:: Brownout ::

Why does everyone call it "brownout"? When in fact, all you see is darkness. And darkness is supposed to be black. Where's the brown in that? Ohwell, Filipinos right? ^_^


The trophy you see here was from this MILO BEST Training bit. This was way back 2nd year high school.
My friend thought it would be fun to join in. Yeah it was fun. And to think when we got there, we were like the older ones among the trainees.
The DEFENSE stand was excruciating. Everytime the coach blows his whistle, every player's supposed to stop whatever they're doing and do the sitting-in-the-air stand with both arms up while shouting, DEFENSE. It's a funny sight, but if you were in my shoes it's not that funny. My knees didn't recover after one week of practice. They shook everytime I do that stand.
There were definitely fun moments during the training. I got to meet kids and my friend got to meet "boys". Quoting her, nabusog ang mga mata niya habang nag-eensayo. Well, at least she was happy. ^_^
At the last day, the coach were saying how happy they were and proud to have players like us. *char*
I never really got to listen to what they were saying, all I know was that my friend was poking me. Saying the coaches were calling my name. I didn't expect to be given anything. Confused, I accepted the trophy they handed to me.
Most Improved Player
Isn't that nice. To think the award was only given to 3 players. And out of the hundred trainees. I received it. ^_^
I did my best naman, so I guess I deserve it. Or I think it was because me and my friend were the only girls there and that they needed to award one to the opposite sex right? *conspiracies, prejudice*
Anyway, I got to reminisce about the days before. Seeing that trophy on my desk, and how my mom was surprised that I had that award without telling her, how me and my friend laughed at how comical some of the players looked, how it led me to be much more confident.
2 years later, I was awarded Best Platoon Leader.
Then it dawned me, I excelled much better physically.
At graduation, I was 3rd placer in the IQ test.
I wasn't all brawns after all.

With all this, I'm thankful, no scratch that. Grateful! That amidst the problems I've gone through way back, I got to experience things that would mold me as to what and who I am now.
With the situation I am in now, I think back at the things I did before, received and gave. I was fortunate. And still am.
Thank God for that. For making everything possible *globe?* ^_^

anyway. the other picture you see there is my character at Tantra.
A Deva ^_^

By the way, to shed some insight on what a my character is about.
The Deva tribe calls the east end of the continent as their abode, a picturesque region with a cool climate. This chilly environment is conducive for learning the Mantra Arts (magic) and for preserving the language of the gods.
A great majority of Deva tribesfolk are highly-skilled in deciphering the ancient verses of the gods. They uphold this archaic tradition by recording them in special slates. They also inscribe these writings on their bodies which the Deva’s proudly display as exquisite body art.
Their extraordinary magical powers and high resistance from Mantra attacks are their strengths but they are susceptible to physical attacks.

(as told by Tantra's official site)
I'm currently Level 69 ^_^



iskoo said...

dami nga mga cute na bata sumasali sa MILO activity na yan. at talented pa!

potpot said...

hihih... pag sa africa nag ganyan, BLACK OUT.. pag sa states o europe.. white out.. hahhaa.. :) corni

araphoenix said...

wow... smart guy...maraming awards... galing mo naman

tina said...

kataw-anan answer ni potpot. ganahan ka? hehe.

anyhoo... tsarut man ka uy... maayo pa ka nakadaog ka ug mga ining ana. ako? mhmmm tsekwa tskewa.. wala.. murag wala lagi. lol

l.a said...

wow tantra! free to play na ba ngayon ang tantra meron kasing akong acct. dun dati...haha oo nga noh brownout? hehe