:: The Prestige ::

Watched this last night. And of all the movies I've watched, this one totally blew me away. The twists are so good. All praises to the director as well as to the cast. Whew, magic is never the same again, for me that is. I won't be telling you the story here of course, i'm not a spoiler.

Finals na namin ngayon at bukas. Wish me luck. Hayy. Haven't had a good night's rest. The staff at the hospital almost got a piece of my Tita's mind after I told her about how rude the woman at the Pharmacy was.


tina said...

So.... prestige is the best movie of the year then? ahihi

it totally blew you away? I wonder where it left you... the Sahara perhaps? nyahah j/k

LaNa said...

i wanted to watch that.. :) hehe..