:: UIC, PWC, ADDU ::

The abbreviations mentioned are schools here in Davao.

UIC - University of Immaculate Concepcion
PWC - Phillippines Women's College
ADDU - Ateneo de Davao University

Do I have a problem with them? Hell yeah! Well, actually it's because of 3 people from these schools. I'd like to destroy their schools. Umm, yung UIC lang and PWC. Sa ateneo kasi, I just don't like most students there. Ang yayabang kasi. Mabibilang mo lang ang matino dun.

There was this certain girl who sort of frustrates me. Never did I really give that much attention to whatever it is up in her sleeves. I'm talking in riddles, anyway. The girl's name code is M. Nakilala ko siya through a certain person. She was just the typical person you talk to with the usual "Musta?" "Ano ginagawa mo?". I found her boring. And her "secret" health condition. How she's a blue baby and all. I didn't buy it, pero I was polite enough to give her comfort and all. *Let me make this clear muna, I didn't make a move on her.*
She happened to be in a relationship, I didn't mind coz I didn't really care. Then one time, this girl I was emotionally attached to confronted me with a shocking issue. Yung syota pala ni M eh pinagkakalat na inagaw ko raw sa kanya si M. Because "we were both in love". Hell no! I do know though that M made a hint na she liked me, I didn't mind it. I'm no cradle-snatcher. Anyway, I cleared it with the people involved, and so ang syota ni M eh takot na magpakita sakin. Si M naman, di ko na kinakausap. And worse, di na rin ako kinakausap nung girl *si miss A* na gusto ko.

It was summer. May nakilala rin ako. Lumipat raw sila from Manila. I didn't care where she came from actually. I know at that time na wala pa siya masyadong kaibigan. So I offered her a genuine friendship, something I rarely give to anyone. We had fights, tampo, and laughs. It was fun. Then nung nakilala ko nga si M and the time she told me she liked me, eh sinabi ko kay PWC girl *si miss R*. I forgot how they got acquainted pero miss R planned that we try something on miss M. Umoo naman ako. The plan was, we both court her and we'll see if pagsasabayin nya kaming dalawa. Miss R happens to be pretty, so di sya mahihirapan with it.
I don't know what exactly happened but naging sila. I wasn't surprised at all coz all the while I was thinking that it was just a prank or something. I told her that she'd soon forget about me pag nagsimula na siyang mag-aral. And so she sort of did. After a few months, this news came to me about R and M. They're a couple daw. I was surprised. And that M girl sort of spread this rumor about me having a crush on her. Even saying that both she and miss R played me.

That hurt. Not because of M, but of the fact that I've trusted R. I thought that she wasn't like other people. And for this, I don't and will never trust people again. I guess I should have listened to myself not to be involved with people like them. I hate friendships and everything that goes with it.


The sort of mothership of BRATS! SPOILED BRATS!


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