:: out of boredom ::

While waiting for the time, I made a little something-something.

More on simplicity. ^_^
Although, pumutok na ung pixels, so you can see this better HERE

past artworks *sort of*:
(click on them to get a better view)

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*huwala lang*

/away the author's out to wreak havoc.


:: The Dance *continutation* ::

It was a breezy morning as he got out of the first building, Building M. The sun was covered with huge trees with long branches. Looking at an average view, most of the students found their comfort zones under a sturdy foundation, giving them large enough shade to lie on the grass. Picturesque.
He could see the field, so big and wide, as he walked towards Building B. The field was empty, still the sun has splashed luminous rays of light on the field. The grass was greener than ever.

As he got to the room, it was packed. Everyone were so busy talking to each other. He walked right in and saw three empty seats at the back. One was beside the window, the other two were just like any ordinary seats. He occupied the one beside the window which looked out in the open field.
"Everyone here?" a raspy voice called out.
The class answered with "no", "yeah", and "what do you think sir?"
"Good, good. Now, I'm Mr. Douglas Peterson." writing his name on the white board, "Prepare yourselves because from this moment on I will be taking you back,"
gesturing his hands, looking up at an imaginary thing in a dramatic way, "Way back into the time where goofy hairs and lame fashion sense ruled the world."
The room was filled with mostly snickers. One even acted out a coughing tone disguising the word "You suck".
Just as the professor was about to continue with his dramatic introduction, two girls who were happily chatting with each other came in, this disrupting the professor's act.
"Ahh, more meat or pain in the neck?" The professor said, looking at both girls.
"Depends sir." the brunette girl said.
"Depends on what Ms. Montgomery?"
Flipping her hair, she placed her left hand on her hip, "on how you plan on making this class interesting."
The class then went to "ooooohhh..."
"Now, class. Confidence is one thing, ignorance is another. Take your seats at the back ladies."
Arguing with them won't do any good to this class.

"Jess, I think we should try out for the soccer team." Ashley said.
"I'll think about it, if something else doesn't come up then why not."
Ashley noticed a guy, who seemed to be sleeping, next to the two empty seats. She tapped him on his shoulder, and asked,
"Excuse me, are these two seats taken?"
Without looking up, his face buried in his arms, he replied,
"You see anyone sitting there?" with a sarcastic tone.
A bit surprised, they didn't resort to battling it out with words. Jess and Ashley simply sat down and continued on with what they were talking about earlier.

Sheesh, there's no stopping these blabbermouths. Cadey thought, he wasn't at all sleeping, in fact he was merely trying to think about what he's going to be active in this year.
I guess I'll just wait on it.


:: Tag! ::

was tagged by Pam.

nick name:

A: Likes to drink
V: Not judgemental.
Y: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone
could ask for.

real name:

A: Likes to drink
V: Not judgemental.
Y: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone
could ask for.

S: Easy to fall in love with
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves
L: Loved by everyone
V: Not judgemental.
A: Likes to drink.

A: Likes to drink.
B: Likes people
C: Is wild and crazy
D: Has one of the best personalities
F: People adore you.
G: Never let people tell you what to
H: Have a very good personality and
I: Loyal to those you love. Loves
J: Lives life for fun.
K: Really silly.
L: Loved by everyone
M: Makes dating fun
N: Dead sexy.
O: Best in bed.
P: Popular with all types of people.
Q: A hypocrite.
R: Fuckin crazy
S: Easy to fall in love with
T: Loyal to those you love.
U: Really like to chill.
V: Not judgemental.
W: Very broad minded.
X: Never let people tell you what to
Y: One of the best damn bf/gf anyone
could ask for.
Z: always ready

Reaction: Huwaw! I find it so amazing.
Guess which are true. ^_^
Are you game? Go!

I'll tag Kath, Camille, Celena, Bam, and Karla.


Finished! Whew! Stupid projects. Hayy.


:: Happy Feet ::


I watched this last night with my friends, after our dance practice. *yes, I do dance, and yeah.. you can laugh now*

Ok, as I've said before I ain't a spoiler. So all I can say about this movie is that, GO SEE IT. It's certainly is worth the money you'll pay to see it.
Hugh Jackman's so funny doing an Elvis-like singing. As well as Nichole Kidman's version of Manilyn Monroe in the movie. Just guess who's who in the movie. Oh, you have really got to listen to the "amigos". Funny one-liners. Catchy steps. And watch out for a scene where they look like those in Cheerdance Competitions. Super cool. *brrr*
All praises to the animation staff, such breathtaking movements. So life-like. Gosh! I really have to get my hands on a Maya or 3D studio max. Syet.
My feet are happy too. ^_^ *tap-dancing away to dreamland*
Anyway, just a while ago, I was walking across the street. Confident that the left side didn't have any cars coming, I passed through the lane. Then when I looked at the right side, there was this bus coming fast, honking. I think my spirit flew at that instant, my feet were glued hard to the ground. I couldn't breathe. Of course I was 50 inches away from that monstrous thing. That's what I hate about when crossing, if you won't look both ways properly you might end up dead. Care to have your body hit by a bus? Come, join me. Haha.
I just came from this fellowship thing. I've never really been a member of any sort, I just visit. Most of my friends invite me and somehow I find myself looking at people pointing to the sky, closing their eyes *as if about to cry*, shouting loudly, raising their hand as if hailing Hitler. I'm not here to ridicule them. In fact, I find it amazing that their faith is that strong. And their topic for this day, happens to be about stress. It was nice, I learned something. Although, most of the old members there were pretty funny (in a good way of course). Hehe.
I'm still thinking if I'd go back there. Hmm. (rubbing chin)
1. Case study
2. Web Programming System Project
3. Wire thingamajig
4. Dual switch
5. Departmental exam
these are the things I really have to work on right now, pero as usual, tinatamad nanaman ako.
Tina! I have my own MTV tree too. Hihi! my name's avydoovy


:: Emotion ::

Energy in motion.
Never think with your emotions,
use your emotions to think.

-Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I'll post the continuation of the story here next time.
*bitin effect*


:: The Dance ::

this is something I happened to really SUCK at.
bear with it. try lang. never got to finish any story before, and if the public isn't at all ranting about this, I could just pick up where I left off with the story.
*my apologies if this sucks*


"Time check it's 7:45 am, for those who are still in bed, you better wake up, don't want to be late you know. Wake up, get.."

"Stupid radio!"
Lanz swiped his vintage alarm radio off his bedside table. He hid under the covers and went on sleeping. Just as he was about to drift off to dreamland,what seemed to be a faint knock with a voice calling out his name that suddenly turned to a loud banging sound on his door awakened him. Irritated, he threw a shoe lying just beneath his bed at the door and shouted,
"Bug off!"
God! How can i get some rest here when everyone's out to annoy me?! He thought, not even minding where he's supposed to be right now. He'd been through a rough time. This is the only time where he could get to fully rest.

