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The title doesn't actually have anything to do with this entry, I just happened to see this sticker caption in the next computer. ^_^

I believe most of you have heard Nina's latest and most requested hit, Someday. Right?

The chorus goes like this:

"Someday, someone's gonna love me.."

And here's our version:
"Someday, somehow anyway..."
"Someday, down the road.."

It's kinda corny at first and won't make sense but once you sing it over and over, I bet you you'd laugh.
Anyway, our final defense is on Saturday. Hope I make it through with flying rainbow colors hehe. ^_^
Oh, I've noticed that I'm being too much of a pilosopa. This realization has just come to me while talking to my ex over the phone. Then I figured, I've been hanging out too much with the guys and you know how things are with guys. Mahilig mag-asaran. Dagdagan pa na one of them is gay, like Giovanne. Being with them just makes all my sides hurt. My jaws numb through all the halakhak. And with them did we come with those renditions of songs. Someday by Nina is just one of them. ^_^
During one of our party hunts, I made a stupid mistake. May sawsaw kasi sa party namin, and when this happens the experience points becomes lesser, and to think it's divided in our party. One of my friends told me to use my Chaya skill, which blocks any opponent's movements. And I didn't hear him when he said that di na lang raw at pabayaan na lang namin yung sawsaw na yun. So ayun, switched on my Player Kill mode and forgot to switch it off. I eventually killed that Deva sawsaw. So there you have it, I've become a killer and now I have to wait till my Karma goes away. For the meantime, I'm just selling some of the items I've used and happened to earn during my hunting spree.

You can see my latest predicament. I'm the one with the name Avydootz. The box thing there. ^_^ waiting for someone to buy some of my items.


angelblush said...

Honk Honk.. sige na lang tantra! haha. anyhow.. good luck sa thesis. :P

pam said...

go go go!

yakang-yaka yang defense na yan!:D