:: Google ::

I happened to drop by Tina's blog, and I read her post about this searching her nick thingy. I kinda did that too.

I keyed in "Avy Silva", and imagine my surprise to find my name in some pages. Some of which are mine that I have long forgotten to update. This settles it, I've made a lot of blogs, xanga, forums joined and other stuff.

I did what Tina told me before too, that translate thingy. I put in my blog address and had it translated into Spanish, and this was the result.
Even my tagboard was translated into Spanish too. Cool. Hehe.


tina said...

hehe see? if i type.. my real name.. it wont show.. good for you. ;p

Avy said...

haha.. yeah.. :D this is fun.. ohh.. nakisawsaw ko didto sa newmaria forum.. hihi.. maulaw na man nuon ko mag post didto oi.. :P