:: new internet explorer ::

Just as how Yahoo has been copying Google, and Friendster from Myspace, the IE (internet explorer) has it's other version. Just like the Firefox Mozilla. It consists of tabs and shiny buttons (hehe). The image you see here is made possible through this option called "Quick Tabs", wherein you can actually see just in one page all the pages in your tabs. Cool. Faster too. Iba pa rin ang orig. I'd still go for Mozilla Firefox, it's much safer. :)
This is one holiday techie update for this blog. ^_^
I've caught a flu. This only happens like 8 times in a decade. Yeah, it's so rare. Good thing I don't have a fever, or else I'd be all grumpy and stuff. Hehe.
I'm looking forward to another year of renewal and forgiveness. I don't have any New Year's resolution since I can't do most of the things I put in there. I'm simply keeping in my mind that the coming new year will be the start of a fresh, might-be-rocky journey and fun-filled learnings for me. And even though our ever dearest Mayor Duterte has prohibited the use of fireworks and the like here in our city, we can still shout our hearts out para naman makapag-ingay. It's a good excuse for the people around you to think that you're not insane. ^_^


10th station

Welcome to the 10th station.

Hey! Here's an assurance from your one and only angel.

Now... go back to your angel for the 11th message.

Merry Christmas everyone!


:: Happy Holidays ::

I was kinda hesitant about updating for today.
Honestly, I can't feel the season right now. It's kinda empty. We greet each other pero there's this hole, a blank mark with those greetings. It just doesn't feel right.

I have completed the Misa de Gallo.
Something's just not right.
Hayy, may kulang.
Another sad Christmas for me.


:: overtime ::

I have to be at my Tita's office tomorrow for their Christmas party. She says there'll be teens there too so it wouldn't be too awkward for me. And I have to present something just in case her officemates decides to have an intermission shitty thing during their "program".
Ever since I was a kid, I've been spending most of my free time at my Tita's office (DTI). Her friends there adored me *humble*. Being a kid, wala pa akong hiya nun. If they told me to dance, I would or do something that kids do that adults found cute and entertaining. Now, I'm at that age where just by mentioning what I did before would make me turn red with embarassment. But my tita had me picture out the situation for tomorrow. That if I refused or will be OA and turn away her friends would say "Ano ba yang pamangkin ni Nemia.. and blah blah blah. So there.

Now, I'm watching Justin Timberlake's music video, My Love. And yeah, you got that right, that's what I would be performing tomorrow. The moves are freakin hard but I have to exert that extra effort for tomorrow. And if I can't seem to follow all the steps, I've made sure I have that Totoy Bibo song ready just in case. Oh, and that Boom Tarat Tarat too. Hehe.

and if you'd excuse me, I have to go back to my dancing. ^_^
Lovely evening ^_^


:: here it is ::

Here's my sister and me.
Remember, she's OLDER than me. *hehe*
After the morning mass, I slept after eating. And woke up at exactly 3:12pm. Too early right?
Anyway, while eating my lunch/merienda. My uncle comes to the kitchen and says something about an accident. My cousin was beside me, reading his magazines.
Uncle: Grabe, may banggaan dun sa tapat ng Davao Light. Isang taxi, multicab at motor.
Aaron(my cousin): Talaga? Sino may kasalanan?
Uncle: (still talking about how grabe the incident was)
Aaron: may namatay ba?
Uncle: Oo meron. Grabe talaga.
Aaron: Oh? ilan? (anxious)
Uncle: Tatlo, yung makina ng taxi, multicab at nung motor.
Wooo, let's all give a big round of applause for my dear uncle.
I hate this guy sitting right next to me. He's so obnoxious. And his hygiene doesn't even help at all too. He often shoves me (accidentally), I look at him and he doesn't apologize. Plus, he's so loud. Bullcrap, I wanna throw him out of this cafe. I really want to stab something super sharp at his back right now.
Oh, it's our 2nd monthsary. Me and my special someone.
Happy Monthsary to my no. 1 fan. Hehe.


:: Boink ::

What if I told you I have a twin?

Well, I have a sister. An older one to be exact *by two years*. We kinda look so much alike that we're referred to as twins. The resemblance is just so astonishing. Only, she has longer and curlier hair. She's also smaller than me. Hehe.

