:: This is it ::

Today's our final defense on our thesis. Whew, and I'm second on the list. Syet.

May all be well.


What seemed like hours of waiting only took minutes of standing there in front of three panelists and our administrator. Not much that big of a deal really. I just stood there and read my presentation. After that, the panelists stated the corrections and other stuff. Then voila, I'm out of that room with just a snap of a finger.

The food? Well, yung sa foundation day namin, yung manok ang nakalutang sa mantika. This time it's porkchop marinated in oil. And the pansit (whatchamacallit) tasted so maalat/pait. Nakaka-dry. Tapos isang Zest-o juice lang. My ghulay, parang umattend ako ng lamay. I know I should be thankful at may pinakain sila. Pero DAPAT LANG. To think each of us paid 100 pesos only to be fed with that kind of meal. Mas okay pang kumain sa eat-all-you-can or dun sa unlimited rice restos, at least the food ain't that icky. Hahay.

I'll have to pass another copy on Tuesday. Later, at around 6pm I'll be attending a debut. My friend's sister's debut. Hehe.

That's about it. Oh, belated happy monthsary pala samin. hehe


tina said...

uyyy be blessed. no sweat lang na oi. hahahaha. :P

pam said...

no sweat ba?!:P

hehehehe. congrats. ilang months na kyo?!:P

Pot said...

Goodluck sa thesis! At belated! Woohoo!

jonalyn said...

ogenki des' ka? ^_^ daijobu? gambarre on ur love life mah tomodachi.. ^_^ lol... oki vah?!!! hahaha