I just downloaded mozilla on this unit Im currently using. I noticed that I couldn't open my friendster in IE. eehehe. That's what I do around here, pag wala akong nakikitang Firefox. I find more efficient than IE.

Tina! That crossing on the street was not a drag. Hehe. I went to a lot of places that day*Monday, 09-18-06*.
LANDCO -> UM -> ICST -> Giovanne's Bhauz -> Greece -> Creek -> Lafia -> home.

All in one day. Hehe.

But last night*Wednesday, 09-20-06*, we went to MTS*Matina Town Square*. Good thing I brought along my beloved jacket, else I'd be soaking wet. I had a henna tattoo put on my right arm too. Pretty neat!
The night was crazy as expected since the people from Humorville came with us.
(Giovanne, Renel, JV, Kath, Kane, Ai-ai, Angie and me). It was karaoke night at Impit Purok, the Homos sang their hearts out. Angie belted-out too.

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tina said...

soo that was henna and not some pentelpen!