:: Hollow Men ::

The latest show on Jack Tv.
An English sketch comedy. Like Saturday Night Live and MadTV. Crazy, funny and yeah entertaining. *I am a TV buff after all*
Composed of four men, portraying different comical characters in every segment. Whether it be a woman, a man, gay or whatever they all play the part.
Try looking them up in YouTube and you'll know what I mean.


Hurray hurray! It's been 2 months since I smoked. ^_^


I tried to erase someone in my mind. But no matter how hard I tried to keep myself busy, it happens.
Memories. Then shattered with the thought of betrayal. I try to shake it off, but then it persists on getting through my thick head.
I really need to find a summer job, so I wouldn't waste any more time here at the cafe playing with my friends. Not that it's a bad thing. It's just that, I'm not getting anything out of what I've been doing here.
Therefore, a job hunt is in order! *ding ding*

oops, this just came in.
"Sometimes, you have to try not tocare no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you."

That's it, fear. Fear of having no assurance that whatever you give won't be returned to you. The once joyful person suddenly turns to a scornful one. So don't ever think that some people are insensitive. Because, they're just trying to be one. You know how it is in this world. You've lived here all your life. I'm sure you've gone through this before. Just think, people chose to be insensitive, so they wouldn't be too attached to other people they care for so much. So they wouldn't get hurt.
But then, why try to avoid the inevitable?


maan said...

i've been watching Hollow men for quite a while now....and i agree with u that its funny and entertaining. :) i try not to miss it.... nakakatuwa kasi...

btw, may new site ako. Hope u could take a look.

sasha said...

I dont know Hollow Men. Wala kasing cable sa haus hehe

Loving someone, or getting close to someone, is a big risk we all take. Most of the time, we care for them more than we should. And they know it. So either they cherish that thought and thank us for caring for them too much... or they use it against us. Life is like that. Happened to me several times now. But please don't turn into a cynic and think that to become insensitive is a defense against being hurt. Wag, Avy. Life is too short so we either take the risk or live a life full of what ifs.

Happy Tuesday! :)

tina said...

la pud ko kabalo unsa ng hollow men. hehe..

anyhow. congrats sa imong wala pag ismoke. hehe

salamat daw sa greet hihi.

Bam the Great said...

"Sometimes, you have to try not to care no matter how much you do. Because sometimes, you can mean nothing to someone who means everything to you."

Shet! Naigo koooooo! Hahaha!

Bitaw, may alam ka bang shop kung san pwde bumili ng artificial hypothalamus? hehe.

pam said...

i think that's great!^_^ haha. tama lang, wag ng magsmoke. :) im not a jack tv fanatic. hehe. kaya hindi ko alam yun. :P

reyna juana said...

dumaan ang reyna.. :)