:: Band ::

I got on the phone with my high school buddy, Joy. We happened to be into a lot of things together. She was talking about her boyfriend's band and stuff, then mentioned that she wanted to have a band too. I was ecstatic about it since I've always wanted to make it big in the music arena. Anyways, at first she'd have me in the band, the catch? I'd have to play the bass. Now, I'm not really that keen on guitars, I know a few strings or so but that's it. Well, I told her that I'm not that good, but she didn't mind that coz she said she's gonna teach me how. So I was really excited, though I didn't make it seem so obvious since too much anticipation will lead to disappointment, I wouldn't want that to happen.

Then, last night, she called me up again. Saying that I'm in the band! *wee* But I'm not gonna play bass, instead, piano. Why? Because we'd be playin' songs from Panic! At The Disco and The Killers. Yeah! My all time favorite bands! So sweet! But there's another problem, I don't have any idea on how to play the piano*keyboards*. That wasn't a problem for Joy, since she was gonna teach me anyway. I was and still am so happy! Of course, I would prefer the drums since that was my forte, unfortunately she has chosen her other friend for the part. I didn't mind. As long as I got in the band. Woo! *di masyadong halata na ang saya ko noh?*
I'm a fast learner, so I'm pretty much confident about learning to play the said instrument.

She'll start teaching me during her semestral break. But I figured that to makes things faster, I'd have my friend, Bordz, teach me the keys and stuff. Good Luck to me! I want to know, if this is my real calling.

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