo?
si... uhmm.. si.. sikreto para bibo!

11.Masarap bang matulog?
Oo naman, lasang ice cream, hahah

12.Naaaliw ka ba sa mga ilaw sa RoxasBlvd?
ewan, san ba yan? hehe..

13.Nakapasyal ka na ba sa Africa?
Oo, sa panaginip ko..

14.Hinimatay ka na ba?
Oo, nung di ako nakakain ng almusal bago nagsimula yung CAT namin.. biglang dumilim paningin ko.. :P

di naman..

16. Nakainom ka na ba ng tubig sa dagat?
malamang, nung naliligo ako sa dagat..

17. Nakagat ka na ba ng aso?
oo, sa pwet..(sshhh..)

18. Umalis ka na ba ng bahay na pambahay ang suot?
Oo, nakapambahay lang nga ako pag nasa skul eh kahit sa parties..

19.Antukin ka ba?
di masyado..

20.Bakit mo naisipang mag-register sa Friendster?
kasi trip ko.. angal ka?

21. Ano ang wallpaper/logo ng pc/laptop?
Windows XP wallpaper

22.Nakatapon ka na ba ng tubig sa loob ng bus?
Uhhmm, wala pa po..

23.Nawalan ka na ba ng cellphone?

24. Bored ka ba?
Hindi masyado..

25.Nakikipaglaro ka ba sa labas?
Oo, DotA, taguan..


27.May sarili ka bang PC.?
hindi.. shared siya.. samin ng kuya ko.. hehe

28.Pano kung may nagsabi na "ang corny mo"?
wala akong pakialam, papaulanan ko pa sya ng mga jokes ko..

29.Love mo siya?

30.pinaka significant na numero para sa iyo?


:: Susubukan ko lang ::

Ikalawang pahayag ko ito dito sa aking blog. Paumanhin kung di ako masyadong magaling sa ganito. Mas kabisado ko kasi ang salitang Ingles, kasi pwede kong singitan ng ibang kaek-ekan na salita dun. Di ko naman sinasabing bihasa nga ako sa salitang Ingles, natatakot lang akong magTagalog at baka maraming maipintas sa mga sinasabi ko dito. Nageensayo lang ako at nang mahanda ko sarili ko sa gagawin kong proyekto.


Kagabi, medyo nage-emote *o cge haluan ko kang ng konting ingles* ako. Dahil sa di ko masabing dahilan. Nakakalungkot nga eh. OO ang mga tulad kong may topak ay nagkakaron ng ganitong pakiramdam. Tamang-tama naman sa page-emote ko eh biglag tinugtog yung "I'll be over you" ng Toto. Langya talaga, pinipigilan ko na nga sarili ko eh papatamaan pa ako.

Bakit kaya, na sa tuwing tayo'y nalulungkot o kung ano man yung nararamdaman natin eh eksakto namang magkakaron ng background music. Yun tipong sasabay sa mood mo. Sadya nga bang ganito o dahil nagpapaapekto lang rin tayo sa emosyong umaapaw. Napansin ko kasi na nung wala akong natitipuhan eh panay Rock songs o yung mga kaweirduhang kanta ang pinapakinggan ko, ngayon namang medyo may nakakakuha ng pansin ko eh puro mga RnB at Mellow na kanta ang pinapatugtog ko. Sadyang makulit ang buhay.

Tama nga yung sa Cinema 1 na channel, ang buhay nga ay parang pelikula. Puno ng drama, aksyon at komedya. Sa akin lang naman eh, pinipilit kong mapuno ng komedya ang buhay ko nang sa ganun eh di ako maapektuhan ng kung anong sakit na pwedeng ibigay ng mga tao. Inaamin ko noon, ako yung isa sa mga gustong mapag-isa. Nasa isang sulok, nagsusulat. Ito ay nung nasa high school ako. Nagtataka lang ako na nung bata ako, mga grade school yata, eh ang hyper ko. Makulit na bata. Biglaang pagbabago.

