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It's been a while since I last updated and visited some blogs, so here I am. :)
I've been busy, but not with some school works. I've been too caught up with upgrading my character's level in Tantra.
It's fun, but oh how costly.

Anyway, February 14 was a day filled with unplanned events.

I went to the cafe to play for a while, then went to this bar&billiards place where I got to meet new friends.
I didn't know that they were drinking and so napasubo ako. Good thing I stopped before I dropped. :P
I went back to the cafe to just be with the tropa. Unknowing na paalis na pala sila to eat and tamang tama magsisirado yung kaibigan namin ng maaga.
We all walked to the nearest barbeque place. Unfortunately, andaming tao. So we ended up walking to another spot.
My ghulay, every restaurant was booked. Meron ngang isa, we got a table ready, only to find out that naubusan na sila ng pork ang whatchamacallits. Next, eh this new grill restaurant.
And let me tell you, it's definitely not worth eating at this place. It says on their menu that they serve unlimited rice. Pero napag-alaman naming naubusan raw sila ng rice. Thinking that we might as well just wait para makapagsaing uli sila. Pero nung dumating yung order, parang, yung pork barbeque's worth only 3 pesos at our place tapos dun eh parang kalahati lang. We waited for damn too long.
First, for them to attend to us and second for the order.
Ayun, nag-walk out kaming lahat. The place was really unorganized. Hayy.
I'm thinking of becoming a food critic someday. :P I'll ban every food place here in Davao with bad service and crappy food.

We walked, AGAIN, to another spot. Buti naman at nakakain kami dun. Then we met up with some of our friends and talked for a bit. After eating, we agreed to go to MTS (Matina Town Square) to just chill and hang out. With Kath, Renel, Giovanne, Sir Eno, Cedrick and Pearl.

From there, we went to this liblib na bar. :P Me, Kath, Renel and Cedrick were the only ones who felt like going to any bar at that time. Giovanne still wanted to play Tantra, I don't know about Pearl and Sir Eno.
Anyway, there were a lot of homos out on that night and at that place.
Kath couldn't stop herself from looking at them and laughing. Eh kung makatingin halata talaga kaya ayun, nagtatawanan na lang rin kami. It was a bar/karaoke place kaya ok sa trip ni Renel. Konti lang naman yung nainom namin dun, still it was better than being in a place where there are a lot of people tapos ang sikip sikip pa.
We went home at around 3 in the morning.
I can't say I had fun that day. It was a so-so ocassion. :P

Damn PARDS (the restaurant we went to with super bad service). I wish they'd burn down that place.



pam said...


buti may update na.hahaha.

i really dont know tantra. :P and..once in a while lang naman may ganyan.hehe. sulitin na.:D

potpot said...

hihihi.. wow... dapat sinusunog ang ganung resto.. nagbalik na ko

tina said...

maayo kay nag update naka madam. nyahaha bad resto. may pa nag mcdo mo. hehe

utakGAGO said...

tantra? never played but have seen lots of my friends playing it. hehe, MU nga na-adik na ko eh. pati gunbound. TANTRA pa kaya?


ayun lang ang masasabi ko.

kung hei pat choy!
:D daan, avii! :)

bago nga pala blog ko. ;) try to visit. ty!

Pot said...

Never tried Tantra. Maganda ba?

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