:: The Cashier Girl's Debut ::

You all know about where me, Giovanne, Red and the rest of the DotA people play right? At Cindrew's Cafe (the first class internet cafe in the city *plastikan*). There's this cashier girl here who we happened to befriend after several days of playing here. FC (feeling close). Last night was her birthday, a debut to be exact. And guess who were part of the whole entourage? Me and some of the customers at the cafe. Hehe. She joked about me being part of the 18 roses. I was supposed to be part of the 18 candles, unfortunately I would have to wear that dreadful tube-like shiny pinky I don't know what the heck that was. So I declined and said I'd only be part of the other kind of skemamu. 18 treasures it is.
The place where the debut was held was small. Enough for about 30 people or 50. There wasn't any grand dance presentation or something only in the 18 roses part. After 48 years of waiting for the debutante, she finally showed up, all dressed in pink. It was cute. We ate before starting the whole program thing since everyone was ranting about being hungry and all. The program started and it was nice.
Among the guests, ours were the loudest. Bugoy as what they'd call it. Then before the debutante was about to change to another gown, the MC offered the mic to anyone who wants to present a song. And since it was sorta like a karaoke style. I summed up enough courage to show off my thunder-summoning talent. Yes, for the first time, out of the karaoke bars, I sang in public. I don't know what the heck went through my head, and so there, I sang WEAK (this is the only song I happened to memorise the lyrics). I lost the kaba part at the half end part. After I finished, I didn't get mobbed and had tomatoes thrown at me, so I figured I kinda sounded a bit, take note A BIT good. That was a first time ever thing for me so pardon if I act like a six-grader winning a medal for a declamation speech.

After the party, they all wanted to drink and talk. So that's exactly what happened. Of course, since I haven't been that well from our last trip, I declined drinking. Instead I just smoked a few packs, este sticks. They finished like, 10 bottles of RedHorse Grande. And what we talked about? Our DotA experiences, the best and the worst plays. Who played which hero best and who sucked at it. They told me I played Jakiro the best, being able to buy an Ultimate Orb in just level 6 and being able to complete a Skadi recipe in just level 12. Thanks to a great mentor, Ppet (Giovanne's love), I know what items to buy to make my heroes much stronger. ^_^ Giovanne was there too, and no he didn't get drunk easily. As they finished the last bottle, we all decided to play DotA afterwards. Headed to BoyzTrek. Only me, Giovanne, Franco, Red, Rex and Ced played since most of the went home already. We took a beating on the first game, but managed to stay a bit strong at the second. Talo pa rin, but still it was ok. We went home at about 5 in the morning (kanina). My mom didn't scold me about going home so early THE next morning, hehe. But she told me about going to this meeting so I better wake up early if ever I sleep. So there.

The meeting, Stockholder's meeting at University of Mindanao. It looked like a flea market, much more organized than before though. I got my attendance reward and took off with my Tita. Ate, went to the mall to buy new headphones, went here at Cindrew's, still suffering from nausea (don't worry, I smoked a couple of sticks so the feeling's a bit gone now) and oh, Giovanne already went home to his hometown, Compostela Valley. ^_^


-pAm- said...

bilib na talaga ako sayo...over all performer.^_^

that happens to be one of my many favorite songs.hahahaha...=) and in fairness..ang ganda naman ng bonding niyo [your barkada] at ng debutant.hahahahaha..=P

Camille said...

nagiismoke ka pala. tsk. haha. at ang tibay ng friends mo ah. haha.

huwaw. angaling naman. nagperform ka sa harap ng maraming tao! haha. ako, never ko ata magagawa un. haha.

iskoo said...

naalala ko bigla nung kapanahunan ko, ilang beses naging escort ng debutante, usong uso ang kutillon, ang saya!