:: My Inner Daily Ramblings ::

I can be really annoying if I want to. I tend to too much of a critic. I mock those who are out of style, super jologs, goofy looking and are down right stupid. I know, I'm not someone has that much of a fashion sense, nor am I good looking and owning a super high IQ.

Every little thing I notice that has some bad impression I quickly comment on.
Self-confessed meanie.
I know there are those who are much worse than me when it comes to judging people. The thing is, once I sense this negative aura from someone, that impression stays and so I conclude on that person's behavior and personality as a whole. Funny, but this sort of things keeps me away from people na walang magagawang mabuti sa akin.

Sometimes, when people reach out to me I often look irritated. That's because I could be either doing something that I'm actually focusing on or I'm just not in the mood to talk. I scream, so loud, I shout! But only in my head. I find myself staring at the person or just looking at what I'm doing, but in my mind, I'm already screaming like mad. I start saying words that are contain explicit contents. I start talking about of how many times that person has become so annoying to me. Ganun.

If only my glares were daggers, then you would then be long dead.

I tend to cram. When people ask me to do something, I ask first when would be it's deadline. And just before that day would I then work on it. And if I can't comply with the task, I'd make up stupid excuses or just tell the whole truth.

I don't like it when people take the friendship we have for granted. Like, I have this e-loading business and they'd ask me to reload their accounts and persist that they'd pay the next day. When I know for a fact, iilagan nila ako. Just so they can't pay or just keep on saying "oo na. mamaya." As if they're the ones na maiipit. Galit pa kung makapagsalita. Ayoko ng ganun.

Like, last night, Vanessa kept calling at home looking for me. Of course late na ako umuuwi so if people would want to reach me, text na lang. Then I was sleeping ever so soundly kaninang umaga, only to be awakened by a phone call. Magpapa-load raw siya. Of course, the third paragraph happens but I simply told her wala pa akong pang-load. And as I tried to go back to sleep, wala na. Di na uli ako makatulog.

I'm selfish when it comes to food. I don't share. Pero malakas akong manghingi. Tulad rin sa pangongopya, malakas akong mangopya pero kapag ako hiningan mo ng sagot wala kang makukuha sakin kapag di pa ako tapos sa pagsagot sa paper ko. You better let me finish or else magsusuplada ako. Rawr.

The reason why I wrote this is because I have a segment here about my inner daily ramblings. The people mentioned there have read everything I wrote about them and some of the people we know. Tinakot nila ako, saying they would exact their revenge by posting about me on their blogs too.
*when in fact I know they're too lazy to do that and some has already accepted those truths*
They told me that I should also write those negative things about me. So here it is. I wanted to explain to them that if one tries to tell something negative about oneself, one would find it hard to comment furthermore. Because at the back of that person's mind is a force trying to stop oneself from actually telling it all.
But hey, I'm trying hard here. And I'll update as soon as I contemplate more on things. ^_^


jonalyn said...

btaw lotz... maxado k nang maldita!!! habang tumatagal napapancn q n umiiba n ang iyong pag-uugali towards others and also sa mga kaibigan mo... wag u ma-iniz kc cnasabi q lang rin ung napa2ncn q sau..at minsan nga eh, naiiniz n rin sau ung mga kaibgan natin...well at least galing n rin sau n "ur sooo mean" hehehe :p :)

OMGsunshine said...

niiiiiiiicccceeeee. i do that too, judge people's actions but its not like i lie about it or anything, you know?

abidubi said...

Jona: actually the things you're saying right now doesn't bother me that much.. i know i'm being too demanding on some things..

it's just like that saying,
"don't do unto others what you don't want them to do unto you.. "

Keekee: yeah, the truth hurts, so to speak.

tin said...

well, we can't please everybody. It's already in our nature, they should accept who you are. You're just being real to yourself. Everyone has a bad side too. Hahaha!

tina said...

nyahaha. sunod nasad positive napud.

kay diba tanan naay negative naa pud positve. bilib ko nimo... napakoment nimo si jona. ahihi.

unya.. sunod positve nasad para equal. :P happy love month.

Camille said...

aww. that's nice. tinatanggap mo ang negative sides mo. haha.

-pAm- said...


nicely written!:D

jean.movie said...

Everyone has their own bad side.. but nit everyone can admit it. nice. :)