Cadey got out of the shower, just as the clock struck 7:44 am. He hurried to his closet and took out some clothes from the closet. This closet is no ordinary closet, for inside is like another hallway. The left side is filled with his shirts, polos and upper body clothes, while on the right is for his pants, shorts and lower body clothes. His shoes are found at the end of the room, filling an entire wall with three shelves located on it. Cadey isn't the type you would call vain, he's just into collecting clothes, shoes and accessories which complements his whole persona. Catching a glimpse on the clock, he hurriedly picked out some clothes to put on and after finding the right clothes to wear he checked himself in front of the mirror. For today's concept, simplicity, He thought as he faced right to left. Grabbing his bag, he recalled if everything was in place, till he remembered his brother. Damn, it's so hard to wake up a log. His brother sleeps like one. He walked up to his brother's room, which was 10 feet away from his, and pounded on the door.

"Lanz! Wake up! I don't want to be late!"
He shouted, pounding hard on the door.

"Bug off!"
was Lanz's reply. Hearing this, he decided to go downstairs and catch a quick meal.

Cadey called out as he reached out for a sandwich prepared for him. Just as he took a bite, a 50-something year old woman appeared from the servant's quarters. It was their Nana, she had been a part of the family already, looked after 2 generations. She was the most humble and frail looking woman they have ever known, but has the kindest and purity of heart, this is why she is loved by the family.

"Ading, don't shout, I'm not that old you know."
She said, walking towards the counter.

"Sorry Nana, but that big jerk upstairs won't even bother to move a muscle, and we're gonna be late."
Cadey said, looking like a kid running to his mother.

"Don't worry child, this is your first day at school, and I know you don't want to be late at this kind of things. You finish your breakfast, while I go check on your brother, Ok?"
With a sigh Cadey replied,


"Good, I'll have him ready in 30 minutes."
She assured Cadey with a wink.To do this, Cadey knows her brother will really be up, even though it's only a few minutes til their classes start. Checking his watch again,

Then he dashed out the door and got on his
RAV4. Good thing there wasn't much traffic, so he arrived 5 minutes before the exact time at school. He didn't know where to park, so he ended up in a spot where there where red lines on the concrete. He didn't care, he was late!
He got out and rushed to the nearest school door. He looked at his schedule and easily found his first room. As he went in, students inside were busy with their chit-chat. He just shook his head and looked for an empty seat. There were two at the back, he opted for the one beside the window. He could see the field from there, as well as the parking lot which was just before the field. From a distance he could make out a familiar figure coming fast towards the parking lot. It was his brother on his
CBR 600.It wasn't a surprise that their Nana could get his brother to do what he's supposed to be doing. He was about to reach for his phone to call his brother when a middle-aged man came in the room."Applied Science!"Just a loud call and everyone were in their seats.
Woah, this guy has some effect on these people. Cool.
"I am Mr. Reeves, no further introductions. When I call your name," he paused, "you know what to do."
Now, what kind of professor is this?
The orientation didn't take too long, before he knew it everyone were already rushing out of the room. He got his bag and headed to the door. By the hallway, he saw his brother looking dazed, just standing at a corner. He didn't mind him. His next class was still in the next building.

"History." This is so lame.

*to be continued*


:: blank ::

First of, a very happy birthday to Pam. I made sure i'll be the first one to greet. Haha.


The funny thing about online people, I consider them as fictional characters. Don't take it against me to think like this. You see, you can never be too sure with people online. Whether bloggers, people you chat with on any messenger or those from forums.
Fictional. Unreal. Fantasy. Of make believe.
Even if I regularly see their rants in front of the computer, I still wouldn't consider stuff like those as true. People hide under any pseudonyms and other stuff, thus making their readers doubtful. Some even claim to be someone they're not. This creates a lot of problems. And from here arises a lot of issues, plagiarism is one.
So there, you are in fact right. I don't trust anyone here. Not one soul. Of course, excluding the people I really see and hang with everyday.
1. A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution
2. Extreme, irrational distrust of others

I'll consider number 2. Only without the "extreme" part.
Such anxiety.

Read between the lines of every sentence in a person's post. You can never be too careful. Trust nowadays are so hard to keep and give.

Are you sure you can trust me?


:: Obsession ::

To those who commented on my previous post:

No, he doesn't know that I posted his "MTV" here. Hehe. And yes, he did bump his head on the wall. The show must go on dibah?.

Behind every man's fall is a woman.
Do you believe this?
Judging from the history of some great men, their defeat or death are mostly caused by women.
I remember this phrase as my classmate's topic for his provocative speech. To which he was given the highest grade. It is true that a man's weakness is of the flesh. At the site of such, adrenaline comes rushing through their veins, urging them to take one bold move.
Lust. Love. Hate. Revenge. Passion. Obsession.
Few of which are the reasons why they are drawn to God's greatest creation.

This then leads us to the topic of Obsession.
A powerful force that can either be destructive or of benefit. But it is so rare for this NOT to lead to a man's downfall. You can sense this lurking around. In the streets, school, casinos, galleries, mall, and just about anywhere. Great or small, this can cause a huge amount of problems.
According to Wikipedia, Obsessions are defined by:

  1. Recurrent and persistent thoughts, impulses, or images that are experienced at some time during the disturbance, as intrusive and inappropriate and that cause marked anxiety or distress.
  2. The thoughts, impulses, or images are not simply excessive worries about real-life problems.
  3. The person attempts to ignore or suppress such thoughts, impulses, or images, or to neutralize them with some other thought or action.
  4. The person recognizes that the obsessional thoughts, impulses, or images are a product of his or her own mind.
Obsessions are typically automatic, frequent, distressing, and difficult to control or put an end to.

Now tell me, what is your obsession?



Ok, he's no pro but hey, this video shows how great he can be as a dummy front act. Haha. He's my infamous friend Bords. (Sorry bords, pero the world really has to see this.. haha)

Ladies, gentlemen, gays and lesbos.. I present to you a music video.
The Ordertaker performed by Bords Nassir Morales

Currently listening to: Define by Hilera


:: new look ::

Just as what the title says.
I have, now, light blonde highlights. Which needs more sun exposure para tuluyang mag-evolve sa preferred color ko. Been a while since I've had my hair frosted. And that was when my hair was a bit longer. (^_^)

The following is a text conversation between me and the inFAMOUS *hehe* BAM:
Bam: Nabasa mo na yung holy kettle corn post?
Me: Yeah, you should really practice with the delivery =P (of her joke).
Bam: Hehe. Parehas lang ta. Ahahaha! Bleh! =P Sabi pa ng nanay ko, kung magjoke daw ako, wag daw ako tatawa habang nagsasalita. Nasisira daw ang joke.
Me: Hehe. May workshop kaya para dun?

And as usual, tinulugan nanaman ako.

Why did I post that here? Wala lang, para dagdag words and kwento.
Honestly, I have absolutely no idea on what to write about. But I tell you, it's so rare to find and keep people who are sensible and at the same time you very much click together. God does work in mysterious ways.

