:: Irreplaceable ::

I've searched the web and we have a winner!
This here's a version of Beyonce's Irreplaceable.
So Sick of Neyo had one too, as well as Eamon's F*** it right.
At least this one's a bit catchy. Cool


I've been having fun upgrading the level of my character in Tantra.


Another very disappointing thing from ABS-CBN, making the viewers wait for a gazillion hours just to feature 1/4 of the PBB housemates. Really! I'm just amazed at their marketing skills that they're still able to catch other viewers' attention and promote the show.
Three skinny girls, the one who's mestiza and had that scary looking doll with her is kinda pretty. Hmm, or maybe it's because she's maputi.
Then, you have three guys. The big german guy looks stupid but adorable. With that piercing beside his lip and that weird hair cut. It's funny and kinda frustrating to see him interacting with the other housemates.
There's Ezekiel, that Australian "hottie". Pero he looks dorky.
And that other guy. He's not that eye catching, though he looks kinda gay to me. Hehe.
I've only caught a glimpse of the show while surfing through channels.
Although the hand cuffing of the housemates had a meaning behind it, it's still so lame.
As I've noticed, the IN thing now are FIL-AMS. And FIL-HILs, translation, Filipinong Hilaw. Haha.

To us, pure blooded Filipinos, KUDOS. Let our spirits be unshaken by this degrading of our race. ^_^

To Pam, we've only been together for 4 months pa lang. :P

--Edited again--

As what I've expected, that big stupid-looking guy on PBB understands English and Tagalog perfectly well. Hay naku! What a pakulo! Toink


Xyla said...

haha. yeah. kung ano ano pakulo ng ABSCBN. And minsan parang papampam na lang. I like Wendy. Aside from she's a schoolmate of mine, maganda kase siya talaga. Hehe. And mukhang may ibubuga.

tina said...

hay ambot sa langaw. nkita nako tong lalaki nga german.. abi nako atik2x lang na di xa kasabot.. di diod kasabot... murag bsan english dba? kadali ra sad ko nitan-aw kato lng na part na naka handcuff sila.

Girl: *after reading the instructions* Ahh...
Boy: Ok... *talks about it.. blah*
German: *looking puzzled*
Girl: Do you understand?
other housemates trying to help out.. in explaining.
German: *Still confused*
Girl: Do you understand english?
German: Deutsch.

HAh. Only Deutsch.

Ellie said...

Haha. I reaaally think "Mr. Chickboy" (whatever) Nel is gay. :| I don't think Ezekiel's that much of a hottie.


Bam the Great said...

Tsk, tsk. The Filipino Colonial Mentality. Perfectly manifested in this show.

Isn't it funny that the reality shows (which are supposed to be for entertainment), are actually eating up the attention that are supposed to be reserved for the news and current events programs?

Philippines really is unique. Where else can you find a state wherein the CELEBRITIES are far more influential and powerful than the statesmen themselves?


char. :)

tina said...

soo meaning kasabot diod diay xa? perti oi...

iskoo said...

parang di magaganda ang mga cast ngayong season 2, o baka bago lang sa patingin, ewan ko lang.

pero para sa akin mahihirapan silang tapatan si bokbok at si poknat!