Last Saturday, out of the blue my brother wanted me, my sister and him to meet at the Coffee Monster. And to my utmost surprise, he treated us out for a snack. Which, according to 19 years of history, he hasn't done that, like EVER. And just that day, us three bonded. Although we didn't talk like the way a chicken clucks. Me and my brother doesn't talk that much anyway, only about computer stuff. Then my sister, umm, she's funny. Somehow, it scares me whenever ai hear her laugh or even speak, it's as if I'm actually talking to myself.

We rarely see each other since we don't live under one roof. I'm proud to say I already am a Tita. My sister has a cutie baby boy named Gab. And believe it or not, me and the kid kinda look alike, of course when I was at his age. ^_^

It's so funny yet disturbing to see that kid's mannerism. Like, you give him a lollipop right, then this person asks for the candy and you know what the kid does? He throws it, and no not AT the person, he throws it instead at the side. I'm kinda wondering where he got that kind or mannerism. =P

And now, after so many lost years of not being able to bond or stuff, we finally had kept in touch. Thanks to whoever made the first ever cellphone.


Last night was Beiah's debut. She looked pretty in her princess-like dress and her little crown. The food was great and the people, well they're OK.
I got to see friends again whom I haven't seen for like ages.
We performed, it was fun.
She had a very tearful heart warming speech (I think, since everyone was secretly crying).
After that, we all went home. Not much detail about her debut.
All I can say is that, it was soooo nice. Unlike any other birthday celebrations I've ever been invited to.
It was funny because, I was part of the 18 memoirs wherein I had to say something about her, how we met and what I think about her. And honestly, I hadn't prepared anything. So at that moment while we weren't being called yet, I looked for something to write on. And luckily I found a paper in my wallet. Which had my grades printed on it. I only made a few sentences but I guess it hit home.
Before that though, someone wasn't able to come earlier so they had to rearrange the list of people who were supposedly part of the 18 candles which on her party, was referred to as 18 hopes. Out of 200 people there, I was asked to fill in the part, and yeah, I had to write down another letter for her. I'm amazed at how I can easily generate messages on the spot. *humble?*

"We scorpios are strong, passionate and driven. No matter how hard the situation is, we never give up, instead we find ways to overcome the problem. Oh, and we're good-looking too."
*part of my speech*

Before I gave mine, I apologized for not being that prepared and that I had written my letter for her at the back of paper where my grades were printed. It's a good thing I got a warm response, or I'd be shaking more like crazy up stage.



:: Ehem ::

The pictures are in my multiply..

From Samal Trip to the Debut..

Check it out, then if you'd like comment here.. hehe :D


:: Canon in D ::

I'm totally engrossed with this melody. Canon Rock composed by the very talented Jerry C.

check this out:


if you still can't seem to go to the url, try searching for Jerry C's Canon Rock on YouTube.
One hellofa guitarist.
He has his own band called C Band.
Started playing the piano at 15, soon guitar at 17.

I first heard of this from O2Jam. I played it over and over again even though I still can't master all the bars. Rawr.


:: The Cashier Girl's Debut ::

You all know about where me, Giovanne, Red and the rest of the DotA people play right? At Cindrew's Cafe (the first class internet cafe in the city *plastikan*). There's this cashier girl here who we happened to befriend after several days of playing here. FC (feeling close). Last night was her birthday, a debut to be exact. And guess who were part of the whole entourage? Me and some of the customers at the cafe. Hehe. She joked about me being part of the 18 roses. I was supposed to be part of the 18 candles, unfortunately I would have to wear that dreadful tube-like shiny pinky I don't know what the heck that was. So I declined and said I'd only be part of the other kind of skemamu. 18 treasures it is.
The place where the debut was held was small. Enough for about 30 people or 50. There wasn't any grand dance presentation or something only in the 18 roses part. After 48 years of waiting for the debutante, she finally showed up, all dressed in pink. It was cute. We ate before starting the whole program thing since everyone was ranting about being hungry and all. The program started and it was nice.
Among the guests, ours were the loudest. Bugoy as what they'd call it. Then before the debutante was about to change to another gown, the MC offered the mic to anyone who wants to present a song. And since it was sorta like a karaoke style. I summed up enough courage to show off my thunder-summoning talent. Yes, for the first time, out of the karaoke bars, I sang in public. I don't know what the heck went through my head, and so there, I sang WEAK (this is the only song I happened to memorise the lyrics). I lost the kaba part at the half end part. After I finished, I didn't get mobbed and had tomatoes thrown at me, so I figured I kinda sounded a bit, take note A BIT good. That was a first time ever thing for me so pardon if I act like a six-grader winning a medal for a declamation speech.