A while back, was the most awaited fight of the season. Pacquiao-Morales.
You can really see from the fight that it was definitely a mismatch. Pacquiao was, as always, in his greatest shape and Morales? I think he just woke that very day and decided to have himself be beat up. Beforehand, I told my "housemates" that Morales won. They were silent, concealing their disappointment (funny how I can easily trick people). Of course, I said that halfheartedly confident that Morales would indeed win this fight. It's one of my habits, I tend to be so pessismistic so that whatever result would come up, I wouldn't be that much disappointed. I know there are those who can understand this. Hehe, judging you're doing this too. Congratulations to Manny, this means more istorbo commercials between my favorite shows in ABS-CBN and Studio 23. (No, I don't watch soap operas)

I wonder why they call that soap anyway. Naliligo ba sila sa mga scenes? (hehe)

Speaking of tricking people. I can still remember how funny my friends' reactions were when I told them that naglayas ako (when actually I was gonna be my tita's bantay at the hospital). I know they'd ask me why was I carrying a huge bag that day. So basically, that's what I told them. I tried so hard to keep a straight face. The funniest was when I told Tina about the "layas" thing. She was just beside me that time, so I found it really hard to not smile or anything. I know she fell for it. Haha! She kept insisting if I was just joking or something, of course nag-no comment ako pero I was making this I-WISH-I-WAS-JOKING look. It wasn't until my precious post here that she learned of the real reason why I was carrying that bag. Hay, the ever so gullible Tina. Hehe.

Oh my ghulay! One more freakin' exam tomorrow! Hayy, better get ready. Oh, what's that look for? Of course I'll be studying. You think what I meant about getting ready is getting the kodigos ready? Err, you're wrong. Hehe. I'll be digging my desk to look for the ever so useful handouts. *I'd really like to slap those teachers with their stupid handouts*



:: Spree ::

How lucky I am to still have friends from grade school who I see almost every weekend. It certainly is fun being with them.

Well, that's what I was doing for this day. Went to a kabarkada's house and from there we all gathered, had a drinking session and we were like what we were back in high school. Reminiscing about everything. It's a good thing that we never get tired of each other's faces and stories. The best thing about us? Our very strong relationship. Whatever chismis that comes our way, we definitely don't let it get to us. And that whenever there are problems that even with our classmates we can't just talk about, we find it safe and secure to just rant about all these stuff to each other. We always have each other's backs. Friendship. That's what it is.

I'm still feeling a bit dizzy right now, but I'm okay. Anyway, tomorrow, I'll be getting some highlights. Wee. Excited. Hehe. Bow


:: Freakin pissed ::

I'm hell frustrated with our school. They can't give a god damn stable schedule for the exams and other stuff. They keep changing it and we end up cramming for everything. They really should be thankful that I need to graduate first before I completely destroy this school. Obliterate everything. Anyone who'll stand in my way will definitely be thrown in our very beautiful *sarcastic* Davao River.

Congratulate me btw for being sober from DotA for 2 days already. Hehe. A celebration is in order. *boom tarat tarat*

I believe Pam was asking me about how's the "I will fight for us" thing.
Well, things are going just fine. My special someone's studying very hard to avoid any more confrontations with the parents and stuff. And me? Still me. I'm not that negligent of my studies naman. Though most of the time I find it so hard to listen to all the crap the dummies, este, teachers are blabbering about. Anyway, the good thing about my special someone (SS na lang), di marunong magselos.

Ohh, I think they're going to let my tita go home today. Good thing too, coz I'm very uncomfortable with the staff there. The nurses keep on staring at me, as if I'm some freakin alien. I would neither smile nor speak to them. Some I even caught giggling or laughing *whatever*. I know they're making fun of me. Grr. I'll tell my mother ship to come and fry their brains. Avy phone home. *ET*


Mixed emotions. It's like seeing your BMW being driven off by your mother-in-law off a cliff.
I have this kind of feeling but unlike that situation, it's knowing that my friends are reading my blog only to talk about it ever so loudly at school. I've received tons of sapak, batok, and hampas from those I have talked about here. Some told me that they'd stay away from me instead, just to avoid being "featured" here. Now they're clamoring for me to talk about myself here.
Really, now if I start off from one phrase about me, one page would never do. Besides, I don't know where to start. And if let THEM bash me, I know there'll be a lot of "add-ons", you know those things people say that aren't actually true, they just say those just for the fact that they have something to say. And if I start talking about myself here, I'd be writing in circles. Endless. Really.


I've been visiting Cofibean again for quite some time now. I've first heard of him froma friend a year ago. And his posts are somehow amusing. I don't care about how he talks about orcs and the inferior people he constantly blogs about but on the way he talks. Coño. The funny thing is, in spanish, it means SHIT. Haha. Anyway, I've been cautious about how I write nowadays, I don't want to end up making salita like Coño eh. *see?*
Irritating but funny. Still, I have to be careful, I don't like to be compared to anyone. I am me, no matter how hard the world and even the blogosphere wants me to change.

Our exam in SIS (Software Integration System) today was cancelled since no room was available, since they used Room A for their stupid thesis. So we just had one exam today, that means on Monday we're still gonna take another test. Hayyy. Like a said, no freakin stable schedule. Really. This has been getting in my nerves. Sheesh!

I'll just vent it out in DotA. I'm going to play in a while. Wee! I miss the yummy fishballs there at Cindrew's cafe. Hahay.


:: The Prestige ::

Watched this last night. And of all the movies I've watched, this one totally blew me away. The twists are so good. All praises to the director as well as to the cast. Whew, magic is never the same again, for me that is. I won't be telling you the story here of course, i'm not a spoiler.

Finals na namin ngayon at bukas. Wish me luck. Hayy. Haven't had a good night's rest. The staff at the hospital almost got a piece of my Tita's mind after I told her about how rude the woman at the Pharmacy was.