Pero nung 2nd year high school na ako, eh naghalo na ang personalidad ko. Makulit pero malihim. Hanggang ngayon ganun pa rin ako, nadagdagan nga lang ng pagkamaangas *sabi nila*.

Natatawa ako kapag naaalala ko yung mga sinulat ng mga kaklase ko noon sa mga pinapapirma/pinapasulatan ko sa kanila tungkol sakin. Ang pinakadominanteng salita doon eh "MOODY". Ganun na nga siguro, hanggang ngayon. Alam kong may mga katulad ako *somewhere out there*. Ang mga tulad namin kasi eh hindi sanay na magpakita ng emosyon, nagiging manhid. Magaling tumulong sa mga kaibigan lalo na sa pagbibigay payo, pero sinosolo naman ang mga sariling problema. Mahilig magpatawa pero nahihirapan rin pala kapag nag-iisa na.

Kahit na sinusulat ko ito dito, kulang pa rin ito para maipaliwanag kung ano talaga pinoproblema ko. Dalawang tao lang ang makakasolba ng mga iniisip ko ngayon. Ang Panginoon at ako.

*puro nanaman lab songs ang tugtog ngayon, nu ba yan!!*

Ang galing ano? nagsimula lamang sa isang paksa at napunta ako sa pagkukwento ng drama sa buhay ko. Isa lang ang pahiwatig nito. Ako ay madaldal. Madaldal nga pero mahilig mambitin. Tama ako diba? hehe. Hanapin nyo na lang ang kahulugan ng ginagamit kong pangalan dito at nang makonek nyo yun sa pahayag kong ito. =)

Pam, wala akong ibang maisip na pwedeng malagay dito eh kaya ito na lang. Hehehe. =P

:: PLUG ::

Tina's gonna be posting on her blog about the Revised Quotes that are familiar to some people.
I must warn you though, that what you're about to read there is gonna give you a splitting headache. It's just for fun. Hehe.
Oh, there's also conversations there in tagalog *Davao Style*. Hehe.


:: Start of a revolution ::

I've never felt cheated before. I am not one to be sucking up to this CORRUPT administrator, nor do I wish to be just in good terms with her. She has let down everyone in the campus. The staff and especially the students. Our school, Intercity College of Science and Technology, was formerly known as Informatics Computer Institute. Little did I know, that after our first term in 1st year of college would the Informatics Admin's sister would take over and change it to and arcade-like name. Intercity? Sounds more like an internet cafe. Of course, we didn't get the chance to react to the sudden change. We were all so young back then. We thought that it was just a name and that the quality of our education would be better, but no. We were deprived of such knowledge for the courses we have chosen. The money we pay, cannot be seen in the efforts of the staff nor in the facility. Such fallacious blabber from a person like her as well as her underlings are effective for some, I pity the freshmen today. All hell will break loose after we hand over the letter Giovanne has made regarding our intramurals.
*no edits in the letter*

To the administrator,
I have all the respect in the world to my Alma Mater, and to its admin as well. I know I am not in the position to complain, but I guess asking won't hurt. Regarding the Intramurals held last October 4-6 at Beachside Lanang, which was for me a big mock at the students. First I want to know in the first place, why the Intrams was held there? Second is why do we have to pay for our entrance fee?(which I think is the school's obligation). Third is why are we asked to give food for the basketball referee?(which is again your obligation). Fourth is why was there no culmination night? We were al so disappointed, because of that. Really
disappointing. I hope to hear your side. I (I mean WE) want the truth, no
deception, all tru reasons. Please give justifications to your acts. If we have millions of donations, explain why things turned out that way.
Hope to hear from you soon.

I don't want to talk about it much further, I'm in no mood for trashing/bashing my school right now. Me and the guys are gonna play DotA in a while.


