:: So much for friendship ::

I really don't have to explain myself. Pero just to make things a bit clear.
READ AND UNDERSTAND. (or at least just try to understand)

I told her I wanted to talk to her in person to apologize, IN PERSON.
Tagal ng reply, and the usual dumb question "huh?"
I told her, that in order for me to be free from this internal conflict (as what Bam would call), I had to make amends for the things I did.
A personal apology was all I'm asking for. And surprising as it may seem, di nila naintindihan.
Now, who are they calling stupid?
Oh well, I don't need this crap anyway.
And again, if you're reading this, don't take the things I've written here too literal. Have you ever heard of "figure of speech", or better yet "expression".

You dare comment here, next time, full english so everyone can understand. FYI, not everyone who happens to crash here at my blog knows perfect dabawenyo bisaya. that's "duh!" for you.

ok? ^_^


Indeed it's frustrating, if you're talking to people with brains the size of a peanut. (not referring to anyone in particular)
Anywho, I just want to thank Mel, for making chika with me, as well as comforting me. Char. Soulmate? =P


Unfortunately, since there were so many applicants at Link2Support, we had to be divided into 2 batches. Since I didn't want to take the training that late, I opted to be part of the 1st batch. Meaning, we're gonna go back there on Monday. So much for not scheduling anything for this week. Hayyy.
Grabe, the training seems to be hard, kasi they said that there were those who didn't make it through the training. Waaah, ano yun Boot Camp?

Oh well, it's always good to sit back, with a cold drink on the side, smoke a few hypoo and read a book.
hey Tina! I saw some nice books at the "Bookshop", mahal nga lang. Hayy, to think 2nd hand or 3rd hand books na yun. OVERPRICING!! grr.



tina said...

you better check out the "mushroom book stand" at victoria... they have red/blue tag sale... 50% off.... agi ddto!!!!

hehehe.. magkita mo nila jona, june, jesel unya?

pam said...

yaan mo na! :D hehehe! ^_^

Anonymous said...

pak u all!!!!