:: The Dance ::

It was already lunch time when his class ended. He didn't have any classes after that. Thinking about where to place his mark on the building, he decided to take a tour by himself. He was used to being alone.

Room by room, he checked to see which place would be perfect. Then he found one. The walls were filled with leather pads, and there were a lot of large sheets of cloth covering bulky objects underneath. He didn't mind them. He went directly to the wall which matched the total height and width of his "masterpiece". After deciding which angle he should start on, he took out a spray can.

After a few minutes, he was finished. He took one last look at what he had done.


There, written on the wall, the words ART FOR THE SOUL.
He moved back from the wall, but as he walked backwards, he hit something. And it made a "clanging" sound.
Curious, he checked out what it was. Underneath the dirty white sheet, was an old piano. Turns out, the place was a music room. As if being hypnotized, his eyes were drawn to the white and black keys on the piano.
He slowly sat down. Raising his left hand, he pressed on a C-note. Hearing that familiar sound, his mind drifted off back to the time when his father was still teaching him how to play the instrument.
"Your hands are capable of unimaginable force, use it to create such powerful music. So powerful, they can make everything change."
The words still echoed in his mind. Then as if a blinding light was coming towards him, he felt as if being hit by a truck. He had come to his senses. He remembered then what had happened after that day being with his father. He blocked that memory from his mind and found himself unconsciously playing the piano like mad.
Until he hit that last note. He stood up and covered it again. As he was about to move away from the piano, the door slammed.
Alarmed, he turned to see who was at the door.
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" An authoritative voice spoke out.
He didn't answer, instead he walked towards the door, where the man stood beside. Before he was able to go out, the figure grabbed his shoulder and said,
"Clean up that wall, else you'll be suspended."
He didn't mind the warning. He simply walked away.

He was about to go to the parking lot, when a voice on the speaker announced, "Lanz Lowengrinh! Report to the office immediately."


-pAm- said...

binasa ko talaga to ha..pero hindi ko naintindihan.bwahahaha!!:)

were you dreaming or what?

just pre-occupied...^_^

Camille said...

ay. mukang exciting ang kasunod! haha. dali. naeeksayt na ko mabas ayung sunod nito. haha.

OMGsunshine said...

busted!! is he getting detention, suspension or whatever 'sion'? LOL

ralphT said...

is this a true story, or u just made this up? :)

rons said...

holy crap. so busted!

anu to? gwa2? or trutalife?

tina said...

nice nice... moreeee