:: happiness ::

I've constantly been looking for this thing called happiness. Fulfillment. Satisfaction. It seems there's always this emptiness, a hole that needs to be filled. With something. I'm not quite certain if it is with something, or someone.

So, I am on a search, to find answers to this inquisitive mind of mine.

La dee dah, dee dah.


tina said...

Eherm you never read my posts. nyahaha. anyway... go check my jan.16 post. Its all about happiness. it might help you -_-

ugyen said...

Happiness!!! What kind of happiness do you need!!! ???? just share with me as well... i need that too!!

the Whore said...

bliss, i think, is a state of mind. it's somewhat being contented and appreciating what you currently have.

especially if it's already there, but you can't see it cause you're looking far out there.

kathy said...

there will always be something that you'll want in life. remember, you can't have everything.

just learn to appreciate what you have. then you'll be happy.


ikay the dancer said...

rest assured that God will help you to achieve that happiness. :)

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