:: It's not that hard ::

Ok, so we were playing DotA yesterday right?
After 2 games of constant winning, (^_^) we decided to go to the venue where Aubrey's handa was to be held. It started to rain. Ambon pa lang yun, so I told them we'd just walk papunta dun. Then all of a sudden, the rain started to pour so hard. We ended up running instead, as if we were being chased by enemy heroes. (hehe) Then all these people blocking our way. Creeps! Toink. Anyway. We agreed to meet at the citimall since it was near the food place. Para akong bagong ligo, when they saw me, again the teasing began. Then ayun, bibili pa raw ng gift. We waited IMPATIENTLY for them. Ayoko kasi ng pinapahintay ako. Buti naman at mabilis silang nakabili. So pumunta na agad kami sa Greenhills (not in Manila). It's a buffet place. While eating, I was halfway through my food. Then I reached for my dessert. And I accidentally knocked down my glass of iced tea, and as fate would have it, I bathed in tea. Everyone's reaction? "Hala, *long pause*, ayy nahulog" Watta reaction! I wasn't mad or anything, I just laughed it off. Then they told me to go dry my pants in the CR. And knowing that yung front side ang super basa, I walked backwards towards the bathroom, *which made everyone laugh btw*. And there I was, lifting one leg up then the other, just to get it a bit dry. I think it took me 10 minutes or more. When I got back, kinuha ko yung plate of selected desserts ko. I KNOW ONE SLICE OF PINEAPPLE WAS MISSING. I WILL FIND OUT WHO ATE IT!! RAWR. Di obvious na binilang ko noh? hehe. Well, ayun, inubos ko yung pagkain. Since there's a charge for leftovers. I was so full, really. Dagdagan mo pa na yung usual biritan ng jokes and stuff, nonstop laugh trip talaga. I could hardly breathe through the halakhak and all.
*burp* excuse me.
After a few pictures taken, we all decided to go home. Everyone was still telling me that I was on this diet thingy and I ate a lot. Sabi ko lang na babawi ako bukas sa gym. Hehe. I can still smell that funky scent from my pants. Ok lang sana kung tubig yun, pero iced tea eh so expect that it would smell bad. Hahay. Nabusog ako, had fun, been with them again and I'm contented.


btw, i'm saying goodbye to my special someone. ingat and good luck na lang. i'm still here if you ever need me. listen to your parents, they know what's best for you. and don't cry too much, grabe na eyebags mo. =P but wait, i've changed my mind. i will fight for you. aja to me, to us. ^_^ we will make this work.

From this day on, I will be my tita's bantay at the hospital since mamaya eh ia-admit na siya sa hospital. *Brokenshire Hospital*. And as usual, ako ang bantay. =P *dakilang pamangkin*. I so like it there, malamig. Mahirap nga lang magswitch ng channels, I have to guess which channel is which. Hayy, last time I was there I was watching Jack TV in the evening, then the next day I looked for that same channel only to find out na ETC na siya. My ghulay! May scheduling pala ng channels dun. Hayy. That's why I'll be charging my iPod para naman di ako mabobored dun, but the fact that ako ang magiging utusan ng tita ko eh di talaga ako mabobored. Hehe. Hey, don't get me wrong I'm not complaining.
I'm not sure though kung hanggang kelan yung "duty" ko dun. Hehe. So expect an updated blog starting tomorrow or maybe today.
Waah, I won't be able to play DotA, on the other hand *I have different fingers, joke* I can save my money for other stuff. Hihi.

*to be updated later*


:: Jamais Vu ::

- A temporary sensation in which familiar situations and objects seem new and strange, exists and can be induced.
- The more common a word, the more it gives rise to this strange unfamiliarity.

-Reader's Digest

Have you ever experienced this before? I have. Many times, though in those moments I haven't got a clue on what to call that phenomena. *hehe*
Try it yourself, say the word "Door" 30 times. After that, when you say or even think about that word you'll get thes questions in your head. Like,
"what the hell is a door?"
"how does it look like?"
"does it have a certain taste?"
"is there such a thing as a door?"
Weird? Yeah, but I believe you've encountered something like this too. You just don't know what to call it.
Jamais Vu is, obviously, totally different from Deja vu. ^_^

Hehe, I don't have any idea on what to post here as of the moment so please bear with this.

It's my friend, Aubrey's birthday today.Happy Birthday Taba! *I call her that, she calls me Kulot* We'll be at Jacksridge later. I know it'll be a total Laugh trip later. That Aubrey, together with Jonalyn, can really shake a place up. I fear what might become of Jacksridge. No more tourist spots. Haha. Toink. Mga bigatin kasi sila. On top of that, super ingay din. Buti na lang at di ako nagshe-share ng secrets or any information about me sa kanila, coz I know for sure mabubulgar talaga yan whether I like it or not. Hayy.

Ayun, speaking of secrets.Delikado to si Jonalyn pag may nasabi ka ditong napakahalaga sayo. She tends to slip and give your ever sacred secret out. And what more kung lasing. Naku! You'll really wish you haven't opened your mouth in the first place. Magsisisi ka talaga. Sometimes, she butts in our conversations and she ends up being laughed at kasi napaka-FAR OUT ng sinasabi niya. Totally not related with our topic. Hehe. Imagine, how one person can lead me to bashing another victim here. But I've mentioned her in my other posts, this is just a "pahabol" of that. ^_^

Yesterday was great! *not really that great*. But just by being with my friends, it is. Anyway, we went to Tina's house yesterday. The plan was Renel would have his "pictorial" there, me and Vanessa on the other hand would cook. Hayy, it so happened Jonalyn overheard the "FOOD" part so ayun sumama na din siya. Along with Bordz and Red. And I realized just then that it HAS been a long time since I've cooked anything. Haven't lost my touch after all. They were done with the picture taking thing and so were we with the cooking. We had our early dinner. Atat na atat na talagang maglaro ng DotA sina Giovanne, Red and Bords that they kept saying na maglalaro na raw. So we bid farewell to Tina, Jonalyn, Vanessa and Renel who were there washing the dishes *muhahahah*. And off we went to the DotA dome! Pero 48 years rin nang makaabot kami dun. Nakatulog na nga lang ako eh. Pero even so, when we got there, adrenaline went over me like crazy. Kill. Gold. Nessaj. Kill. DotA. Kill. Heroes. See? really crazy. Though I ended up being dead a couple of times, ok lang nakabawi naman ako. Hehe. So yun lang, that's how my Monday went. ^_^



:: My Inner Daily Ramblings 4 slash Updates ::

Singit ko lang tong pic na toh. This was during our practice for the Araw ng Dabaw last March.
I like my hair here. Wula lang.

My friends has been bugging me about writing this piece here. Yung iba naman, tanong ng tanong if I wrote about them here nah. Some even begged me that I wouldn't include them here. Pasensya na, I've said before right that NO ONE WILL BE SPARED.

