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Are you familiar with some 80's hit songs and those hitmakers?

I'm fond of 80's and 90's music and quite amused with some bands/singers. With their weird hair do's and strange dance moves.
Boy George and the Culture Club, now there's that band that had really caught my attention. Actually, kapag naririnig ko yung pangalang yun, si Boy George lang naaalala ko. Hehe. Female-looking face and moving like a conservative-but-pacute girl.
Have you noticed that people from those days had long hair, blondes were mostly sikat. And I'm not just talking about the women. Pati yung mga lalake. They put on make-up too.
One rock band has been famous for their exaggerated looks, KISS.
There's Queen too. Buti na nga lang eh sumikat sila. Well, during those days you could actually sell anything to the public anyway. And those transitions weren't the talk of the town. It's their music, the content and the melody.

Sad to say, nobody thinks like that now. Everytime a band, or a person becomes famous or is being featured on TV, one of the main questions that come to mind is their sexuality.
They've also made categories para ma-identify ang ganitong ugali and impression apart from others.
When one talks about something they've been hiding all these years, the listener then thinks, "Wala na bang iba? Don't you have anything juicier?"
That's what people do today, pinipiga ka hanggang sa wala ka nang masabing bagay to satisfy their curiosity.
Can't people feel safe in opening up without being ridiculed?
Maybe it's insecurity, no?

Karma Chameleon, it's a fun song. Listen to it. Daming papasok sa isip mo while singing along to that catchy tune. To think that he's gay but his music, the lyrics. He's not talking in third person. He's not referring to himself as a woman or whatever. Now why can't people talk like that or think like that. And why can't others just accept the fact that people like me are totally different but are at the same time just the same. Hmm, who knows, I might become the next president. And I'll see to it I 'll change the whole perception of homosexuals. (come to think of it, why homo eh pwede namang hetero)

I'm currently listening to old songs. From Frank Sinatra to Boy George and the Culture Club.


tresebry said...

magaling ang culture club! :D ateeg! paborito ni ermatz!

Nostalgia Manila said...
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Nostalgia Manila said...

There's some truth to the things you've written down my friend. The first time I ever heard of Boy George was through my cousins who were really into music, and we were watching the Grammies. The Grammies were different back then, as artists did deserve much of the honors and praise, as compared to the crap artists today. I remember, seeing the video for 'Karma Chameleon' and 'Miss Me Blind', I think I was 7 back then, but I rememember it well.

I couldn't believe it when my cousins told me that Boy George was actually a man. And you know the funny thing is I didn't have the usual reaction an ignorant person today would blurt out, but I thought it was actually cool. I thought, "Well here's a cool guy playing good music, has a really good voice, and has got a really cool look! He's playing dress up." I wasn't concerned about whether he was gay or not, 'cause that wasn't the point! The point was that he was a brilliant artist, period! The first cassette tape I ever bought was Culture Club.

You see the problem is, that people have been dumbed-down, and it seems as if people are retrogressing into club-thumping cavemen. Most people today judge so easily, over-concious of up-keeping their fragile and often false macho male image. People should just be themselves, and stop being so judgemental. All these ridiculous "labels".

The '70s and '80s were the golden era for everything. It was definitely more creative, and imaginative. People in entertainment today don't even possess an ounce of the brilliance those decades created. People today have no imagination, and are too scrared of expressing themselves. But mostly, people today lack true artistry and talent. Real talent is born, not made or manufactured by a record company.

Let me give you a perfect example. QUEEN! There are NO BANDS today that will compare to the brilliance and grandeur of Queen! It's funny to think that a band that was lead by the genious of openly gay singer Freddie Mercury, could easily outdo any heavy rock, or metal band in the last 20 years. Metallica, and Guns N' Roses (2 of the best rock groups in the last 15 years) played a big Queen tribute. Both bands respect Queen, and so should everyone who calls himself a musician or a true music fan. Queen is still heavier and far more sophisticated than any corny testosterone pumping rock group today.

That's the simple and honest truth my friend.

pam said...

naku patay. may tanong ako. si barry manilow ba considered 80's?

hahaha. [parang alam ko na ang isasagot mo]

no, what im trying to say is, hindi ako familiar sa 80's music.:P

Katuwa yung irreplaceable btw.hehehe.and congrats! dapat tumagal pa kayo!:D

Bam the Great said...

Oooh! Karma Chameleon! I love that song! Hahaha! sinayaw namin yan! Lingaw. :)

Avy, pinalitan ko na lay-out ko. hehe. Wala ng starfish. hehe.

O ayan, magpafiesta ka na! Haha!

franco said...

ooo... makakakarma... karma karma karin nyan (karma chameleon)!!!

jo said...

favorite ng dad ko ang karma chameleon! haha... madalas kapag nagpapatugtog siya, isa yan sa mga songs! haha.. ^^

mousey said...

old songs are the best! kahit sabihing makaluma pa.

L.A said...

Weeeh Karma Chameleon! I love that haha oo nga kung anu anu maisip mo dun...

maganda yung music and lyric nakakatuwa yung mga 80's song nila

salamat nga pla sa comment sa blog ko