After the party, they all wanted to drink and talk. So that's exactly what happened. Of course, since I haven't been that well from our last trip, I declined drinking. Instead I just smoked a few packs, este sticks. They finished like, 10 bottles of RedHorse Grande. And what we talked about? Our DotA experiences, the best and the worst plays. Who played which hero best and who sucked at it. They told me I played Jakiro the best, being able to buy an Ultimate Orb in just level 6 and being able to complete a Skadi recipe in just level 12. Thanks to a great mentor, Ppet (Giovanne's love), I know what items to buy to make my heroes much stronger. ^_^ Giovanne was there too, and no he didn't get drunk easily. As they finished the last bottle, we all decided to play DotA afterwards. Headed to BoyzTrek. Only me, Giovanne, Franco, Red, Rex and Ced played since most of the went home already. We took a beating on the first game, but managed to stay a bit strong at the second. Talo pa rin, but still it was ok. We went home at about 5 in the morning (kanina). My mom didn't scold me about going home so early THE next morning, hehe. But she told me about going to this meeting so I better wake up early if ever I sleep. So there.

The meeting, Stockholder's meeting at University of Mindanao. It looked like a flea market, much more organized than before though. I got my attendance reward and took off with my Tita. Ate, went to the mall to buy new headphones, went here at Cindrew's, still suffering from nausea (don't worry, I smoked a couple of sticks so the feeling's a bit gone now) and oh, Giovanne already went home to his hometown, Compostela Valley. ^_^


:: Samal Trip ::

Last Friday (December 08, 2006), we went to Island Garden City of Samal for our Christmas party. Even though konti lang kami, we got to enjoy our trip there.
Ang usapan eh 10:30am magkikita sa school para sabay-sabay na kami papunta dun.
It was alreay 12noon when everyone decided to go already.
It was an hour safe ride papunta dun.
When we got there, it was like we had the place all to ourselves, not minding a couple of people who were there playing very-last-season songs.
And just as I remembered it, the place was really nice. Clear waters. Cool breeze. White sand.
At lunch time, we ate at this carinderia just near the resort. We sat at the center. Imagine eating a hearty meal while having a pig slaughtered at your left. That's why I only ate halo-halo, which I didn't finish since I didn't understand the taste. I wasn't that hungry anyway.
It was late in the afternoon when we agreed to take a plunge into the water. I made sure I brought enough clothes (and underwear). I was the most prepared of them all. Hehe.
At dinner, I made sure I ate enough so I wouldn't get drunk so easily since I was responsible for mixing the drinks and stuff.
Ginpo + Ginpine = happy time!
Good thing Giovanne behaved that time. He drank Vodka and a few glasses of the GP(GinPo). I thank God so very much for not making Jonalyn so drunk that time. If that would have happened, we'd be running for our lives because she has this habit of chasing people even if they just talk or whisper. And worse, we would have a hard time carrying her back to the cottage. It would take 10 Maskulados to carry her to the room (hehe).
That night was crazy, I got so dizzy (not drunk, mind you). I made sure I threw up enough to make me sleep. And I slept for like, 5 hours. I was in between Renel and Jonalyn. I thank the Lord again for not letting them squish me. It's really a danger zone if you're anywhere near Jonalyn kapag lasing siya, she'll throw you out if she gets irritated. And she gets irritated so easily.
I woke up first. I went out of the cottage and watched the sun rise. Tear-jerker (pero hindi, haha!) After a couple of minutes, the guys came out of their room. Inayos namin yung table since we didn't get the chance to clean the place before dozing off.
Breakfast? We ate, and it was a hearty meal even though I couldn't taste anything quite properly.
We took a dip again before the sun could barely make it easy for us to swim.
After lunch, Renel wanted to take pictures (pictorial time for him). So we went island hopping.
First: Vanishing Island.
Being there's so nice. It was like stranded with a bunch of hoohaas in the middle of nowhere, good thing that was only an imaginary thought.
The view from there was nice We had dozens of pictures.
Second: Cave-like island.
They said there were plenty of snakes there, it was a heart-pounding stop there. A few pictures and we were off, back to Kaputian.
I dreaded not being able to get a seat on the ferry pauwi so I urged my friends to prepare themselves and pack their things just to make things sure.
After placing our bags on the ferry, we ate halo-halo at another stall. The lady's halo-halo was much better than what we ate before.
We waited for about 2 hours for the ferry to be filled with enough people, the wait wasn't exactly that boring since Johnnel and Giovanne made us laugh throughout the wait. At exactly 4:05pm, we were heading back to Davao.

