:: Canon in D ::

I'm totally engrossed with this melody. Canon Rock composed by the very talented Jerry C.

check this out:


if you still can't seem to go to the url, try searching for Jerry C's Canon Rock on YouTube.
One hellofa guitarist.
He has his own band called C Band.
Started playing the piano at 15, soon guitar at 17.

I first heard of this from O2Jam. I played it over and over again even though I still can't master all the bars. Rawr.


joy said...

try mo ding i-search sa youtube yung canon ni trace bundy.. astig yun with harmonics pa! =P

-pAm- said...

ay naloko na.hahaha.

i'll check this out kapag nakaka-pick up na ako ng wireless.hehe.:)

the laptop's sound is messed up din eh.=P