So here goes the continuation of My Inner Daily Ramblings series. ^_^

Cedrick, he's been my friend since high school. And what I remember about him is that KURIPOT masyado. He wouldn't even shell out a peso or something. And pag umuuwi kami, we sometimes take a taxi. He rides along and asks us to drop him by his house. Ayun, hinatid nga namin siya dun and ang amot niya? 25 cetavos. Yeah! Grabe. Pero kapag sa mga syota niya, siya pa tong nagbabayad sa lahat. And being so stubborn. Last night, we ate along with Red and Giovanne after 2 games of DotA. While Giovanne was washing his hands, Cedrick asked Red to put a few drops of vinegar in Giovanne's water. Giovanne had already warned Cedrick that if he found out he was up to no good, lagot raw siya. Throughout the dinner, binantayan talaga ni Giovanne si Cedrick. Giovanne checked everything. Di rin naman niya napansin eh, naubos na lang niya yung tubig niya. So, no harm done. He didn't get caught. Anyway, yung problema lang dito sa kanya eh kuripot siya. *updates soon*

Vanessa, she's one of my best buddies at school. Naging close kami, along with Tina, nung pareho kami ng subjects. Ok, yung problema ko dito sa kanya eh yung pagkamakulit niya minsan. She's older than me btw. Ang inaabot ko sa kanya most of the time: Kurot, hampas, batok, and many more. I don't mind naman, pero being the moody that I am, I get so annoyed with what she does. I remembered, nung us three had a report thing. She came in late, and I didn't expect na lang that she'd contribute kasi nga late na siya and I don't think she can answer one of our classmate's arrogant question. She also has that high pitch voice na minsan naiirita ako. *tahimik lang ako* Then, there are times na tinutukso niya ako, then bumabawi by saying I'm cuter that way. *which is so not true* Paminsan lang rin to pumapasok. My mom told me na ganito raw talaga siya even before, *student siya ng mama ko nung high school*. Di raw pumapasok, and she'd reason out na may sakit siya. Hmm, sa tingin ko nga oo *judging from her physique*. *updates soon*

Red, ang lalaking di mo alam kung ano ang takbo ng utak. After our games or pag may lakad, pag aalis na siya sasabi lang ng "Una na ako, bye" Then yun, poof wala nah. Pag lingon namin to say goodbye nawala na siya. At first, you'd get the impression na istrikto toh siya, seryoso at bato. On the contrary, he's much more looney than any of the guys. Magjojoke nga seryoso naman ang mukha, I'd often ask him if joke nga ba yun o hindi. Siya rin kasabay ko before during our badminton season. And siya rin kasama ko nung friday sa gym. In keeping relationships, I must admit di siya magaling sa field na yun. I've seen his heartaches and heartbreaks. Yan ang napapala ng mga taong di marunong makinig sa mga advice ng kaibigan. *updates soon*

Jesel, she's been asking me kung andito na raw siya. Well, now you are. Pinakamahilig magreklamo at magtanong. Often teased as a BUTIKI. Not because of her physique, but because of, umm, sikreto para bibo. Haha. Anyway, like I said, she complains a lot and mahilig magparinig. Whenever she's not in good terms with someone, she tends to talk about it with some of her friends *including me* and then this leads us to talk about the bad things about that person. Isa rin siya sa mga di marunong umintindi. You know, the type who you have to repeat the instructions, over and over and over and over again. Like I said, mahirap umintindi. She nags, just like JV. Pero unlike JV, sumasali naman siya sa mga welga namin *hehe*. Isa rin siya sa mga nanunukso sakin about my height and being Jam Prats. *rawr, damn you Jaspot!* *updates soon*

Sila muna for now, appetizers. Not that brutal comments about them pa. Just wait and see. ^_^

Just a while ago, there was this guy who sat next to me. I can see on his screen he'd been chatting with this girl *don't worry it's not about that*. Anyway, what caught my attention was how that guy looked. Kamukha niya si Lito Camo. Haha. He really does look like him. With the mustache and that hair. Just imagine Lito Camo sitting beside me, chatting. Hehe. Tayo'y mag-otso otso, otso otso, mag otso otso pa. Toink!


That thing with H, is part of my past. And I will keep H that way. As I've said before in my other posts, ang nakaraan ay di na dapat balikan. It's supposed to be left that way.

Gym day tomorrow.

Can't stop listening to MCR's Welcome to the Black Parade. As in super! Tagos talaga yung lyrics eh. I feel like singing along, of course I know it'll cause another downpour here kaya next time na lang pag may dala na akong umbrella. Haha.
They say that you'll know what kind of a person someone is through the music he/she listens to.
Me? I like Jason Mraz, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, MYMP, My Chemical Romance, Paolo Santos, RnB hits of the 90s, Justin Timberlake and Gin Blossoms.

Now, I ask you, what kind of a person am I?


:: say that again?!! ::

Just as I was browsing through some stuff, this woman comes up to me and asks me for money (donation raw). Honestly, people like them annoys me.

Lady: Dong, pwede ka ba magdonate, kahit coins lang.
Me*laughing secretly*: Sorry, wala eh.
Lady: Sige na, di kasi toh para samin. *wow, ang kulit*
Me: Wala talaga eh.
Lady: Dong, Kahit coins lang, sa church kasi toh. *so? di naman ako pumupunta sa "church" nyo*
Me: Di po ako "dong". *returns to what I was reading*
Lady: Ay, di ka man pala lalake. Sorry. Kahit coins lang. *magsosorry na nga, sisingit pa yung limos*
Me: *taking out my 10 peso coin and handing it out to her*
Lady: Salamat. God Bless you.

It's nice to hear someone telling you that May God Bless you, but in this case I'm having doubts whether it's just what she automatically says to people and stuff. Hayy. This has really kept me going here, hasn't it. That was the second time around this week I've been mistaken for a guy. First, was this other lady who asked me to accompany her in crossing the street *my friends teased me as Boy Scout tuloy*. I obliged naman, pero natatawa ako. And she didn't even bother to take a very good look at me, she just kept on blabbering about how afraid she was to cross the street. Then this lady who asked me for some money.
I hate people who ask for money, acts all poor and looking so sad. It doesn't work for me. Because I've instilled in my mind that if you give anything to them, better not money but rather food which can actually help. Who knows right? They'd use the money I gave them for solvent, syndicates or even drugs/cigarettes. Now, are you being helpful? It's better to give than to receive right? In this case, doubts are inevitable.

This here, is part of the H and D story. Since some people have been asking me what really happened. I'd just tell it bit by bit.

I've mentioned in my previous post that H was really mad at me when we got our communication back right? That, I was not expecting. Since, I thought na magiging masaya that way. Na walang makikisingit sa kanila. I avoided any confrontation regarding that issue kasi baka ano pa masabi ko. I don't want to be the reason for fights and stuff, mind you.

Then, there was this one night where H got drunk *just by sipping half a cup of beer ha*. H asked me something na naikwento sa kanya ni D *my best dude*. Curious lang raw siya kung totoo nga ba raw yung nagkakacrush ako sa kanya. Being the dork that I was, sabi ko "Yeah, pero noon lang yun." I clearly said that. Then from there, I don't know what else we talked about pero nauwi sa pag-amin nya kung bakit galit na galit nga siya sa akin. Turns out may gusto din pala siya sakin. And ineexpect niya uunahan ko si D sa kanya. Little did H know, I had vanished from then on. I can still recall that night where H and D had this fight, and I found out it was because of me. Eh naisip ko na nung di kami nagkaayos *yung walang communication*, ok na ok naman sila. They had their own fights. Pero this got me thinking that I better change things back to the way it was before. I told H na di na niya muna ako makakausap for a while. And that's what I said and di na ako nagrereply sa mga text niya. Tawag pa nga ng tawag, pati si D kung ano ba raw pumasok sa isip ko at ganun nanaman raw ginawa ko. I didn't answer any of their questions. I simply went quiet. Then when I got home, tumawag si H. Stupid me, to forget that H already knows my home number *stupid talaga*. I know na umiiyak na siya that time. Kasi pag umiiyak yun, nahihirapan huminga. Anyway, the last thing I heard was H saying "Manhid ka." Tinawanan ko lang siya and hung up. I wanted to keep things that way. Kung san ako'y nananahimik. Pero ang kulit talaga eh, nagkikita kami sa tambayan and it's soooo awkward *inside*. Aalis lang ako bigla. I did everything I did before.

