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I've never felt cheated before. I am not one to be sucking up to this CORRUPT administrator, nor do I wish to be just in good terms with her. She has let down everyone in the campus. The staff and especially the students. Our school, Intercity College of Science and Technology, was formerly known as Informatics Computer Institute. Little did I know, that after our first term in 1st year of college would the Informatics Admin's sister would take over and change it to and arcade-like name. Intercity? Sounds more like an internet cafe. Of course, we didn't get the chance to react to the sudden change. We were all so young back then. We thought that it was just a name and that the quality of our education would be better, but no. We were deprived of such knowledge for the courses we have chosen. The money we pay, cannot be seen in the efforts of the staff nor in the facility. Such fallacious blabber from a person like her as well as her underlings are effective for some, I pity the freshmen today. All hell will break loose after we hand over the letter Giovanne has made regarding our intramurals.
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To the administrator,
I have all the respect in the world to my Alma Mater, and to its admin as well. I know I am not in the position to complain, but I guess asking won't hurt. Regarding the Intramurals held last October 4-6 at Beachside Lanang, which was for me a big mock at the students. First I want to know in the first place, why the Intrams was held there? Second is why do we have to pay for our entrance fee?(which I think is the school's obligation). Third is why are we asked to give food for the basketball referee?(which is again your obligation). Fourth is why was there no culmination night? We were al so disappointed, because of that. Really
disappointing. I hope to hear your side. I (I mean WE) want the truth, no
deception, all tru reasons. Please give justifications to your acts. If we have millions of donations, explain why things turned out that way.
Hope to hear from you soon.

I don't want to talk about it much further, I'm in no mood for trashing/bashing my school right now. Me and the guys are gonna play DotA in a while.


Tina you've certainly missed a lot of things, but it's a good thing you did. Else, you'd be ranting about this too. After the awarding, we went to the poolside and splashed around. At least it took our minds off that stupid event. I'm supposed to write a different letter too. Still addressing it to the administrator regarding Sir Mhel's actions. Remember the shirt the multimedia class gave him? Which he said he would have them printed for the AVP thing? Well, up to now, no printed shirt has appeared. Nor was that AVP thing he was blabbering about. They're all the same, all talk, mga magnanakaw naman. Me and JV printed our team shirt since the budget was a bit low, we had Sir Mhel cut out the design on the canvas. He was stupid enough to not understand what a Verdana font looks like. So basically, the "interclash" lacked I. I'll let you see my shirt when you're here na. And guess what, Sir Mhel stole our canvas, green film and the thinner thing. He even lied when JV asked him if he saw where our materials were placed since Maam Lizel told JV that she already handed our printing things over to Sir Mhel. You see?! Maam Lizel is not to lie about such things. And we all know that Sir Mhel is never gonna change from being a MAGNANAKAW and a LIAR! I hope he dies soon, after he hands me my shirt back and my diploma for both Technical and Creative Sessions which we *Tina* both took.



pam said...

aaaaaaaaaaw! cool down dear. that's unfortunate. and goodluck with the exams.=)

tina said...

i heard the letter was some sort of a signature campaign. tell me all tomorrrrooowww.

i have a lot of catchng up to do.