:: Tantra ::

Recently, I've been too caught up between my OJT and my thesis. I'm getting pretty much tired and so I often tell my boss that I won't be coming in for a few days since I'm busy working on my thesis, NOT!

Anyway, I became amused with this new game my friends are now hooked on. Wala na kasi akong mga kalaro sa DotA, they're all into Tantra kaya napasali na rin ako. I like my 2nd character, an archer. I'm so confident with my character since I totally adore archers, I'm an avid greenarchers fan too. Hehe.

My character is an Asura. Coming from a Hindu mythology, the Asura are a group of power-seeking deities, sometimes misleadingly referred to as demons. They were opposed to the devas. Both groups are children of Kasyapa. The name is cognate to Aesir, which implies a common Proto-Indo-European origin for the Asura and the Aesir.

Oh, I'm interested in different kinds of mythologies too. Whether Roman, Greek (wherein most gods and goddesses are confused with the Romans), Norse, Celtic, Asian and the like.
May mango float sa bahay, I guess I'll be munching on those later. Wee. ^_^


-pAm- said...

i could not relate with tantra.haha.:D

with thesis, of course i can.:P

tina said...

tantra napud haha.

manghatag ka ug mango floatt?

Camille said...

tantra.. wala akong alam tungkol dun. haha. goodluck na lang sa thesis mo. :D

iskoo said...

i really want computer games but i am impatient most of the time kaya mukhang pang blogging nalang ako, hehe

urumi said...

Heyy!! Tantra! I love that game lol~ Too bad hindi na ako nakakalaro dahil namumulubi na ako. XD Ayos din yung Asura ahh...

I once had a Rakshasa and Yaksa. ^___^ Pretty cool charas kasi mabilis. XD

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