:: Samal Trip ::

Last Friday (December 08, 2006), we went to Island Garden City of Samal for our Christmas party. Even though konti lang kami, we got to enjoy our trip there.
Ang usapan eh 10:30am magkikita sa school para sabay-sabay na kami papunta dun.
It was alreay 12noon when everyone decided to go already.
It was an hour safe ride papunta dun.
When we got there, it was like we had the place all to ourselves, not minding a couple of people who were there playing very-last-season songs.
And just as I remembered it, the place was really nice. Clear waters. Cool breeze. White sand.
At lunch time, we ate at this carinderia just near the resort. We sat at the center. Imagine eating a hearty meal while having a pig slaughtered at your left. That's why I only ate halo-halo, which I didn't finish since I didn't understand the taste. I wasn't that hungry anyway.
It was late in the afternoon when we agreed to take a plunge into the water. I made sure I brought enough clothes (and underwear). I was the most prepared of them all. Hehe.
At dinner, I made sure I ate enough so I wouldn't get drunk so easily since I was responsible for mixing the drinks and stuff.
Ginpo + Ginpine = happy time!
Good thing Giovanne behaved that time. He drank Vodka and a few glasses of the GP(GinPo). I thank God so very much for not making Jonalyn so drunk that time. If that would have happened, we'd be running for our lives because she has this habit of chasing people even if they just talk or whisper. And worse, we would have a hard time carrying her back to the cottage. It would take 10 Maskulados to carry her to the room (hehe).
That night was crazy, I got so dizzy (not drunk, mind you). I made sure I threw up enough to make me sleep. And I slept for like, 5 hours. I was in between Renel and Jonalyn. I thank the Lord again for not letting them squish me. It's really a danger zone if you're anywhere near Jonalyn kapag lasing siya, she'll throw you out if she gets irritated. And she gets irritated so easily.
I woke up first. I went out of the cottage and watched the sun rise. Tear-jerker (pero hindi, haha!) After a couple of minutes, the guys came out of their room. Inayos namin yung table since we didn't get the chance to clean the place before dozing off.
Breakfast? We ate, and it was a hearty meal even though I couldn't taste anything quite properly.
We took a dip again before the sun could barely make it easy for us to swim.
After lunch, Renel wanted to take pictures (pictorial time for him). So we went island hopping.
First: Vanishing Island.
Being there's so nice. It was like stranded with a bunch of hoohaas in the middle of nowhere, good thing that was only an imaginary thought.
The view from there was nice We had dozens of pictures.
Second: Cave-like island.
They said there were plenty of snakes there, it was a heart-pounding stop there. A few pictures and we were off, back to Kaputian.
I dreaded not being able to get a seat on the ferry pauwi so I urged my friends to prepare themselves and pack their things just to make things sure.
After placing our bags on the ferry, we ate halo-halo at another stall. The lady's halo-halo was much better than what we ate before.
We waited for about 2 hours for the ferry to be filled with enough people, the wait wasn't exactly that boring since Johnnel and Giovanne made us laugh throughout the wait. At exactly 4:05pm, we were heading back to Davao.

Back in Davao.
We all went home. Me and the guys agreed to meet up at the cafe after getting a shower. I went home, unpacked, bathed, dressed up and decided to go to the cafe. Just as I was to ride a jeepney going to the cafe, my highschool kabarkada texted me that it was her daddy's birthday and I was invited. Good thing it was just a few walk from where I was standing hailing a public transportation. When I got there, it was definitely classy. It was a restobar. Hazel's restobar. The owner, Hazel, was my kabarkada's daddy's girlfriend. There was a function room upstairs, dumiretso na ako dun. My friend's dad wasn't around yet. There was a karaoke in the function room. (I'm a hog with karaoke). My friend said we could just order anything we want. By hearing that, my ears tingled and my eyes sparkled. Anything. Tamang-tama coz I was really hungry. I ate till I dropped. I didn't get the chance to finish the Blueberry Cheese Cake, the taste didn't quite appeal to me. I'm just thankful for making me feel full.
I was supposed to sing Half-Crazy (dedicated to my special someone) when my mom called me. She said there was a midnight sale at the mall and we were gonna go. So I didn't get the chance to sing it and my mom picked me up from the place and off to the mall. I got to buy the blouse I had to wear for a friend's debut (the girl at the cashier from our friend's cafe). I think it was pink, but when I got a closer look, it was pomelo pink. Cute. I love the sleeves.
Bought what we need, and so we went home, tired. I still felt like I was swaying. Up until now, as I'm writing this. I'm dizzy. I still can't taste anything. Oh well. That was it, I didn't get the chance to play DotA nor O2Jam. Huhu. Level 9 na ako. Naunahan ko pa si Giovanne. Haha!



Airah said...

real nice.. hehe.. nice to know you had a nice day! *hugs*


-pAm- said...

inggit ako!:(

dami ko nababasang blogs na may trippings galore.hmph.;P

anyhow. [oh yah. si tina pa nga pala...lucky girl!!=)]

haha..glad you enjoyed!

tina said...

Ug naunhan diod diay nimo si Vane! haha. :P

Lingawa sa inyo outing oi... wala nadayon ang sa skul na party ?

Iskoo said...

tagal na yung huling visit ko sa samal island, siguro more than 10 years na, pero grabe ang gandam di pa maalis sa isip ko ang beauty niya. yun lang di ko talaga alam kung ano na meron ngayon dyan. base sa kwento nyo ni givannie parang may dapat akong balikan sa samal :)

tin said...

wow ang saya ng trip niyo dyan ah! :) pare-pareho pala kayo nina tina na nag blog leave. :)