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I'm not really a fan of the band Hale, but their new song "Waltz" caught my attention. Hayy, sapul kasi eh. Hehe


I browsed through my phone and looked for messages to delete, then I noticed Tina's message.
"Snappy answers from 2 foreigners:
Q: Where you from?
A: The Philippines.
Q: Where is that?
A: In Asia.
Q: Is that near Turkey?
A: You are talking about Asia Minor.
Q: A minor?
A: That's a chord.
Q: Accord?
A: That's a Japanese car.
Q: So, the Philippines is near Japan?
A: Exactly."
I still have it since September 8, amuses me. Hehe


Ohh, went to the gym earlier, around 6 AM. Hayy, I went by myself. And as usual, puro matatanda nandoon. May sarili akong mundo dun. Hurray for me, for making it through an hour of feeling this awkardness among "adults". I happen to really look like a kid pa naman, they might be thinking "Who's kid is this? I think she's lost." Ok, I exagerrated but hey, I can't help feeling that way. Still, congratulate me, I'm lifting 2 pounds now. (Tama ba?) Basta 2 na ako. Hehe. I can feel the change. My tummy's getting smaller, or maybe because I just took a dump kanina (oops, pasensya nah.) Hehe. I went home after that, slept for like 30 minutes, woke up and got dressed. Off to school.


i'll be posting more in a while. class muna *brb*


tina said...

hehe... nice one..

GOING TO A GYM/Excercising really needs COMMITMENT.

Keep it uP!

Lyza said...

haha ayos text message XD benta!

marz said...

buti na lang txt lng yan...pag ako naka encounter ng taong ganyan...siguro nasapak ko na sila....heller?! ang daming pilipino sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo...hahaha...

+Sai+ said...

darl..uban ko sa gym oist...sbay ta ky magpa payat ko. :D

+Sai+ said...

darl..uban ko sa gym oist...sbay ta ky magpa payat ko. :D

+Sai+ said...

darl..uban ko sa gym oist...sbay ta ky magpa payat ko. :D

celena said...

Heya...! Hindi ko pa naririnig yung kanta nung Hale na Waltz...hm...Anyway...! Ang galing naman nung text message! Btw, thanks for dropping by my blog. L/e??

utakgago said...

Nice post about the two foreigners. It clearly tells that Philippines is surrounded (and known) by its neighboring countries.


:) Thanks for the comment. I've linked you alreadyyy.

mousey said...

hahaha... thanks you made laugh during this cramming moments.

link you na rin.