:: Part 2 ::

"Often, I choose to pretend I'm happy so I don't have to explain myself to people who'll never understand."

I hate arguing, I hate talking endlessly about something when I know that I can never make them understand. It's like teaching a cow how to bark. That hard. I don't like talking to people who are fixated and are narrow-minded. I hate wasting my time on people who doesn't have an inkling on what I'm talking about.

I don't like it when people tends to butt in and talks about another different thing. I'd rather write things down where no one can actually interrupt me. I guess, no matter how I try to improve myself on talking, I'll always be the listener type of person. Better that than nothing at all.

Another thing I hate about myself is that when I begin to get my point straight, I tend to talk in circles. Therefore, confusing myself and my reader or the one I'm talking to.

I've gotten used to procrastinating. I cram most of the time. Whenever there's a work that's supposed to be done, I tend to work on it the day or 2 days before the deadline.


pam said...

its like teaching a cow to bark..aba naman..hehe.:D mahirap nga yun!:P

i sOooo get your point. i like this post a lot. super can relate.:)

tina said...

Oh well avy is impatient.. but you're trying to be patient.. sort of. but then most people "annoy" you. Nyahaha. Oki ra na. ana diod ang lyp! haha

lin said...


ako. kapag ka nakapagpaliwanag na ko. or nasabi ko na ung side ko. wala na akong pakiAlam sa gagawin o sasabihin nila. basta ako, i know ive done my part. let them do theirs.

keep your head up.

shit happens, live with it. :D

cruise said...

actually i also avoid arguments, di naman kasi makakatulong lalo na kung may halong emotions. sometimes i just let the situation fix by itself.

Camille said...

i also hate arguing with somebody. pag may nakikipagtalo sakin, sinasabi ko na lang na panalo na siya para matigil lang siya. haha. oh well.

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