Ok, that something I had with H? ganito kasi yun, after what happened, I told them everything was ok na. And during those talks on the phone. We agreed to keep "our" relationship a secret to everyone. Pag nagkikita kami sa tambayan, the regular hampasan lang and kurot *how sweet noh? with all the colorful pasa pa*. I told H na kung pwede lang wag niya ipamukha sakin yung maghaharutan sila ni D. Ang tanga naman, magtatanong kung nagseselos ba raw ako. Who wouldn't? And dinidiin niya na I'm not that serious with what we had. Dinidiin rin niya yung mga na-link sakin before. I had it with H's doubts and nagging. I gave up. I didn't want to be in that relationship with H anyway. Magsaya sana sila.

Did I love H? Do I still love H now? I liked H. My ego's just hurt because of what H did. Now? No, I just have that feeling of you know. Yung pakiramdam na sayang, H would've been mine. But then again, wala naman akong mapapala sa kanya. So it's not a big a loss anyway.

This is what I feared. Blogging about THIS! Hayy, my readers deserve to know. ^_^


Had 14 kills !! Wooooo! And I used Chaos Knight (Nessaj). Cool! Never thought that my hero's that cool. Though nang-aagaw ako paminsan ng hero. Eh kasi naman, *drama mode*, I'm sick and tired na laging ako ang inaagawan ng hero. Huhu! :P


This is how I spent my Saturday night.


:: tick-tock::

We don't need time machines to go back in our past or see the future.

We have memories for our past and dreams for our future. ^_^


I was with my friends kanina sa mall. And to my most shocking encounter, nakita ko si tooot with her tooot. My stupid friend Aubrey called out tooot's kasama so loud, then started teasing me with tooot. Ok, let's represent them in letters. H and D. I had this thing I don't want to talk about here with H. And best dude ko si D. Anyway, when I saw them a while ago, imagine my reaction, I couldn't breathe (literally). Dagdagan pa ng siraulong kasama ko na pinaparinggan sila (pati ako). Rawr! Ayun, plastikan. Oh well. Then BIYAH este Beiah kept on saying "Affected!" And yeah, I'd shut up. And the teasing starts all over again. Good thing Camille was there, keeping my hopes up. (as always) Wait, I'm not saying na kontrabida sina Aubrey and Beiah, but the teasing just kept on going, and going and going. Whew, I just laughed it off and made puns so I'd distract myself from what had just happened.

Now, they're here behind me talking about what I should have done before. I shouldn't have given way for my best dude. But I couldn't help it since if you look at the facts (situation), they're both in the same school and I can't afford to buy H nice things or treat H out so wala, talo na. That's why when I told D na ok lang sakin, I changed my number and everything. Imagine my surprise when we got our communication back again, H was hell mad at me.

So many questions, but I simply said it was nothing, just something I HAD to do.

And that's it. Ouch? a bit. H should've been mine. But martyrdom took the best of me and so I let go.

Memories. *Sigh*



:: I don't want to be ::

Anything other than what I've been trying to be lately..."

how the song "I don't wanna be" goes.
I like the song, and no not because it's the opening song of that OTH series. The song simply represents me. Or any other person out there who's in a certain society wherein people would expect you to be just the same as them. People push you to be WHAT THEY want you to become.

I'm surrounded by liars everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere I turn
I'm surrounded by identity crisis everywhere I turn
am I the only one to notice
I can't be the only one who's learned.

It's a great feeling to not be somebody else. Shine your light in your own way. Sometimes, there are just those kind if people where you have to be who they expect you to be. In this case, you tend to suck up to those kind of people. You know deep inside it's not doing you any good to live in a pretentious life. And saying that it's only a "once-in-a-lifetime" thing that you're doing is not a valid reason to go on living a lie. We need to accept and be accepted of who we are. It's from this, we grow. ^_^


I'll be sorting out my friends' list in my Friendster account. Ang matitira lang eh yung mga good looking people. Nyahaha. Sorry na lang yung iba. :P


We're supposed to watch a movie today. I'mnot exactly sure kung ano yung papanoorin namin basta ba't manonood raw kami since Renel's in one of his amazing get-ups.Hayy, but I guess he got too caught up at Tina's house writing another cd or something. Oh well, I'm stuck here. I'll probably go to Andoy's cafe and play DotA. Then again, sayang pera ko. Hmm, decision decisions. Kakain na lang muna ako ng twin popsies. Hehe. Masarap yung bagong flavor. Strawberry and Green Apple. ^_^ *slurp slurp*


Ok, somebody sat next to me a while ago. At grabe! Parang naligo sa cologne. Mabango nga pero nasobrahan! Buti na lang di ko sya tinapik at sinabing "Hoy, naligo ka ba?" *hehe* Eh kasi naman, magpapabango na nga, sinobrahan pa para tuloy di siya naligo at nagpango na lang para sabihing , you know nah hehe. Wooo. Paaaaawwweerrr! Wala lang, featured na siya dito. Hehe.

Excited na ako bukas, sasabay si Red sa gym pati si Kath, siguradong masaya toh. Hehe.

no other entries to be put in eh.. :P



: Calm ::

As of the moment, I feel so relaxed and refreshed (c2?).
I went to the gym earlier this morning with Kath. We planned to go at 6am and decided to meet at our street's corner. When I got there, I had to wait for like, 30 minutes. Hoping that in one of the jeepneys Kath would be there. Hayy, I thought that maybe I'd go to the gym by myself since I really don't like to wait. Anyway, she arrived and so off we go to the gym. After an hour, she told me she wants to make her braso smaller as well as her tummy. I warned her, "Commitment is crucial to accomplishment." Then pointed on a poster that had that phrase. Sumimangot. I dared her to come with me to the gym every morning so she can lose a few pounds or something, shave off some skin. Hehe.

Ok, I have to admit, I have nothing else to post here for today which is why I opted to tell you what happened kanina.


Hmm, about sa special someone ko. Potpot's been bugging me about who my special someone is. SIKRETO PARA BIBO. Haha.
Anyway, sabi ko sa kanya kanina na gumawa siya ng rules para samin. Hehe. Wala lang. I would just like to share that with everyone here. Kapamilyang bloggers! Kung sa kaklase ko, blogsters raw. Haha *sorry Bords*


I've noticed that when it comes to topics about L-O-V-E, everyone really has something to say about it. Hmm, I wonder why.
Does it stir up something inside you?
Sobrang affected ka ba sa topic na kelangan mo talagang magpost o mag comment about it?
At bakit naman kung sa ibang topics and nasasagot lang eh.. "hehe"?
Hey, I mean, this is not a bad thing you know. I would just like to point out these things I've been encountering.

