:: My Inner Daily Ramblings 2 ::

I know you, my ever dearest classmates*plastikan*, have heard me babble about him. The way he speaks, I mean. I never really knew who this Joshua guy people around me are talking about, even my brother. Not until half of our 1st term. I thought my brother was just exaggerating when he said that Joshua's better off speaking Bisaya.
Then I overheard a conversation between him and this classmate of his. He was speaking in English. Honestly, nanindug akong balahibo *goosebumps*, when I heard him. It's like, whenever he talks, he's like murmuring or talking gibberish. I really can't make anything out of what he's saying. Pang-Arabo yung style ng pagsasalita nya. My friends tells me that he's been like that since gradeschool or something. And I wonder, hmm, shouldn't he be fluent by now? I think, gradeschoolers nowadays talk better than him.
Talent? His artworks are appreciated, I hate to admit it but he's good at making flash animations. Ok na sana yung abilidad nya na yun pero I see him drawing in his seat, pati sa lobby area. He constantly flaunts his works, and I don't like that. Everyone knows already how he's good at that, he doesn't need to, like, rub it in pa.
Since he plays DotA too, he comes along with us to play. At first I was intimidated by how he could kill my character, pero ok lang, nakakabawi rin naman ako. I'm learning.

*more updates coming soon*

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