:: Paranoia ::

I think everyone's out to get me. Hayy.
Not good enough.
Not good enough.


Bam the Great said...

brrr avy!

i'm gonna get you! hahahaha! :P

pam said...

cmon now!:D hahaha. na-miss ko tumambay dito.:P

mana said...

They won't get you if you don't let them to. ^__^

Adobobo said...

Haiku ba etu? =)

Hahah, that phrase--"everyone's out to get me"--reminds me of a recurring dream I've had since childhood, where I'm perpetually running away from an unseen entity.

Paranoia. Describes the feeling succinctly.

OMGsunshine said...

haha huwag pa-huhuli. yan lang ang solusyon. :D hi ate avs! musta?

Celia said...

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