:: Happy Feet ::


I watched this last night with my friends, after our dance practice. *yes, I do dance, and yeah.. you can laugh now*

Ok, as I've said before I ain't a spoiler. So all I can say about this movie is that, GO SEE IT. It's certainly is worth the money you'll pay to see it.
Hugh Jackman's so funny doing an Elvis-like singing. As well as Nichole Kidman's version of Manilyn Monroe in the movie. Just guess who's who in the movie. Oh, you have really got to listen to the "amigos". Funny one-liners. Catchy steps. And watch out for a scene where they look like those in Cheerdance Competitions. Super cool. *brrr*
All praises to the animation staff, such breathtaking movements. So life-like. Gosh! I really have to get my hands on a Maya or 3D studio max. Syet.
My feet are happy too. ^_^ *tap-dancing away to dreamland*
Anyway, just a while ago, I was walking across the street. Confident that the left side didn't have any cars coming, I passed through the lane. Then when I looked at the right side, there was this bus coming fast, honking. I think my spirit flew at that instant, my feet were glued hard to the ground. I couldn't breathe. Of course I was 50 inches away from that monstrous thing. That's what I hate about when crossing, if you won't look both ways properly you might end up dead. Care to have your body hit by a bus? Come, join me. Haha.
I just came from this fellowship thing. I've never really been a member of any sort, I just visit. Most of my friends invite me and somehow I find myself looking at people pointing to the sky, closing their eyes *as if about to cry*, shouting loudly, raising their hand as if hailing Hitler. I'm not here to ridicule them. In fact, I find it amazing that their faith is that strong. And their topic for this day, happens to be about stress. It was nice, I learned something. Although, most of the old members there were pretty funny (in a good way of course). Hehe.
I'm still thinking if I'd go back there. Hmm. (rubbing chin)
1. Case study
2. Web Programming System Project
3. Wire thingamajig
4. Dual switch
5. Departmental exam
these are the things I really have to work on right now, pero as usual, tinatamad nanaman ako.
Tina! I have my own MTV tree too. Hihi! my name's avydoovy


tina said...

waaa may pa ka. :( ahihi

-pAm- said...

nakakainis..hindi ko maisingit sa aking oras ang manood niyan..hehehe...gusto ko talaga siyang mapanood.=P

dishi said...

mapapanood ko lang yan pag pinanood na rin ng kapatid kong 3 yrs old.. :)

Pot said...

HAPPY FEET. Gusto ko rin manood niyan...

+Sai+ said...

hahahappy feet. :)

potpot said...

napanood ko na.. ahahha. :) anu ang iyong heart song?? ahahaha// ang cute ng penguins na baby noh?? haha

tina said...

Saw it already.. the tree I mean. (oh how wish its the happy feet.. which reminds me.. this is maam risa's movie. lol oops.)

I messaged twice hehe

Iskoo said...

pinapilian ko kanina kung 007 or happy feet panonoorin ko, dahil oldie na ako eh alam mo na kung ano pinanood ko, hehe.

Camille said...

maganda ba talaga ang happy feet? galit na galit ako dyan eh. nong puro trailer lang yung pinapalabas. last year pa lang, pinapalabas na yun trailer nyan eh. haha.

-pAm- said...

ganda..as usual tinatamad ka na naman...hehehehe...^_^

rons said...

panonoorin ko yan! bibili akong pirated na dvd! hahaha. JOKE. :)

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