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I just thought I should post something that actually has some content in it or else matatanggal ako sa Daily Reads ni Pam. Haha! Wala lang. It's like I should sum up to a certain quota wherein I'd really have to post for like, freakin everyday of my life. Hehe. Daming fans eh. *joke*

Anyway, just finished practicing for our Alumni Night. I find it so amazing that me and my friends could actually pull off a number within a day or two. Yeah. Woohoo. Todo pawis and everything while practicing. And pag panahon na na dapat ipakita na yung sayaw, eh todo bigay rin. Showing off unimaginable energy, na di mo makikita kapag practice.


I'm here to yet again rant, rant and rant. Since half of the reasons why people blog is for them to vent out and rant about stuff right?
Here we go!
I know that most people underestimate my capacity to think, act and well just about anything.
Akala siguro niya I'm that stupid to not know what's going on. And I, like, waited for 7 freakin' months pero ano, wala. I wasn't expecting, I was merely hoping. That hope had turned to confusion as to why would anyone LIE right in your face.
I've read about this in Reader's Digest. Psychopaths and Sociopaths. The only difference is that, psychopaths are mere LIARS. The sociopaths are the CHARMERS. People who do not-that-great-a-deed things to other people disregarding conscience.
That was way far-fetched, but hey it sort of points out something in relation to what I had just said.
I am not stupid, else I wouldn't have my special someone right now. Wahaha!


Jona told me awhile ago that she had posted something na baka raw ma-touch ako.
I checked out her blog, and there I saw that picture I made as our trademark for all the flash animations we did.
Yes. It's been 19 years. Neighbors. 13 years classmates and kabarkada. Amazing!
Pero, we're not best friends. I don't believe in such a thing anyway. Kasi, when you look at it, people who treat people as their best friend, they tend to fight and do mean things. I call my friends as kabarkada, katropa, close friends and acquaintances.


I just remembered a funny thing that had happened last night. After playing DotA. Me, Giovanne, Ced and Red decided to eat at this barbeque place. On the way, we were walking just 3 meters from the sidewalk. One-way lang yung street na yun so we had our backs turned sa mga sasakyan na parating. Tamang-tama paglingon ko, nakita ko yung sasakyan na paparating. Nasa left side ko sina Ced and Red. Si Giovanne (blind as he was) eh dahan-dahan sa paglalakad kasi nga di makakita ng maayos. Sinigawan ko siya kasi baka mabangga siya. Tumingin siya sa likod niya then sumigaw tapos parang naging epileptic, nanginig bigla. Haha. As in he shuddered! His hands were cold as ice when I grabbed him. We laughed our heads off on the way to the food place. Hayyy. Watta night. And after eating, he washed his hands. Cedrick put in hi glass some vinegar, half-filled then had the waiter put in some water. The waiter even wondered why ganun na yung color, we just told him to just fill it with water. Too bad, Giovanne didn't get to drink it. After that, I just went home.

NFS2's a great addiction. Power slide! Hehe

Like I said before, I may be a loner but I'm never alone.