Just ended. Next up, prefinals, finals and that departmental test thingy. Why am I gushing about exams here. Hmm, maybe because I happened to ace some tests *just a while ago*. And I won't deny the fact that a few devils *este* angels were at my side to help me in a certain subject. Hehe. Thanks June for the kodigs in Dry Cell illustration.
What I'm most proud of is my achievement in or Web programming subject. I did all the codes by myself *as usual*. Good thing this classmate of mine, Jesel, gave me the heads up about what else to add on the form. Though I had to do it all over again from scratch, still it was no sweat at all, since I know all of the codes anyway. *hehe*

Realization for this day:
I may swear most of the time I write up codes, but the reward is sooooo overwhelming!

Tip for those who are near my unit:
Don't interrupt me or ask me for help while I'm still on the verge of answering my own exam, you'd irritate me and I'll just shout at you or worse not talk to you for like, days. Not a very pretty sight, noh? Ask me AFTER I'm done with my codes, because it's the only thing I'm proud of making as well as formulas for that stupid and redundant Elective 3.

Oh btw, remember that entry I posted here about Start of a revolution? Well, our administrator gathered ALL who SIGNED the petition letter thingy in her itsy bitsy room. Sort of clarified things. Turns out, as I've suspected that the other staff *teachers* were at fault(namely Sir Marion and Sir Mhel*klepto*). They didn't prepare and organize things properly.

The scene:
Me, june, pearl and that joshua guy sat on the couch, Giovanne, Franco and 4 students stood in front of her. Two teachers, Sir MJ and Sir Marion were beside the couch. Then some students and two teachers were by the door. And the admin? Well, it was a pretty funny sight. She acted like she was a victim of a gang rape case. Haha.
And everyone's grilling her. Good thing though that she didn't blow her head off, proof that we had really pissed her off. Hehe.

REALLY! I'm not gonna recommend my school to anyone. I'm not even sure if it is a school or whatever.

Anyway, matters of the heart? Uhmm, should I not comment? Ok ok, ahhh, ehhh, ihhh, ohh, uhh..
Kidding, I'm deeply disappointed with myself. I've given too much attention to someone and it has caused me to act in such a crazy way *wait kanta yun ah!*. What I mean is, because of that, I ignored the signs that something was totally wrong. Soooo, in short medyo affected ako sa nangyari. And this achievement in my exam lifted my spirits up, up and away so I'm happy!*hehe* And like I say, kharma comes around, real BAD! So, bahala na si papa Jesus sa kanya. Hehe. ^_^

As soon as my sun load expires, I'll be switching back to my smart. wee ^_^

I killed three heroes! Quite overwhelming too, since I happened to kill Giovanne*haha! sinundan ko talaga hanggang tower*, the cousins Miles and Bordz. What I used? RAZOR. Wee. For this game, only three but the people using the heroes are beyond mediocre so it's an OK match for me. ^_^

I miss my friend Ay-ay. We haven't hung out for a while. Oh well. water. hehe.

Tina! Where are the "SALAWIKAIN"?? excited na ako. ^_^



iskoo said...

goodluck on your exams. ano ba school mo? hehe.

jeniffer said...

ei i finished my final exams too. but I haven't sure about the result of it lol, wish me luck.. and also w/you :p

pam said...

ang taray..^_^ hahaha...

well that's good. sometimes kasi, nakakapagod talaga ang lahat, but if you look on the positive side, there's always something overwhelming..;)

tina said...

i finally got the salawikain going! and its kinda complete.. but no TAGALOG pinaDAVAO style yet!

I need more tagalog pinaDAVAO style! haha

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