Tina you've certainly missed a lot of things, but it's a good thing you did. Else, you'd be ranting about this too. After the awarding, we went to the poolside and splashed around. At least it took our minds off that stupid event. I'm supposed to write a different letter too. Still addressing it to the administrator regarding Sir Mhel's actions. Remember the shirt the multimedia class gave him? Which he said he would have them printed for the AVP thing? Well, up to now, no printed shirt has appeared. Nor was that AVP thing he was blabbering about. They're all the same, all talk, mga magnanakaw naman. Me and JV printed our team shirt since the budget was a bit low, we had Sir Mhel cut out the design on the canvas. He was stupid enough to not understand what a Verdana font looks like. So basically, the "interclash" lacked I. I'll let you see my shirt when you're here na. And guess what, Sir Mhel stole our canvas, green film and the thinner thing. He even lied when JV asked him if he saw where our materials were placed since Maam Lizel told JV that she already handed our printing things over to Sir Mhel. You see?! Maam Lizel is not to lie about such things. And we all know that Sir Mhel is never gonna change from being a MAGNANAKAW and a LIAR! I hope he dies soon, after he hands me my shirt back and my diploma for both Technical and Creative Sessions which we *Tina* both took.



:: BUSY ?? ::

Been busy lately, so I haven't updated any of my ramblings here. Soon, you'll see fresh meat in "My Inner Daily Ramblings"

Coming Soon.. :)

:: ADEK ::

I'm so overwhelmed with the fact that I'm gonna be one of the contributers of a magazine blog. We had to send an official application thingy of course *the other questions were funny*. After checking that I'm a part of it, I feel like winning a lottery! Haha!
Well, un lang. Hehe. I'm just excited. The problem is I haven't thought of a topic to write about. Oh, btw, our entries are supposed to be written in tagalog. I'm not really that good with tagalog so I'm kinda nervous. yiiiiiiii.. I'm bothered!



:: How Boyish or Girlish Are You? ::

I visited Karla's blog, and I noticed this quiz thingy. I tried it out and guess what it said.

You Are 50% Boyish and 50% Girlish
You are pretty evenly split down the middle - a total eunuch.Okay, kidding about the eunuch part. But you do get along with both sexes.You reject traditional gender roles. However, you don't actively fight them.You're just you. You don't try to be what people expect you to be.

I know stuff like this are just for fun.. but it seemed to really define me.. cool.. :D

:: I'm it ::

Tagged by my ever dearest friend*no plastikan there* Tina.

Instructions: List seven songs you are into right now. no matter what the genre, whether they have words or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1. Camisado (relax, relapse) by Panic! At The Disco
2. I'm yours by Jason Mraz
3. Dear Jamie by hellogoodbye
4. Build God, Then We'll Talk by Panic! At The Disco
5. There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet by Panic! At The Disco
6. Over My Head by The Fray
7. Selfish by Sunset Daze

Lola Xy

weeee... ^_^

:: Band ::

I got on the phone with my high school buddy, Joy. We happened to be into a lot of things together. She was talking about her boyfriend's band and stuff, then mentioned that she wanted to have a band too. I was ecstatic about it since I've always wanted to make it big in the music arena. Anyways, at first she'd have me in the band, the catch? I'd have to play the bass. Now, I'm not really that keen on guitars, I know a few strings or so but that's it. Well, I told her that I'm not that good, but she didn't mind that coz she said she's gonna teach me how. So I was really excited, though I didn't make it seem so obvious since too much anticipation will lead to disappointment, I wouldn't want that to happen.

Then, last night, she called me up again. Saying that I'm in the band! *wee* But I'm not gonna play bass, instead, piano. Why? Because we'd be playin' songs from Panic! At The Disco and The Killers. Yeah! My all time favorite bands! So sweet! But there's another problem, I don't have any idea on how to play the piano*keyboards*. That wasn't a problem for Joy, since she was gonna teach me anyway. I was and still am so happy! Of course, I would prefer the drums since that was my forte, unfortunately she has chosen her other friend for the part. I didn't mind. As long as I got in the band. Woo! *di masyadong halata na ang saya ko noh?*
I'm a fast learner, so I'm pretty much confident about learning to play the said instrument.

She'll start teaching me during her semestral break. But I figured that to makes things faster, I'd have my friend, Bordz, teach me the keys and stuff. Good Luck to me! I want to know, if this is my real calling.