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Let's continue with Sir Marion. On the outside he looks like Santa Clause (without the white hair and beard). He's quite the philosopher too. Although he hasn't really applied the things he teaches us on his own life. It's as if he knows a lot and yet we can't see that in his actions and his lifestyle. And talk about raining on your parade, class to be exact. As of now, nobody sits up front of the room. If you haven't taken a shower yet then be my guest. Sit there if you please, bring along your soap and scrub too. Coz when he begins his lecture, no doubt it'll rain spits too. So right now, everyone's sitting at the back, even the brainy ones has used their senses to move a notch from the first row. This teacher also tends to think ahead, so much that his ready-made answers won't match the questions students throw at him. Hayy, too much knowledge? I don't think so. And the fact that he ASSUMES we already know so much about his subject, particularly in the programming part. He seems to rub it in our faces that we're clueless about the codes by using reverse psychology. And if you look at it really closely, parang reverse-reverse-reverse psychology. Grabe noh? He's also the reason why I was so disappointed (and frustrated) with the badminton match in our so-called Intramurals. Who would in their right mind hold a badminton match in a basketball court where it's near the sea and freakin windy?! And still tries to make us feel guilty about not participating and stuff. To think he was our PE teacher. He should know better. Don't you think?

Next, JV. My ka-BRO sa school. Haha. She's the type who assures her money and effort's worth. Come to think of it, she shouldn't have studied here if she was looking for that. All she does is complain, nag, complain, nag, complain, complain and complain about our school. I'm not gonna disagree with her rants but heck if she complains about the system so much why won't she just participate in sticking it to the man (err woman, namely Maam Riza). I've mentioned here about that letter we handed out to Maam Riza with most of the sudents' signature on it. And you will notice there that no JV LAZARO has signed on the paper. For the reason that her father doesn't want her to be involved in such things. Sheesh. No comment na lang. She tends to talk behind people's backs too. Judging them and stuff, nanlalait pa(like sobra), whether it's BO/hygiene, the way a person dresses and mannerisms. Most of them I find a bit funny and so I agree but I think, no, believe that she's going too far with her comments. She bullies other students too. Good points about her? umm, varsity and uhh.. un varsity player. *bow*

Then there's Jonalyn, ang bigatin ng ICST. hehe. We've been classmates, neighbors and friends for 18 years *I'm still 18*. Sometimes I find her dull. I mean, you tell a joke and her face goes blank. Making me explain what I've just said. She's lazy too. I mean, she wants to be fit or just lose a few pounds and yet she won't exert so much an effort as to go to the gym and sweat it out. She prefers to be at home. Reading her sappy pocket books. Will that make her physically fit? I don't think so. And she's really dangerous when she drinks. She'd slap you silly if you try to tease her or even make a funny remark. One time, after our JS PROM, we headed for the beach. Everyone drank, next thing I know, she was running after the guys. And boy, it wasn't a very pretty site. Bugbog sirado silang lahat. Except for some who managed to climb up the trees and other cottages. And in trying to make a point, insisting she's right, is so annoying. Makes me want to throw a chair at her. *bow*



We all know that both sexes cheats right? But what's the difference. Well, for guys, they don't have much estrogen to feel the guilt and be eaten by their conscience to even think about cheating their partners. As for the girls, I don't know some of 'em are just hard cold bitches, no wonder they ended up like one, as that old saying goes, "Behind every bitch is a guy who made her that way." I have only one word for people like this, KHARMA! It'll get you, and I hope it get's you real bad. I don't like it whenever my ego's offended. Provokes something inside me that makes me wanna, scream makes wanna shout makes me lose my cool.. makes me wanna lose my head (kanta yun). But it fits just fine, fortunately this past few months I haven't thrown my temper at anyone just yet. And if I did, kawawa yung makakatanggap nun. And I mean REALLY kawawa.


I really don't like the freshmen. You give them one hello, then they'd jump on you. Expecting to just be ok with all the slapping and stuff. They should be careful with what they say coz I might throw 'em off the balcony. Yeah, even if I am this small I can still manage to do BIG things (hehe).


I started going to the gym last Monday. It was fun. I can feel my biceps getting harder. I'm working on my abs too since I have all this bil-bil. And I'll go back next Monday with my friend June. ^_^ It's decided, I'm gonna be totally fit by November. Oh, speaking of November, I'LL GLADLY ACCEPT ACCESSORIES OR THINGS I CAN USE, DON'T GIVE ME ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH PHOTO ALBUMS OR FRAMES. (thank you.. hehe)


deanne_R0CKS said...

Medyo out of topic: luckily, I never had a prof who showered us with saliva.

Mga classmates ko na reporters usually gumagawa nun.


tina said...

wew! kulang daw... ang sinabi mo kay JV. nyahaha.. gamay ra daw..

iskoo said...

wow gym, gusto rin hangout sa gym, sigurdo ako mas malaki bilbil ko sayo, haha

iskoo said...

wow gym, gust ko rin mag gym, kasi sihurado ako mas malaki bilbil ko sayo, haha

Manic Psycho said...

to iskoo: ahaha! ganun bah.. tara sabay tayo mag-gym.. hehee

to tina: nyak nyak.. kapoi isip..

to deanne: kaya nga nung nagdiscuss sir namin ung kaklase namin na nasa harap (unfortunately) eh naulanan.. kumanta ba naman bigla ng "I can make it through the rain.. " hahaa..