Back in Davao.
We all went home. Me and the guys agreed to meet up at the cafe after getting a shower. I went home, unpacked, bathed, dressed up and decided to go to the cafe. Just as I was to ride a jeepney going to the cafe, my highschool kabarkada texted me that it was her daddy's birthday and I was invited. Good thing it was just a few walk from where I was standing hailing a public transportation. When I got there, it was definitely classy. It was a restobar. Hazel's restobar. The owner, Hazel, was my kabarkada's daddy's girlfriend. There was a function room upstairs, dumiretso na ako dun. My friend's dad wasn't around yet. There was a karaoke in the function room. (I'm a hog with karaoke). My friend said we could just order anything we want. By hearing that, my ears tingled and my eyes sparkled. Anything. Tamang-tama coz I was really hungry. I ate till I dropped. I didn't get the chance to finish the Blueberry Cheese Cake, the taste didn't quite appeal to me. I'm just thankful for making me feel full.
I was supposed to sing Half-Crazy (dedicated to my special someone) when my mom called me. She said there was a midnight sale at the mall and we were gonna go. So I didn't get the chance to sing it and my mom picked me up from the place and off to the mall. I got to buy the blouse I had to wear for a friend's debut (the girl at the cashier from our friend's cafe). I think it was pink, but when I got a closer look, it was pomelo pink. Cute. I love the sleeves.
Bought what we need, and so we went home, tired. I still felt like I was swaying. Up until now, as I'm writing this. I'm dizzy. I still can't taste anything. Oh well. That was it, I didn't get the chance to play DotA nor O2Jam. Huhu. Level 9 na ako. Naunahan ko pa si Giovanne. Haha!



:: tadaaahhh ::

For those clamoring to see my new
do. ^_^
(nightmares nightmares! sorry)


:: latest craze ::

Lately, I've been into this game O2JAM. At first I found it so irritating with all the pressing on certain keys and stuff. But then, my DotA-mates have been playing it and I guess I got caught in this new frenzy. It's fun. I get to level up, dress my avatar and play with my friends. Amazing, in just 3 days I'm now Level 6. Hehe.

This is how my avatar looks like. Red said, my avatar looks like Bamboo (female version). I have yet to buy my avatar some instruments. ^_^ I might catch up to Giovanne's level. (^_^)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Anyway, last night was our Alumni Night right?
Well, most of us came. As well as some of the higher batches. They had this game called "sit-on-the-air". The longest one to stay seated like that wins cash prize. Our batch and another which is 4 years ahead of us were the only ones left. To think, it was only me and Marvin from our batch and 5 from the other. That was no fun at all. My legs still hurt right now. I kept thinking that time that I could still take the pain, unfortunately, my legs didn't agree with my brain. I collapsed, and I was staggering back to my seat. I worried about my performance in our number. Woohh. Good thing I pulled it off with my legs still shaking.

They kept taunting me about how I appeared and disappeared on stage. Better thing that my friends didn't take any humiliating pictures at that moment. Whew. Talk about being saved.
After that, we ate and played DotA and O2JAM. Wee.
oh, my mom found out I used all her body spray. Waaahh.
Me and Giovanne are gonna eat at McDo right now, so.. Tata. ^_^


:: Alumni Night ::

Today is a busy day for me, I may not be able to update for this day.
So my dear fans(hehe), an early goodnight.

Alumni Night namin, better get ready.


:: The Dance ::

It was already lunch time when his class ended. He didn't have any classes after that. Thinking about where to place his mark on the building, he decided to take a tour by himself. He was used to being alone.

Room by room, he checked to see which place would be perfect. Then he found one. The walls were filled with leather pads, and there were a lot of large sheets of cloth covering bulky objects underneath. He didn't mind them. He went directly to the wall which matched the total height and width of his "masterpiece". After deciding which angle he should start on, he took out a spray can.

After a few minutes, he was finished. He took one last look at what he had done.


