:: Overseas Friends ::

Now, how can you miss someone you haven't even met? How can you be overwhelmed with such emotions when in fact you haven't had the chance to even talk to the person.

I guess it's that invisible thread thing that connects people from distances.

Just recently this friend of mine a Candymag Teentalker, told me that she missed me. Now that kinda surprised me. I mean, we're used to saying those kind of things to our friends. Common things to say, but what struck me was how she said it. I realized that this friends over the internet thingy ain't that fictitious at all. *I've this paranoia thingy going on with trusting people nowadays*. To get to my point, I guess it doesn't matter whether you're from what place or from what status, it's this certain thing called friendship which makes everything seem to be so equal. I'm happy that there are those who are good enough to be trusted.

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