:: Training ::

I've mentioned before that I've been busy with some things and that I needed to find a work or anything in particular that would pre-occupy my time.

So I applied at Link2Support just a while ago. It was nerve-wrecking. Sitting there, waiting for them to call your name and stuff. Add to the tension the lobby was malamig. Or maybe I just felt that because I was too nervous.
The interview went well, but not smoothly, my palms became sweaty.
I felt so small, if you know what I mean.
We were asked to take an exam and answer some surveys and stuff.
After just a few hours there, we were asked to go back next week with some of the requirements and start with the training and stuff.
Woo, I got be friends with some of the applicants. Hekhek. His reason for being there was tear-jerking.
Anywho, aja aja aja aja aja ahhh! hehe

I'm just happy I got over those days of worrying about how things will go if I went there.
Good thing I didn't stutter back there. Whew.


Recently, I gained new friends. Online and in real life. Contentment.
That's the word. They complete me.
And if you're reading this, You complete me. ^_^


EricZoo said...

my sister also recently applied and is now preparing requirements. Her name is Tricia Su. :) anyway, good luck!

Adobobo said...

Aha, so mao diay ni ang rason ngano nitext ka ug "Please pray for me.."?

I didn't pray for you, BTW. I just thought you didn't need it. I knew you'd do fine, with or without divine intervention.

Dili bitaw, nakatulog bitaw ko human basa sa imong SMS, hukhuk. Sorry. T-T

g said...

Awww... shucks! Your new friends include me, yes?

Good luck on your job-hunting! :D

karlee said...

Goodluck sa traiininngg ΓΌ

ayihee its nice that youre complete :D

Bam the Great said...

Ahh! Maga-apply rin sana ako diyan. Pero sabi ng friend ko, if I did daw, baka matigil ako sa pag-aaral. Hehe.

tina said...

maayo ok ra ang interview. Good Luck.. aabangan ang susunod na kabanata.. hehe.

sasha said...

Kasama ba ako sa online friends na yan? Hehehe joke! :)

Glad you gained new friends. It's always good to meet some people. Even better if they turn out to be good friends :)

OMGsunshine said...

awww i'm touched. haha. good luck with things. Just take it easy, teh. like i said, it will only gonna get better. :D