:: Thank God ::

After forty eight years of waiting for the blogger main page to load completely, finally, finally.. I am logged in. It's like I've been away from my home. Hayy, what a relief it is to know I can blog again. I got a bit annoyed at the connection thing.
Anyway, good thing I've written something while I was busy watching the boob tube.

Some TV commercials are somehow funny. Annoying too cheesy, but still it's funny. Well, funny enough for me to think of other things that would actually happen other than what was presented on the commercial. Hehe.


The day I read about Ely Buendia's (Eraserheads frontman) sudden heart attack made my heart stop for like, 2 seconds.
But good thing God has shown once again his great power, as He helped Ely recover from that heart-breaking situation.
I was never a band-fan, neither was I prone on getting highly addicted to a group of guys strumming, drumming and singing along. But this guy, this guy Ely is truly a remarkable person. He has been a highly respected icon and is still one too. And I know myself, I only give recognition and appreciation to those who really deserve it. I know talent, I know soul, and this guy is packed with a lot of it. He has made a very huge impact to the industry as well as to me. With his raw and as-if-just-a-conversation type of songs, who wouldn't take another peek at them, the immortal Eraserheads. His compositions has raised and made potential and worthy up and coming bands. He has contributed so much to the music industry. It was devastating to know of Eraserhead's disbandment, but I guess we'll just have to understand and support whatever their decision was. Though, it was relieving enough to hear and see him still performing and producing more songs for the entire nation, heck, even for the world to hear. May God Bless you more Mr. Ely Buendia. God still wants you to touch more lives and influence those youngsters with your kind of talent. He wants you more to be just than an icon. Indeed, you are a force to be reckoned with. ^_^

I've started on my On tje Job Training at a friend's shop. I'm based on Graphics Design. It's really embarassing, but I don't have that much strong background on designs and stuff. Hayy, I need to improve. Aja to me.

I know you missed me.


jo said...

sinabi lang saken ng kuya ko ung nangyari kay eli at nabigla din ako...

anyways, good luck sa job training mo! hehe... ^^

deesee said...

indeed his persona is highly respected one.. :)

tina said...

Be blessed sa OJT. maayo naka login ug naka post na diod ka... tapos with technique.. nyahaha. tc.

MeL said...

Hi Avy!

Ely Buendia is really an icon.. a legend.. wala nang makakabago dun.

Goodluck sa OJT mo. Sana maging mahusay kang graphic desinger nyan. :)

-pAm- said...


buti naman naka-login ka na..hehe...

hay. ojt. malapit na rin ako dyan.haha..hay.

salamat by the way sa pakikiramay sa katangahan ko.haha.touched naman ako..tatawag ka pa kung may sun ako.hehe.:P

ugyen said...

Nice Blog, Check out your blog in my World blog Collection "Personal Blogs" a link from your end would be awesome!!

abidubi said...

Yeah! whew.. thank God talaga. ^_^

be updating soon..

Bam the Great said...

Ayeee! Mabuhay si Ely! Mabuhay! Hehe.