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What if I told you I have a twin?

Well, I have a sister. An older one to be exact *by two years*. We kinda look so much alike that we're referred to as twins. The resemblance is just so astonishing. Only, she has longer and curlier hair. She's also smaller than me. Hehe.

Last Saturday, out of the blue my brother wanted me, my sister and him to meet at the Coffee Monster. And to my utmost surprise, he treated us out for a snack. Which, according to 19 years of history, he hasn't done that, like EVER. And just that day, us three bonded. Although we didn't talk like the way a chicken clucks. Me and my brother doesn't talk that much anyway, only about computer stuff. Then my sister, umm, she's funny. Somehow, it scares me whenever ai hear her laugh or even speak, it's as if I'm actually talking to myself.

We rarely see each other since we don't live under one roof. I'm proud to say I already am a Tita. My sister has a cutie baby boy named Gab. And believe it or not, me and the kid kinda look alike, of course when I was at his age. ^_^

It's so funny yet disturbing to see that kid's mannerism. Like, you give him a lollipop right, then this person asks for the candy and you know what the kid does? He throws it, and no not AT the person, he throws it instead at the side. I'm kinda wondering where he got that kind or mannerism. =P

And now, after so many lost years of not being able to bond or stuff, we finally had kept in touch. Thanks to whoever made the first ever cellphone.


Last night was Beiah's debut. She looked pretty in her princess-like dress and her little crown. The food was great and the people, well they're OK.
I got to see friends again whom I haven't seen for like ages.
We performed, it was fun.
She had a very tearful heart warming speech (I think, since everyone was secretly crying).
After that, we all went home. Not much detail about her debut.
All I can say is that, it was soooo nice. Unlike any other birthday celebrations I've ever been invited to.
It was funny because, I was part of the 18 memoirs wherein I had to say something about her, how we met and what I think about her. And honestly, I hadn't prepared anything. So at that moment while we weren't being called yet, I looked for something to write on. And luckily I found a paper in my wallet. Which had my grades printed on it. I only made a few sentences but I guess it hit home.
Before that though, someone wasn't able to come earlier so they had to rearrange the list of people who were supposedly part of the 18 candles which on her party, was referred to as 18 hopes. Out of 200 people there, I was asked to fill in the part, and yeah, I had to write down another letter for her. I'm amazed at how I can easily generate messages on the spot. *humble?*

"We scorpios are strong, passionate and driven. No matter how hard the situation is, we never give up, instead we find ways to overcome the problem. Oh, and we're good-looking too."
*part of my speech*

Before I gave mine, I apologized for not being that prepared and that I had written my letter for her at the back of paper where my grades were printed. It's a good thing I got a warm response, or I'd be shaking more like crazy up stage.



-pAm- said...

can you post a picture?hahahaha.:)

actually...yung na-attendan kong debut which was like july 2005..[ages ago..bigla ko lang naalala...]

ayun..merong ding speeches galore..impromptu!! kainis.hehehehe...eh hindi pa naman kami ganong close nung debutant..inalala ko na lang kung pano kami nagkakilala and all..

pambobola stuff...:P

joy said...

hay.. it's so nice to bond with siblings... =)

utakGAGO said...

well, i have been an honorary guest in a debut TWICE. but never did I make a speech infront of a debut.. :P

how about pisceans!?!?!?

oo nga, masarap makipag-bonding sa mga kapatid. in my case, malalayo ang age gap namin (parang redundant? LAYO tsaka gap??).. may 33, 31, 25, at ako - 15.

pero bonding pa rin kami. whahaha. :P daan!!

karlee said...

nakpunta lang ako sa debut, 2 beses lang, isa pa dun, impromptu 18 candles ako. hahah! eh hindi naman ganung kaspecial ung gift ko, rush na din kasi binili un. :)) nagimbento na nga lang ako eh! XD anyways.. ang sweet naman ng brother mo ;) sana ganun din kuya ko, ako nlng palagi ang nanglilibre eh :P

ingaaat :D

OMGsunshine said...

awww yes, the invention of cellulars is such a blessing. XD

Pot said...

Hehe. Kami rin ng kapatid ko, para daw kaming pinagbiyak na inodoro. Haha.

tina said...

*humble daw* haha. -_- Well, you can make impromptu statements/messages well. No doubt about that. :P

Kinsa naa sa debut? Sayangtot wala ko.. :(

iskoo said...

sarap talga mag reunion lalo na kung family members, yan kasi talaga angisang way para mag bonding or maging close sa isa't isa :)

Avy said...

honestly, di talaga kami ganun ka-close as in REALLY not that close..

to tina: sila ced, red, jona, pearl.. hehe.. :D wla si Giovanne..

MeL said...

I can somehow relate to your story about your siblings.. :D

L.A said...

waaah hehe sana my pic para makita ko yun itsura nyo haha!