There, written on the wall, the words ART FOR THE SOUL.
He moved back from the wall, but as he walked backwards, he hit something. And it made a "clanging" sound.
Curious, he checked out what it was. Underneath the dirty white sheet, was an old piano. Turns out, the place was a music room. As if being hypnotized, his eyes were drawn to the white and black keys on the piano.
He slowly sat down. Raising his left hand, he pressed on a C-note. Hearing that familiar sound, his mind drifted off back to the time when his father was still teaching him how to play the instrument.
"Your hands are capable of unimaginable force, use it to create such powerful music. So powerful, they can make everything change."
The words still echoed in his mind. Then as if a blinding light was coming towards him, he felt as if being hit by a truck. He had come to his senses. He remembered then what had happened after that day being with his father. He blocked that memory from his mind and found himself unconsciously playing the piano like mad.
Until he hit that last note. He stood up and covered it again. As he was about to move away from the piano, the door slammed.
Alarmed, he turned to see who was at the door.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" An authoritative voice spoke out.
He didn't answer, instead he walked towards the door, where the man stood beside. Before he was able to go out, the figure grabbed his shoulder and said,
"Clean up that wall, else you'll be suspended."
He didn't mind the warning. He simply walked away.

He was about to go to the parking lot, when a voice on the speaker announced, "Lanz Lowengrinh! Report to the office immediately."


:: buzz ::

I just thought I should post something that actually has some content in it or else matatanggal ako sa Daily Reads ni Pam. Haha! Wala lang. It's like I should sum up to a certain quota wherein I'd really have to post for like, freakin everyday of my life. Hehe. Daming fans eh. *joke*

Anyway, just finished practicing for our Alumni Night. I find it so amazing that me and my friends could actually pull off a number within a day or two. Yeah. Woohoo. Todo pawis and everything while practicing. And pag panahon na na dapat ipakita na yung sayaw, eh todo bigay rin. Showing off unimaginable energy, na di mo makikita kapag practice.


I'm here to yet again rant, rant and rant. Since half of the reasons why people blog is for them to vent out and rant about stuff right?
Here we go!
I know that most people underestimate my capacity to think, act and well just about anything.
Akala siguro niya I'm that stupid to not know what's going on. And I, like, waited for 7 freakin' months pero ano, wala. I wasn't expecting, I was merely hoping. That hope had turned to confusion as to why would anyone LIE right in your face.
I've read about this in Reader's Digest. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. The only difference is that, psychopaths are mere LIARS. The sociopaths are the CHARMERS. People who do not-that-great-a-deed things to other people disregarding conscience.
That was way far-fetched, but hey it sort of points out something in relation to what I had just said.
I am not stupid, else I wouldn't have my special someone right now. Wahaha!


Jona told me awhile ago that she had posted something na baka raw ma-touch ako.
I checked out her blog, and there I saw that picture I made as our trademark for all the flash animations we did.
Yes. It's been 19 years. Neighbors. 13 years classmates and kabarkada. Amazing!
Pero, we're not best friends. I don't believe in such a thing anyway. Kasi, when you look at it, people who treat people as their best friend, they tend to fight and do mean things. I call my friends as kabarkada, katropa, close friends and acquaintances.


I just remembered a funny thing that had happened last night. After playing DotA. Me, Giovanne, Ced and Red decided to eat at this barbeque place. On the way, we were walking just 3 meters from the sidewalk. One-way lang yung street na yun so we had our backs turned sa mga sasakyan na parating. Tamang-tama paglingon ko, nakita ko yung sasakyan na paparating. Nasa left side ko sina Ced and Red. Si Giovanne (blind as he was) eh dahan-dahan sa paglalakad kasi nga di makakita ng maayos. Sinigawan ko siya kasi baka mabangga siya. Tumingin siya sa likod niya then sumigaw tapos parang naging epileptic, nanginig bigla. Haha. As in he shuddered! His hands were cold as ice when I grabbed him. We laughed our heads off on the way to the food place. Hayyy. Watta night. And after eating, he washed his hands. Cedrick put in hi glass some vinegar, half-filled then had the waiter put in some water. The waiter even wondered why ganun na yung color, we just told him to just fill it with water. Too bad, Giovanne didn't get to drink it. After that, I just went home.

NFS2's a great addiction. Power slide! Hehe

Like I said before, I may be a loner but I'm never alone.


:: sucked the life out of me ::

in dire need to be set free.