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I didn't have the chance to update for like, 3 days.
I went to Kapalong, it takes 2 whole hours to get there. So basically it's outside Davao. Anyway, I like the place. I've never, in my entire (18 years) life, seen so many BANANAS. Acres and acres of banana. Woo. Ok why in the first place was I there? I celebrated my friend's birthday there. Yeah, the place is what you'd call "bukid" or pasosyal epek "farm". The food was great, and just being with my friends is hell a lot fun than being at a carnival all by myself. FUN!I'll upload the pictures after my friend sends it to me. ^_^
We stayed there till the Saturday. We had to leave agad unfortunately since most of us still had other appointments and stuff.

Ok, we were back here by 12 noon. After taking a shower, me and my family headed to the cemetery (a saturday routine). After that I asked my mama to drop me off at Cedrick's house since the whole gang(gradeschool barkada) is gonna meet up and bond.

-I'm so thankful that up until now we're still in touch with each other. I mean, unlike other batchmates who hardly recognizes a face, rather remembers a name, anymore.-

Ok, I got there earlier than the others (as usual). I played DotA, then Marvin came. Camille, NiƱa, Jonalyn, Jona, Cindy were present. Oh, and Red. (I'm mentioning names that you don't even know, tch). We all agreed to a movie marathon thingy. We didn't finish Just My Luck (I believe I was the only one who actually watched it). We then switched to Step Up. Ok, I was REALLY expecting to see a lot of flashy moves. To my disappointment, You Got Served totally is better than this movie. Small lines, not that much dancing. Lame moves. Although that little girl, the guy's sister, looked familiar that's when it hit me that THAT was the girl who's always in Missy Elliot's music videos. You know, that girl who could best of any other kids in the block. She dances like a pro. Woo! Well, that was it. The movie, in short, is not that GREAT!
After the movie, they planned about drinking at Red's house. I didn't go with them since I had to meet my other friend,
Ay-Ay. Everyone was getting on my nerves, coz they kept on teasing me. I won't talk about that here, mind you. Well, basically we just talked about stuff. Since it's been, like, months since we went out and stuff. Girl Talk! Haha. (kami lang nakaka-gets nito). It was fun, just sitting and talking and criticizing the people who'd pass by our table. I think it was WHORE night there at BluGre. I hate socialites. And madami sila kagabi. We were outnumbered, since I was hungry na we decided to eat. The food was great! Woo I love spare ribs!
After that, we went separate ways. Sumunod pa ako kina Red only to find them all knocked out. Nag-inuman pala talaga ang mga sira. Well, luckily walang natira sa ininom nila. Hehe. I didn't stay for long (12 am o_O). I went home, had a short conversation with
Bam then went to sleep.

Wala lang. Just a few realizations.
The priest's sermon was about the National Youth Day held here in Davao (for the first time sabi niya). He said something about how the kids involved in the event will be sharing the pains and problems as a teenager. The this thought struck me, those kids will be like traitors to all the kids out there who wants to be left misunderstood and seem so troubled, oh and lost. It's a funny thought. It's like letting out a secret. The sole reason of those "rebel" kids will finally be revealed. You know how in this generation there are tons and tons of kids who are like that. Papansin? Maybe.
There are two results for a kid who lacks attention:
1. They tend to shy away and be alone.
2. Those hyper kids who run around like crazy and play pranks on people. Kids who are just too loud.

So, where do you belong?


