:: Davao Cyber Expo ::

Watch out for CyEx07 - Cyber Expo 2007 this June, 2007

Things to expect:

  1. e2Games - an inter-cafe WarCraft-DotA tournament for DotA players in Davao! 16 teams from all over Mindanao, supported by 16 gaming cafe's in the city battle it out for big CASH PRIZES, Trophies, and, PRIDE.
  2. e2Exhibits - a massive computer expo where you can check out the latest digital "stuffs" available today! The exhibit will also showcase some of the best online MMORPG games you can indulge in!
  3. e2Creatives - an informative seminar on graphics design, video, and animation. This event also hosts a POSTER MAKING contest.
  4. e2Technical - an informative seminar from TESDA Davao.
  5. e2LPX - (LAN PARTY XTREME) join us in our LAN PARTY! Play with your fellow LP enthusiast. Showcase your pimped-out rigs, and who knows, you might just win the LPX Modding and Performance competition.

    If you think you're the fastest gun in computer assembly, join the SPEED BUILDING contest! Put together a computer as fast as you can and win awesome CyEx07 prizes from our sponsors!
  6. e2Music - get serenaded, or rock out, to Davao City's top bands! Live bands available throughout and a rocking party after on the last night of the event!
  7. Many, many more! - random prizes, giveaways, raffles. But most importantly, expect a cool GET-TOGETHER with your fellow gaming enthusiasts, designers, technicians, and event parents! :)
The said event will be made possible by e-squared events organizing.

Contact persons for the event:

Lester Lawrence "LL" T. Avila -> 0921-8411203
Antonio "Tojo" Elmore -> 0919-6112783
Christopher John "Tope" Cubos -> 0920-9084722
Eric Brian M. Te -> 0927-2315820
Leonardo Paquito "Kitsi" T. Avila VI -> 0918-3835561
Loving Lim-Jarabelo -> 0921-3270200
Giovanni D. Malundo -> 0917-4089696

I'm posting this since one of the organizers is a friend of mine. Was I ever so ecstatic to support this event. ^_^
Freebies, freebies, freebies! I'm excited. lol


Oh, and it's official, I'm single but not available.
No details, since it's all dramatic bullshit emo crap.



tina said...

ang ilahang poster... murag halata nga anime adict ang organizer hakhak

araphoenix said...

hehehe... CAn i have some of ur posters??? plz... hehehe....

ragingmon said...

cool poster

posted also here >> http://z6.invisionfree.com/ite/index.php?showtopic=55&st=0#entry1991523

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