:: caution ::

I have this fear of posting anything poetic. A paranoia so to speak. Coz you know how it is here in the blogosphere, too many robberies happening. So I've really made sure that who so ever plans to steal anything from here won't get anything that's worth something. Plagiarism really ticks me off. You do something important and before you could even blink you see your "work of art" being published in a blog somewhere. It's a bit flattering for people to find it so interesting that they steal it but the LINE has been broken. RESPECT has been neglected.
This is the sole reason why I refrain from posting anything that's substantial. ^_^

to be updated later. lunch break :)


katia ^-^ said...

oh yes! i agree.. :) there are certain people who doesnt understand the word respect thinking its just one of the values we usually take for granted.. :)

hey, missed you! :)

sweetlady said...

oo nga talamak na tlaga. haha. ako stealer ng backgrounds. edit edit lang. but somehow kapag nakita ko work sa iba, napapa smile ako kasi na appreciate nila ung ginawa ko.