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This thing I'm about to write here is called "Libak". If you understand what it means then congratulations, you're psychotic too.I'm happy with my friends at school. I mean having people like "freaks" is super cool. I'm one of them. *I'm so honest*And most of the people I'm going to talk about here are mere Freshmen whom I don't really LIKE at all! Na-uh no way!

Note: No one will be spared.

The homos:

Renel, so called Giant. Haha! Since he's tall and all. Pero kung tutuusin his body shows improvements. I repeat BODY not FACE. The Big Show, I mean, Renel has certainly become slimmer. And lately has been so annoying. The jokes doesn't bother me but the way he keeps everyone waiting is really annoying! Kapoi na xa!*both me and Kath agree* Although he is a bit funny, and you can never be bored with this huge gay este guy. Benefits when you're with him/her? Umm, free food. You can even borrow money from him, pero pahihirapan ka muna niya bago nya ibibigay yung money. It's like you'll forget the reason why you want to borrow in the first place. And this money issue causes some not-so-nice situations most of the time. What I mean is, ginagamit na siya as our financer/sponsor. Para sa gasolina, food, drinks and yung babayaran pag nagstay ka sa isang lugar *e.g. Bars, KTV spots* Kawawa? Not really, if you think he's being used, you're half wrong. He enjoys it naman, as far as I can see it. Though he does complain about it, but in a few seconds something will catch his attention and the whole thought disappears.Personality, mannerisms, appearance. These things, I've noticed, has certainly changed. Naimpluwensyahan sa ibang mga bakla dun sa school. I can honestly say na nakuha nya yung ibang punchlines and mannerisms kay Johnnel. Most of his punchlines are somehow original, hehe. Appearance? Where else, the models he thinks he knows personally? haha kidding. But Renel does think, believe by heart, that he is in fact a certified model. So the print on his shirt says. But hey, I can't hold it against him if he's like that. Nirerespeto ko siya kahit papano kasi po he's not all make-up, he's got smarts too. I wish lang na sana eh magka cellphone na siya at para di kami mahiarapan na kontakin sya! Sheesh!Famous words by Renel:"Privacy""Silence means yes""Believe me coz Im a believer""There's no right pronounciations only accepted ones"

Then, there's Giovanne.
Now would you believe he had 3 girlfriends before comin out of the closet? Haha, like what Renel would say "Believe me coz I'm a believer!" This "dude" is, to me, the funniest of them all. On the other hand, I get so pikon whenever he teases me bout who I look like. *I dare not mention them all* And when this guy's mad, you'll definitely know coz he won't talk to you, better yet he isolates himself from the pack. Wait, parang I'm starting to write a testimony sa kanila ah. Hmm, anyway, Giovanne's a pain in the head if he starts to cracks jokes, especially the "Knock Knock" types. *i'll get back on my comments bout him later*

He's the typical homo you see by the streets. With the highlights and all. He dresses up like one too. He doesn't really annoy me. But the fact that his habits has been rubbing on his fellow homos at school's starting to really bug me. You know, with all the expressions and stuff. It's actually getting contagious.*this part here will be updated as soon as I notice something again*

Pearl, Hmm, what should be written here about her? Oh, I'm super annoyed by her unending jabber about her insecurities. I mean, sobra naman yung dina-down mo na talaga sarili mo, knowing that you really have something to be proud of. Like her talent in singing for one. There was this one time where we went to Impit Purok after our culmination night. It was acoustic night, and the fellas kept on insisting she go up on stage and sing a few tunes or something. Then her "sakit" went off, saying that we were mean and that we want to embarass her by letting her "frog" voice be heard. Pero maya-maya she finally came up to the band, and take note, she borrowed the guitar of that guy *whatever* and started singing. WOW! Talk about hiya right? Well, I've got nothing against her singing thing, it's just her "issues" that kinda gets on my nerves. Now, I'll make it perfectly clear, that this blog is specifically for my ramblings and other stuff. Oh, I also noticed that just because she knows some people doesn't mean she can just slap them on the shoulder or something. Look, I don't care whether she knows them or not, but the point is being physically too friendly is a very very bad habit, and I mean very. *this part here will be updated as soon as I notice something again*

Sir Mhel, not really part of the homos, but I wished he'd be as great a person as they are. *did I just say that?* Anyway, I'm starting to really not like him. Medyo may pagka manyak yun. Btw, he's our teacher. But the wat he teaches is not even that close to being a mediocre professor. I'm wondering where did all our money go. If you look at the facilities at our school, you'd want to have the police authorities come in and check the papers of the school. RIP-OFF! Yeah, that's what it is! This guy makes promises just like that Riza monster!! He covers up and sucks up to that monster too. That makes the two of them very bad!*no words left to describe them* His smoking habits are ok, pero man! is his breath not that pleasant at all! Dagdagan pa na lapit ng lapit sa students. Hasn't he heard of breath fresheners? And just recently, he sent this Godly message over YM again. That's not really the problem, but to think that he's got this evil side of him that doesn't make him a very decent man. If you want you PC upgraded, better not bring it to him. He's all talk and no work. Well, you see him work, but not with what we pay him for! A married man, looking for girls on the net! How low is that! God! He's married, he has 2 kids who I hope wouldn't end up like him! He's selfish, rude and his tantrums are really annoying! I mean, walang sapat na rason why'd he even have tantrums! It's so unprofessional. Selfish? Yeah he is! He doesn't teach us the whole thing. Parang bits of info lang. Sayang talaga yung binabayad namin! Hayy! Mayabang din, like I said before, he's all talk! Sure, he had helped me in some ways, but still his attitude is something to be thrown in the trash! Oh, did I mention that he has hygiene issues. My nose is very sensitive, so I notice whatever funky or mucky smell there is around. And, well, his is sort of one of the worst. Everyone knows that he smokes right, and I don't know what the hell he does after that but whenever he comes up to me for something I can smell it. *Alert alert* You can see me smiling, but deep inside *dunggab*. Really! I don't like that smell at all. Another reason why I quit the smoking thing.


-psstt! dili ni palengke!

-pwede bah! seryoso ko! Ayaw sa ko joke jokie!

*this part here will be updated as soon as I notice something again*

June, at first *I was afraid, I was petrified, oops kanta pala yun* I kinda fancied her. Being tisay and all. But then I noticed na nagiging OA sya paminsan. She is a bit sensible kaya I appreciate her opinions and stuff. Pero like I said, OA! OA! Kuyaaa!!! Annoying! Really! And she's one of those people who kinda underestimates themselves at certain situations. Like for example dancing! Look! Everyone can dance, it only takes discipline and effort to make it through a whole dance routine! I know she has those qualities, but I guess she's just not that confident with rehearsed dance moves. Unlike during night outs, she can shake that money maker. Haha! I know most of the people at school notice this, you know, how she acts like a brat! Pouting and stuff. I love kids, but brats? hell no!*this part here will be updated as soon as I notice something again*
*more details coming soon*

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