:: Friendster addicts ::

I just opened my friendster and a few people gave me invites. I don't want to sound or seem so rude but I don't know them. And as always, I'd ask who they are and if we've met or something. The annoying part there is that I'd get no reply. Sheesh! tama ba yun?! I don't want to add just ANYONE on my friends list you know. And I've been deleting people I don't know in my list. Anyway, I browsed through some profiles there and you know what's irritating? Profiles na maraming ka-echusan. The links aren't where they're supposed to be. Sa about me field naman eh andaming graphics, nagha-hang tuloy yung whole page. Ang gulo talaga. These people are certified friendster addicts. It just goes to show what type of personality they have. Magulo. For those who has profiles which fitted my description, well, you know nah. Basta, naiirita ako sa mga ganun. Yung iba rin, kung hindi sa profile eh sa bulletin naman ang mangungulit. Post ng post. Flood ng flood ng kahit ano. Tuloy yung mga importanteng posts dun eh di na makita. It's like a person would post 100 entries there, be it survey, magpapa-add daw sila, nanghihingi ng regalo, senseless chain letters. Hayy! And mga friendster messages raw galing sa may-ari ng friendster. Sheesh. Mga taong walang magawa sa buhay. Please, do me a favor and just die.


Slept during Software Engineering class. The reporter, Renel, was super boring. I turned my player on and listened to Panic! At The Disco tracks. Is this the proper behavior to show in school? Since I'm not learning anything actually, then YES. Like I said before, this ain't a school. Parang tambayan lang, although you come here regularly and someone would just babble in front of youu for an hour or two.

Still, as I tried to sleep, my mind kept wandering off elsewhere. Made me feel uneasy. Tina was in front of me, looking at this paper, mumbling something. Hayy, too many scheduled trips in my calendar.

I'm nearing 19. The thought of it made me realize I've outgrown myself *not physically*. I look back at myself 2 years ago. Fresh meat, unsure of what path to take. I've realized that I have done seen and been through so much within this 2 years. It's fun oto be a musicia, an IT geek and be athletic at the same time. What I aim to be.

And so you've noticed that I clearly want to drown myself with being involved in a lot of things. Yes, I am avoiding matters of the heart. I refuse to be tormented with feelings that will make me unable to focus on more important things. I refuse to be affected with petty emotions. I have a goal and I intend to reach that. Mushy stuff ain't my priority.

This is just how thungs are supposed to be.

Still... this I tell you, I may be a loner, but I'm never alone.


I will be going to Tagum in a hort while and attend a wedding of June's sister. Well, honestly, I'm just there for the food. hehe. But it's a nice experience to be in a different place in Mindanao other than just here in Davao or Digos. Road trip with the college batchmates!. Woo can't wait, this will surely be interesting.


I took this from Tina's blog.

yummy cream-O



cruise said...

advance happy birthday. maganda sa tagum davao diba? nakapunta na ako once, dami malalaking bahay doon :)

lyka said...

hello po! ehe. gusto ko lamang iparating sa inyo na hnd kau nag-iisa. huwaw. nice, tagalog na tagalog. aba, ako den.. naiirita sa mga nagfflood sa friendster. LOL. haha! at ung mga may profile na kumikislap kislap. masakit sa mata. HAHA. buti pa ang friendster ko, malinis. neat. parang mabait na bata, pero ang totoo.. hnd naman. HAHA!

karlee said...

agree ako jan, naiirita ako sa friendster, lalo na sa mga gliter bgs .shet hindi ba sila hahihilo sa mga gumagalaw galaw naa background na un? at ung picture, hindi compatible sa text color, dhail hindi mo na makita ung text. isa pang ayoko sa friendster, ung paghingi ng testi. ano ba nakasulat sa testi? glitter text din amf. XD

advance happy bday :D

tina said...

same with the friendster thing! There are people who adds you up.. but you dont know them. Could they have at least the decency and message "Hi can I be your friend?". but... nOOooo... nothing of that sort.

and yeah ive been deleting.. people i do not know and.. not visited accounts. :)

ooohh "I have a goal and I intend to reach that." --> GO GO GO and reach for the stars... climb every mountain..

First time to be really "out-of-town" with FRIENDS! Amazing! my mom rarely says yes. lol

anna said...

weeeeeeeeeeeeh we agree for what your opinion,,, but always remember LOLz juz dropin by but we agree wid dat coz many of friendster addicts kipz living en pozting some nonsense comment or bulletin shoxz zuper ksp...till hir tc..

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