:: Welcome to the Black Parade ::

I've long admired both My Chemical Romance and Panic! At The Disco. I simply adore the new song of MCR. Welcome to the Black Parade, the lyrics, the tune and everything else fits so well together.
i like this part though:

"And on we carry through the fears
Ooh oh ohhhh
Disappointed faces of your peers
Ooh oh ohhhh
Take a look at me cause
I could not care at all
Do or die
You'll never make me
Cause the world, will never take my heart
You can try, you'll never break me
Want it all, I'm gonna play this part
Wont explain or say i'm sorry I'm not ashamed,
I'm gonna show my scar
You're the chair, for all the broken
Listen here, because it's only..
I'm just a man,
I'm not a hero
Just a boy, who's meant to sing this song
Just a man,
I'm not a hero
I -- don't -- care
Carry on
We'll carry on
Though your dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on "

I'll definitely carry on. The song just speaks for what I am as a whole. \m/. And when I die, I'll have this song be played as they carry my coffin to the grave by the side where my father lies.

Another quote from Toni:
"Wag po natin salubungin ang mga bumababa, hindi po natin sila kamag-anak!" -MRT operator.

funny.. hehehe.. ^_^


At some point in our lives, we get hurt so bad that we want to stop this pain, unfortunately we do it in a not-so-healthy way. A coward, who doesn't deal with the problem vis-a-vis. Just plans to end things right here and now, not facing the pain that has caused us to hurt in such a way we can't even bear it. But there's always hope, remember that we've been given a life that most people would want to have. We hurt and get broken, but we can find ways to heal and be whole again. Understand that what we have right now is so precious, that no one could ever take away. We must cherish everything and everyone. Because once we leave this place, we won't ever have the chance to rearrange our mistakes. We may come up too strong for this world and once we get hurt we tend to not deal with it. Why not just end the problem, and not our lives, right? (left). We all go through this. We all make mistakes, even refer to ourselves as failures, but hey, why not learn from it then live on. We only have so little time to spend and a lot to give back to those who has made us feel that living life is soooo great. And keep your soul strong, it's the only thing that goes with you when you're gone.. status, money and fame won't.Life is great, live it.

(ayan, halo-halo na pinagsasabi ko, but still I make sense naman diba?)


potpot said...

love that song!! wah! paweho pala tau! adik din ako sa MCR at sa panic! at the disco!! yey!! hehehe.. love na love ko nga ung WELCOME TO THE BLACK PARADE... hihihi

iskoo said...

oo nga naman dapat di salubungin mga lumalabas ng mrt, maliban nalang kung kamag-anak mo lahat ng lumalabas dun, haha

camille said...

maganda ang welcome to the black parade! haha. pero hindi ko talaga type ang new look ni gerard way. white hair! basta. nafrustrate ako.

Anonymous said...

thanks for lesvin some comments.. tke care

Rachel said...

hi there. thanks for visiting my site. well ur entry has a sensed, promised specially the last part. lahat nga tayo nagkakaroon ng mistakes at ung mga mistakes na yon un ang nagtuturo sa atin at magiging guide natin sa future.

Manic Psycho said...

Potpot: di ko nga nakilala at first na MCR pala yun eh, hehe new look. bagay naman.. ^_^

Iskoo: hehehe.. kilala mo ba si Rex Navarette?.. ^_^

Camille: Hmm.. bagay naman yung look nya eh.. hehe.. naka-black kasi sila lahat, at least malalaman mo sino sa kanila yung bokalista.. hehehhe..

Anonymous: uhh.. ok.. kahit di kita kilala.. heheh..

Rachel: Thanks rin po at napadalaw ka dito.. ^_^ I blog hopped kasi, I read something na kinda irritated me.. :P

Anonymous said...

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