You might think that hindi pa siguro ako nakakaexperience ng sobrang sakit na ewan in relation to this love thing. Honeslty, I ave, but I used logic in dealing with it which is why I'm no suicidal dork. I don't drown myself with food, booze and unhealthy stuff. I don't stray away from my friends. And even if I'm alone, I'd never have a breakdown.
Why? Simple, life is so full of splendid things. I enjoy them. I always say to myself, never be too attached to anyone unless I am really sure about what I feel. I give myself the freedom to react on whatever it is that I do, say, feel or think.
Weird? Not really, kahit na parang nagsisigawan na sa ulo ko yung mga opinyon ng bawat "personas" sa pagkatao ko. Hehe.


Hayy, weather-weather lang pala ang pagkakapanalo sa DotA. Some days you're good at it, and some days you just SUCK. Theory proven. Oh well.

After our game, Giovanne offered me some sticks. Since they're for free, I gladly accepted. ^_^ Just had two. Switched flavors so not that much nicotine. Buti na lang di tuloy-tuloy. Unlike before na di ako makukuntento sa isang stick lang. I'm not proud of it. Pero sa totoo lang, it soothes me. It's a new high. And for those who has their brows raised, it's not a peer thing. It's something I CHOSE to do or be in to. And no, it's not that hard to quit. Pero once in a blue moon, I go back to a couple of sticks. And that's it. I guess that's final for this month. ^_^


:: Fresh ::

An end to 18, and the beginning of being 19. I have so much to do and see. So many places to go to and foods to eat. *haha*


Am I really that childish? And if I am, so what?! I am Peter Pan (other version). But unlike him, I grow inside. Well, I believe my mind does so. I like to crack jokes, laugh and then sit in a corner na nakatunganga. Yes, I am like that. Up until now natatawa pa rin ako sa mga comment ng mga kaklase ko noon whenever I make them write something about me. M-O-O-D-Y. Who isn't? They say that as if it's a bad thing. *hehe*. Why am I writing about this? Err, I received a gift from my friend Pearl. It's a mug with some writings on it. Ang nakalagay? ---> "Psst, bata, DON'T SAY YOU'RE 19, it doesn't show =)* At first, I was happy kasi nakatanggap ako ng regalo *kahit maliit na bagay ok na ok*. Then nung nabasa ko yun, parang, should I be happy sa nakalagay or not. Nakakaloko kasi.. hehehhe. Anywho, yun lang. *bow*.


Hahay, napapansin ko lang ha. Kung kelan ako magkakaron ng syota saka lang magsusulputan ang mga nakaraan. Nagpaparamdam. Ano ba gusto nyong gawin ko? Ang nakaraan ay di na pwedeng balikan.Ok?! Yung isa sobrang kulang talaga sa pansin *tiniis ko for 5 months*. Now she's telling me na gusto nya mag-suicide. And what I said? "Ang corny mo!" Ayun, di na nagreply. hehe, eh totoo naman noh! Corny yung ganun. Papansin lang talaga, and I don't think na ako yung gagawin nyang rason pra gawin nya yun, I mean, nagkkwentuhan lang naman kami uli and bigla nyang babanggitin yun, sarap upakan. Yung isa naman, ok na ok sana makwento pero sumusobra rin kasi, kulang na lang eh ikwento nya kung pano siya nagdudumi *yeah!* Yung isa naman, once in a blue moon magpaparamdam. Checking on my lovelife (halos nga lahat sila ganun tinatanong sakin). Hayy. Like I said, past is past. It's meant to be left as THAT. I don't have to be sorry because I've already told them about what I thought.


Ok, I want to feature someone here. Tsen tsenenen! BAM THE GREAT.

What about her? Well, I just met her through Karla. Sinali siya sa Teentalkistas. Naintriga kasi ako, coz Karla said that this Bam person could stay up late and can talk just about anything. Kaya yun. When we talked (text pala), I discovered we have a few things in common. Then one time, I was at the mall and so was she. Ayun, I told her I was at this area with my mom and stuff. Sabi niya magkikita raw kami. Anak ng tokwa di nagpakita, tinext ba naman ako ng "Hihi, ang cute mo pala." (she was referring to my height of course). Rawr! I told her she was so unfair. Eh nung sinabi niya na nasa Video City siya (to be fair daw), puntahan ko siya dun (demanding). Being the professional, I stood at one corner, one floor above the VC and just across it I could see two people browsing through the CDs. I waited for like 2 minutes kasi mukhang papalabas na sila ng kasama niya dun. Then 5,4,3,2,1. Toink. Nakita ko na siya (she didn't see me haha!) Then I went back to my mom who was busy looking at jogging pants (sasabay raw siya mag gym sakin hehe). Then I told myself, Ok we're even! Bwahaha! Funny. It was a good start. And we've been having short conversations. I'm enlightened with her knowledge. Kewl siya. Drawback? Tinutulugan ako!! Yun lang. Hehe.


Oh, my classmates has already read everything I've said about them here. And what they want me to do, is to bash myself here too. Hehe, pagbibigyan ko sila. You earthlings shall know everything there is about me. toink

Oh, if you want to see what happened yesterday visit Tina's blog. ^_^


:: Brighter Side ::

I've been deprived of things I longed to have, but still I know that the grass is always greener on the other side.
It's been years that I wished my birthday would be moved to 7, since my favorite number is 7.
I guess while my mom was carrying me, di na nya kinaya. Tsaka sobrang excited ako lumabas nun to see the world *kuno*.
Ayan tuloy, maling date lumabas. Hehe.


I constantly thank God for this day, and for the rest of the days He has given me. And FYI, thanking God or acknowledging Him isn't that creepy at all. I know most of the readers has this weird reaction when it comes to talking about God. That spine-tingling thing. Goosebumps all over. Mock me or not, I do appreciate everything God has bestowed upon me. So should you.

Lyka, pwede na ba tong pang novel? hehe.

This is
Tina's gift to me. ^_^ my very own slogan (?). Hehe.Thank you Tina. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have come back to the blogging world.

I just came from the gym, btw. ^_^
Tinodo ko na pagwowork-out ko. And no, I'm not celebrating this day with a party and all the engrande stuff. I;d rather relax at home and just save the money I have left. Hayy. I love myself. Ingat ako.

To my special someone: Pagaling ka. ^_^


Arrived at school around 12pm. Went to the lab for a short while. Only a few people greeted me. I already know that they're up to something. But I didn't spoil the moment because maybe it's not for me. After the first subject we all went to the next one (my last subject for the day). In the middle of the class while Johnnel was reporting, the lights were turned off. I knew then that there was a cake and that's it. (That's what we usually do for the others on their birthday).

