:: Lost Letter ::

WARNING: For those who has a sensitive stomach on cheesy/mushy stuff, please skip this part.

It's been months, I thought I've gotten over you. I thought everything was okay.
But then, it had to happen. I had to see you there at the mall.
I had to see your expressionless face. I had to feel that same feeling again.

But then, you seemed mad. I can sense it. And I was right, after you confirmed it.
Those issues, you've been hearing. They're outrageous. I admit I've been talking about you with my friends, and if some of them told you about it, dapat pa nga ma-flatter ka. I just don't get it why pagdating ng whatever news na yun sayo, naging negative na. Thanks din for forgiving me, even though I can still sense na you haven't forgiven me whole heartedly.
I've been told that I'm crazy, weird and downright stupid for still thinking about you even if things didn't work out so well.
I just want to clear things to you, I'M NOT MANHID! I may look like one pero, I'm not. Can't you just see right through me? Like what a friend of mine said, I may have a smile on my face, but that doesn't mean I'm happy.

You're not a one-time thing. You're someone I could see myself with for years.
I just want to apologize, for not taking that big step, for being a coward.
I just thought, I could never be better than your "shong". I could never be like your "shong". I could never give you stuff, I wasn't strong enough.
Doing a noble deed pains me. I wanted to see you happy, even if it's not with me. I'd be a hypocrite if I say everything's okay.
I know my friends would taunt me endlessly if they knew about this, and give me the "STUPID" sign.

Of all the chances I let pass by, you're someone I'll do my best not to lose again.
I'm sorry.
By the way, I know I shouldn't be including this here, but yesterday, if you thought it was nothing for me to ask for your digits again then you're dead wrong. I had to prepare and fix myself sa CR para lang mawala tension ko. You can ask Kaye.

And it may seem cliche, with just your smile you've lit this dark cluttered puso of mine.
You're my heartbeat.

I've been tagged by Tina.

3 or 4 funny things you do to relieve
stress. When deadlines are fast approaching but you’re not even halfway through. When your boss is on your ass like a crazed bullrider. When you feel your salary (or allowance) just doesn’t fit your preferred lifestyle. When you partner feels he/she just isn’t getting enough from you.

Umm, I don't know if my habits seem funny, you be the judge. :P
1. I just watch TV. I find whatever it is that's good on the boob tube and watch all day.
2. I draw, or something like it. Mostly the eyes. Yun lang kasi kaya ko. Drawing seems to comfort me.
3. I try to sleep, pero whenever I do, I still think about my problems kaya di ako nakakatulog. Laging lumalakas kabog ng dibdib ko. Grr.
I'll be tagging Karla, Karla (ttalker) and Bam.


I've finished all my requirements sa call center. Whew!
Hopefully I can do well sa training.

Have a blessed Holy week everyone ^_^


tina said...

and avy's heart goes lub dub lub dub. ahihihi

di pu d to funny akoang stress something oi.. hehehe. :P

wow maayo kay complete na imo requiremnts AJA!

yagi said...

call center? kaya mo yan! you'll surely do well.. :)

pam said...

nakakagalit sa drama! ^^ hehe! joke lang! go pour it all out. kaya nga blog eh. :D nakayanan ko yun, dont worry. lol. :P

ako rin, magbabalak mag-apply sa callcenter soon. haay! hehe. sana makayanan! :D

utakGAGO said...

Okay, so I skipped that part that's mushy. Hehhehh. Wala lang. Hindi ako inlab sa mga panahong ito. [Whhew].

Kahanga-hanga naman yung ano.. yung sa survey mo.

Kasi sa buong katawan ng tao, mata, ilong, at bibig lang ang hindi ko kayang gawin.

Tapos ikaw, mata pa ang kaya mong i-drawing. Nayupak naman.

Hihihih. Napadaan!

Shelly said...

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mousey said...

hahah! nag skip ako.

wow galing mo naman mag draw. goodkuck sa training.

happy easter!