:: Miss Saigon ::

I've always admired Lea Salonga. I'm not the kind of fan that would go through great lengths just to see her though. I've never searched her name in any search engines, not unless if I want to see some lyrics. :P I don't have any posters put up on the walls of my room, nor does my account names and emails contain anything that links to her. Though I often read news about her in the papers.

But the respect is there. She's far greater than local personalities, and I mean GREATER.
And her passion to perform is quite inspiring. Haayy. She's got this powerful aura thing going on.

You know those chick flicks before, the one where she starred in with Aga. She kinda made me cry there. See?! No one has ever made my eyes a bit watery and yet, here, a theatre-based actress.
Honestly, I haven't seen Miss Saigon yet. :P
But I've seen that film she was in when she was this kid, about 9 or 10 years old. She fit the part.

Hmm, or maybe it's because of that song We Could Be In Love.
Oh, somehow her voice seems so flawless to me. :P

Up until now, I haven't searched her name yet for further infos. I don't know why, maybe because if I start, I won't stop .
Anyway, KUDOS Miss Salonga. ^_^

Pakinsyet call center moved the training schedule on Wednesday. rawr!
Oh well, I can still rest for a few more days.


g said...

Lea's ok. I'm not a huge fan, but she's ok. I liked Monique Wilson in Miss Saigon. :)

mousey said...

she's one really great pinoy artist that her talent was recognized by the whole world.

mousey said...

bwahahah... swim across the atlantic ocean. astig ng direction niya. makarating kaya ng london? kung patawarin ng mga pating hahah

tina said...

i like lea as well!! hehe go lea!

pam said...

pareho kayo ng kaklase ko! :D hehehe.^^

Blogie said...

lea and i were in the same batch in college. although we never really conversed, i could tell she's a sweet person. and highly talented, yes!

one thing, though, that stuck in my mind was that time i saw her at the loyola center... in acid-wash jeans and acid-wash jacket! even then it was passé but, well, to each his own right? :)

vk said...

balik na lang ako dito, to read all your very interesting post......itchy na ang mata ko to read all..........kaya lang i have to do my household chores first, before darating ang mga boarders ko....lol
anak ko........

but i´ll be backed here.......

thanks for sharing......bye

Ria Jose said...

I was able to watch Lea perform as Kim in the Manila staging of Miss Saigon, and I was not disappointed. She was great! ;)

Peppermint Streak said...

her voice is ethereal. and her beauty divine. we could make a nice couple had i been born with XY chromosomes. :p

bioniclugaw said...

astig nga, nalagay sa mapa ng mundo ang pilipinas dahil sa kanya. bago pa man lumabas yung mga bagong mga pinoy artist ngayon na sumikat sa buong mundo, nauna na siya.