:: A special day ::

Me and my high school (rather gradeschool) friends gathered again, at my house. And the thing we always do at my house is eat mangoes. Be it ripe or not. I feel so lucky that up until now we still have contact with each other. Our batch is certainly different. Just being with them makes the time spent so worthwhile. Reunion? not really, since we almost meet up like once a month or so. It's just that this year, we sort of went out just once. But knowing that we constantly text each other, makes it easier for me to sleep at night knowing that they're safe. ^_^
I treasure them of course, we've been through a lot together. ^_^


Camille and Nina are gonna join me tomorrow morning at the gym. They commented on my new look. Pumayat raw ako. For me, not really. And they certainly noticed my biceps. *hehe*


more to come


blacksoul said...

Friends din kami nung mga hs friends ko pati elem,kasi walang section isa lang kaya were tight talaga.

Nakakamiss no

blacksoul said...

kami rin mga classmates ko close kami kasi.isang section lang kami since elementary wla ng ibang section.kaya were tight like siblings.

Kanina nga lang magkakasama kami eh

Pot said...

Weeh. Inggit ako, miss ko na yung HS frends ko.