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Lately, I've been into this game O2JAM. At first I found it so irritating with all the pressing on certain keys and stuff. But then, my DotA-mates have been playing it and I guess I got caught in this new frenzy. It's fun. I get to level up, dress my avatar and play with my friends. Amazing, in just 3 days I'm now Level 6. Hehe.

This is how my avatar looks like. Red said, my avatar looks like Bamboo (female version). I have yet to buy my avatar some instruments. ^_^ I might catch up to Giovanne's level. (^_^)

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Anyway, last night was our Alumni Night right?
Well, most of us came. As well as some of the higher batches. They had this game called "sit-on-the-air". The longest one to stay seated like that wins cash prize. Our batch and another which is 4 years ahead of us were the only ones left. To think, it was only me and Marvin from our batch and 5 from the other. That was no fun at all. My legs still hurt right now. I kept thinking that time that I could still take the pain, unfortunately, my legs didn't agree with my brain. I collapsed, and I was staggering back to my seat. I worried about my performance in our number. Woohh. Good thing I pulled it off with my legs still shaking.

They kept taunting me about how I appeared and disappeared on stage. Better thing that my friends didn't take any humiliating pictures at that moment. Whew. Talk about being saved.
After that, we ate and played DotA and O2JAM. Wee.
oh, my mom found out I used all her body spray. Waaahh.
Me and Giovanne are gonna eat at McDo right now, so.. Tata. ^_^


OMGsunshine said...

body spray. using it all. you must've smelled like hmmmmmmmmmm trippy. LOL

Pot said...

Waw. O2Jam. Gutso ko matuto kaso walang nagtuturo. Haha.