Why is it that people who has just been dumped, gotten out of a really bad relationship or just plain heartbroken resort to hurting themseles, physically? Will that pain ever go away if they this?
The reason why they're doing stuff like almost killing theirselves is "Because of Love".
Plain crap.
And no, it's not because something happened or whatever to me.
I believe their supposed to reason out, "Because I'm dumb enough to not leave anything for myself."
Love is not a valid reason for a heart broken.
As that line in the Bible goes, "Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is not selfish."
Yeah, love is patient, but not to the extent of letting your partner hurt you on the inside (pwede rin outside hehe).Being patient by means of not throwing tantrums.
Love is kind. Love isn't supposed to make you do horrible things. It's not supposed to make you leave your friends and ignore their advices.
Love is NOT selfish.
See? Love is not selfish.
What makes people selfish? It's giving their whole loves/love for a certain person, to whom I don't think has any right at all to torment those who loves them. This makes you selfish because you're not considering yourself in the relationship. You're not LISTENING to what half of your mind is saying.
There's a big difference between being SELFLESS and being downright SELFISH.
When you're being selfless, it's because you're considering what's best for the BOTH of you.
Selfish is when you just do things on impulse (and no, the first reaction is not ALWAYS the right thing).
You're just being stupid.
Binigyan pa naman tayo ni Papa God ng utak para makaag-isip. And still we don't make an effort to use it in every way. (I'm not saying na yung utak natin ang gagamitin natin para kumain, uminom or brush our teeth ha).
God is Love.
Kung sa DotA pa, gumamit ka ng Linken's Sphere para di ka tablan ng spells. Hehe.


Oh! I won week 28 Blog of the Week! Wee.To all who voted, I thank so much. Hayy, watta feeling. Teentalkers, fellow bloggers and my friends, I thank you. Bow.
Thank you din po MR. TALKSMART!

I love myself. Ingat ako.
few more hours till my birthday


potpot said...

birthday mo po ba?? kung oo.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! wah!! amf!! heheh.. :)

anyhoo.. coment bout love.. sarap kasi magcoment eh.. :) hnd m rn mcc ung mga taong gmgwa ng ganun.. siguro.. beneath those pains.. lies a very big problm.. let's say na maxado ng mskt.. bkt ko alam? akin nlng un..ehhhehe

kongrats kapatid.. sulit na sulit ang boto ko seo.. ahahha

pam said...

you know what, i've been reading your posts...hahahaha...i must've missed it, because my net was fucked up...hahaha...^_^

still. i dont know what DOTA is..and i wanna watch STEP UP. demmet. ang late i-showing dito sa baguio.hahahaha...=)

oh..and cool. you've been traveling..kaya pala hindi nakakapag-post.hehehe...

nga pala, ate avy...*ahem* hehehe...well. ate kita for...wait lang..22-6...16 days...hehehe...^_^

ako naman ang babatiin mo sa nov.22...haha...

tina said...


people should learn how to love UNCONDITIONALLY :)

Usually people love other people expecting to be loved in return.... the expectation... is more like a condition. "I love you.. and I want to hear you say you love me too.."

That's why madaming "heartaches". But if you... love UNCONDITIONALLY like what GOD does to all of humankind... there would not be any problem... as in nada. zilt.

So.. if "love" is making your heart ache... think. Is that love for real? or what?

love is not suffering... *gah* i go t carried away. ehehe

Manic Psycho said...

Potpot: bukas pa.. hehe.. ^_^ yeah, pero d dapat nila ginagawang rason as panakip butas ang pag-ibig kung ganun nga na may problema sila echus... ^_^ salamat sa boto mo kapatid.. mwah..

Pam: woooO!!! dota.. dota.. period.. hahah.. pangit ng step up.. (spoiler) waaaahh!! days lang naman eh.. haha.. blehh.. ^_^ pano kita babatiin? gusto ko 12mn ako babati.. ^_^

Manic Psycho said...
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Manic Psycho said...

Tina: The crappy thing is that people assume it's real coz it hurts them.. Love is supposed to make things better so dapat masaya ka... hayy.. people.. are people!.. haha

+Sai+ said...

aww...yah.."luv" is not a valid reason for a "heartbroken" coz.. wla lng :D haha.
I cannot relate.. char*(really?) all I know is.. "luv" is there when you think about your family,friends and GOD. :D
"God is love"? nope..
how come? when God made "love"..