Vanessa came in with the cake. And the candle? Not 19, it was 7. (my favorite number) Then each of them were holding their own candles. They sang and yun, of course I'm not that INSENSITIVE to not feel so overwhelmed at that moment. It was then I knew how great the feeling is when you have friends. I blew all the candles. I forgot to make a wish, I was caught off-guard eh. We all ate, and like what I've dreaded, they all put icing on my face. (I'll post the pictures and the video here soon thanks to Tina and Bords.) And it was crazy.

Pati yung teacher namin andun nilagyan ko na rin ng icing. Patay-mali pa kasing nagoorganize kunwari ng test papers namin. (I'll post my scores after this). They also bought junks and stuff. Picture-picture din. (I'm the celebrity...for the day). It was so nice. I felt so happy inside. (Of course di ko lang masyadong pinakita yun, though I thanked them sincerely naman). I'm just wondering where JV was at that time. After that thing I wrote about her here, medyo nag-iba na mood nya. Hehe. AFFECTED! nyahaha (I am so mean)

What about my gradeschool buddies? Well, they kept on insisting we go to my house (kahit wala akong handa, at tinapay at coke lang raw eh ok na) to celebrate my birthday. Bonding raw uli. I've nothing against being with them pero I just don't like the way she says it eh. Tipong pinipilit. I know I'll end up paying a lot.

- (mind you, di ako kuripot wala lang talaga akong pera kasi sabi ko sa mama ko na para iwas gastos eh di na lang ako maghahanda).

(sus! dakilang anak!)

-(anjan ka nanaman! huwag ka nang humirit!)

(anong paki mo? bertdey nating dalawa wag ka na umalma!)

-(cge, panalo ka! rawr)

My grades:

Intro to Electronics (Prelim) = 88

Software Engineering (Prelim) = 94

Philippine History (Prelim) = 95

(I don't know what the hell happened with my grades.)


*this post is to be updated later(maybe)*


:: 6 Hours ::


I didn't have the chance to update for like, 3 days.
I went to Kapalong, it takes 2 whole hours to get there. So basically it's outside Davao. Anyway, I like the place. I've never, in my entire (18 years) life, seen so many BANANAS. Acres and acres of banana. Woo. Ok why in the first place was I there? I celebrated my friend's birthday there. Yeah, the place is what you'd call "bukid" or pasosyal epek "farm". The food was great, and just being with my friends is hell a lot fun than being at a carnival all by myself. FUN!I'll upload the pictures after my friend sends it to me. ^_^
We stayed there till the Saturday. We had to leave agad unfortunately since most of us still had other appointments and stuff.

Ok, we were back here by 12 noon. After taking a shower, me and my family headed to the cemetery (a saturday routine). After that I asked my mama to drop me off at Cedrick's house since the whole gang(gradeschool barkada) is gonna meet up and bond.

-I'm so thankful that up until now we're still in touch with each other. I mean, unlike other batchmates who hardly recognizes a face, rather remembers a name, anymore.-

Ok, I got there earlier than the others (as usual). I played DotA, then Marvin came. Camille, Niña, Jonalyn, Jona, Cindy were present. Oh, and Red. (I'm mentioning names that you don't even know, tch). We all agreed to a movie marathon thingy. We didn't finish Just My Luck (I believe I was the only one who actually watched it). We then switched to Step Up. Ok, I was REALLY expecting to see a lot of flashy moves. To my disappointment, You Got Served totally is better than this movie. Small lines, not that much dancing. Lame moves. Although that little girl, the guy's sister, looked familiar that's when it hit me that THAT was the girl who's always in Missy Elliot's music videos. You know, that girl who could best of any other kids in the block. She dances like a pro. Woo! Well, that was it. The movie, in short, is not that GREAT!
After the movie, they planned about drinking at Red's house. I didn't go with them since I had to meet my other friend,
Ay-Ay. Everyone was getting on my nerves, coz they kept on teasing me. I won't talk about that here, mind you. Well, basically we just talked about stuff. Since it's been, like, months since we went out and stuff. Girl Talk! Haha. (kami lang nakaka-gets nito). It was fun, just sitting and talking and criticizing the people who'd pass by our table. I think it was WHORE night there at BluGre. I hate socialites. And madami sila kagabi. We were outnumbered, since I was hungry na we decided to eat. The food was great! Woo I love spare ribs!
After that, we went separate ways. Sumunod pa ako kina Red only to find them all knocked out. Nag-inuman pala talaga ang mga sira. Well, luckily walang natira sa ininom nila. Hehe. I didn't stay for long (12 am o_O). I went home, had a short conversation with
Bam then went to sleep.

Wala lang. Just a few realizations.
The priest's sermon was about the National Youth Day held here in Davao (for the first time sabi niya). He said something about how the kids involved in the event will be sharing the pains and problems as a teenager. The this thought struck me, those kids will be like traitors to all the kids out there who wants to be left misunderstood and seem so troubled, oh and lost. It's a funny thought. It's like letting out a secret. The sole reason of those "rebel" kids will finally be revealed. You know how in this generation there are tons and tons of kids who are like that. Papansin? Maybe.
There are two results for a kid who lacks attention:
1. They tend to shy away and be alone.
2. Those hyper kids who run around like crazy and play pranks on people. Kids who are just too loud.

So, where do you belong?


Why is it that people who has just been dumped, gotten out of a really bad relationship or just plain heartbroken resort to hurting themseles, physically? Will that pain ever go away if they this?
The reason why they're doing stuff like almost killing theirselves is "Because of Love".
Plain crap.
And no, it's not because something happened or whatever to me.
I believe their supposed to reason out, "Because I'm dumb enough to not leave anything for myself."
Love is not a valid reason for a heart broken.
As that line in the Bible goes, "Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not selfish."
Yeah, love is patient, but not to the extent of letting your partner hurt you on the inside (pwede rin outside hehe).Being patient by means of not throwing tantrums.
Love is kind. Love isn't supposed to make you do horrible things. It's not supposed to make you leave your friends and ignore their advices.
Love is NOT selfish.
See? Love is not selfish.
What makes people selfish? It's giving their whole loves/love for a certain person, to whom I don't think has any right at all to torment those who loves them. This makes you selfish because you're not considering yourself in the relationship. You're not LISTENING to what half of your mind is saying.
There's a big difference between being SELFLESS and being downright SELFISH.
When you're being selfless, it's because you're considering what's best for the BOTH of you.
Selfish is when you just do things on impulse (and no, the first reaction is not ALWAYS the right thing).
You're just being stupid.
Binigyan pa naman tayo ni Papa God ng utak para makaag-isip. And still we don't make an effort to use it in every way. (I'm not saying na yung utak natin ang gagamitin natin para kumain, uminom or brush our teeth ha).
God is Love.
Kung sa DotA pa, gumamit ka ng Linken's Sphere para di ka tablan ng spells. Hehe.


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I love myself. Ingat ako.
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