:: BRATS ::

I hate them! How I loathe them. Insecure? Not really. Intimidated? Uhh, yeah somehow I am. But mostly, I'm annoyed. And if you hang around more with me, you'll know what kind of people I mostly go out with *I'm referring to as friends ha! baka ano isipin nyo*. Okay, being defensive again.

Hmm.. The CONYO talk. Do you know that this word actually means Shit? Most brats I know talk like this. E.g. Yuck! That's so kadiri! ^ Can you make abot this for me? One guy though, caught my attention. Ok, I'm not sure if the owner of this account is a guy, but hey, he makes sense. It's the way he expresses himself that kinda made it funny to read.

http://cofibean.blogspot.com *this guy's sort of popular nah*

About the brats thingy, well, I'm sure ain't a fan! There are some who are bagay naman when they talk like ganito. And for the others, masyadong trying hard. Whenever I hear someone talk like this, it's like Crap! I'm gonna kill him/her. It's just like that Toni said, in the never ending trailer of her movie, Nasa Pilipinas ka kaya ikaw dapat ang mag tagalog. Makes a lot of sense! And since those Conyo people are here in Davao, they should speak the language here. Well, we Davaoeños don't really have our own language, a mixture of tagalog and bisaya lang. I guess that's their own way of showing off to people that they're of the higher class of people, you know. Pa-sosyal effect! When actually, most of them are NOT. Somehow, I feel sorry for them. Not being able to be who they really are. Filipinos are like that. They won't separate from the herd unless being Jologs is the IN thing now.

I seem to drift away from the topic. Brats! Yeah! Well, for starters, they think that they actually own the place. Being so loud and bossy. These are the typical brats. Then the sosyal types are those who dress like one. Feeling mo naman pupunta ng party or a high-class gathering.

It was All Soul's Day, of course we were at the cemetery. The place, as always, was crowded. Cars parked everywhere. Tents, group of people, food stalls and those weird people lurking in certain areas. We just came from my Dad's place, my Mama made me carry this heavy jar! *Yuh! Heavy* As we were walking, I notice 2 girls coming our way. They were all dressed up. Parang pupunta ng bar, or at any club or something. They happily chatted away. Of course I, someone who's super himantayon and manawayon *a critic*, tried so hard to hide that smile on my face. But somehow I was a bit irritated. Mixed emotions? hehe. For crying out loud, sino ba namang matinong tao ang pupunta sa sementeryo, sa Araw ng Patay, all dressed up like that. Woo! I guess, they're not that normal.

As I browsed through the net. Never ending topics came up when I searched about these conyo people. I'm not alone when I say Conyo's are IRRITATING AND STUPID!

Okay, drifted off again. The kind of brats I so not like are those who are mean to the helpers. I mean, sure they pay them to do stuff around the house or office but that doesn't give them the right to call them names, insult them to the point that they insult the hometown of those helpers. And yes, I am of the defensive side since most of those helpers came here, Mindanao in particular. Whenever I hear or read something about someone doing this to a helper, makes me want to have their homes bombed! For those conyos out there, WATCH OUT!

Kahit naman kasi ako yung tipong maraming napupuna sa paligid, even in a person and I have brutally honest things to say about them, di ako katulad ng mga brats na yan na kung umasta eh parang walang tinurong magandang asal sa kanila. And to think they go to prestigious schools. Most of them waste their parent's moneys just so they could slack off and stuff.

*more rants coming up I keep shifting to different topics kasi eh*